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  1. Potato Flour is made from potatoes, including their skins. The potatoes are cooked, skins on, then dried and ground finely. It can be used as a thickener to some degree (though it does not thicken as well as Potato Starch, however) and in some baked goods, as it retains moisture. There isn't anything combined to make this. It makes the absolute best donuts and I do like the rolls and breads from it too.
  2. Potato bread too please
  3. Would love to be able to see alliance upkeep.
  4. I haven't counted mine but if I recall correctly, merchants can hold 50 items.
  5. I'm sure there are many happy deeds on probably every server. You should not worry about comparing your skills to someone else's. Do what you enjoy and have fun with. If you are around people with higher skills then you are lucky to have people around to help teach you how to get there if you want to.
  6. I don't agree with them coming unblessed if they are not planted. If they do that, I think the priest is going to have to travel to each lamp after it is planted to bless it. Currently we can bless a group and send them on their way with whoever is going to plant them on their road.
  7. While the new bless lamps might make the lamp light spell not as useful, I have used it when out exploring old mines. Makes wandering around easier for me when in an old abandoned area. I'm not against new spells but I'd rather not lose the ones we do have.
  8. While I love the ability to combine lumps, cordage and any number of other items for the new mailing fee. I do not agree that everything has to scale. Why does the cost to mail 2 bricks matter to what it costs to mail 45 lots of oil? I do not think that kind of logic has any place in this. When I hear stuff like this, I hear oh I couldn't come up with another excuse for why I took it out in the first place and now we had to change it because it upset people and needed a reason. It sounds silly.
  9. grats!!!!!
  10. If I order something and they have to bring it to me, the time it takes to sail or travel is terrible. Someone will set sail to me after we seal the deal. 5 hours later I need to go do something. (maybe sleep or work or other things that encompass that thing called real life) I do understand that this sometimes will cause an issue. But even the person delivering to me would have sworn it wasn't going to take that long. But well the wind changed, the game lagged or 100 of the other things that cause a very long delivery time to be even longer than anyone anticipated. Now the delivery person finally makes it to my deed 10 hours later. GL chat.....Anyone know Pashka? She ordered something and has logged off. KOS her. Do not deal with her! I have heard these cries more than once. Perhaps not that fast but who knows when I would be able to get back on. Travel in this game is horrid on a good day. Impossible on a bad one. Until that gets worked on and made better (yes being able to set the borders does help but we need more) forcing people to travel is not going to work. No I do not think the runes give enough either.
  11. 12-15 corn might do something for your favor but it won't do anything for your deed bonus which is how I found this. I also don't think the value of the corn will do much for the channeling skill.
  12. Just remember when you sac for the village bonus that your priest will need to have full faith before the sac. Otherwise you will not get village bonus if I recall correctly.
  13. Actually I did see exactly what I gained as both a priest with almost 95 channeling and as a non priest. What drew it to my attention in the first place was the skill update window flashing on the non priest. No i do not have it set to show for each skill gain. Then I tested on my priest to see what the gain was on her. Better than vessel at my level.
  14. Thanks for the response Budda. I have been sac'ing like this for a while for my enchant bonus on deed. This had not been triggering a channeling gain. But for some of us, this will indeed still be a faster way to gain skill than casting something over and over. So this is something that I appreciate.
  15. When I reply to a post, I have to clear the editor each time. Not sure if that is related to the issue with refreshing the page so that my reply posts.