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  1. It is sad to watch them decay away but I do agree with the abuse. There are times/instances where ###### happens. Something gets left be it by someone that had permissions at one point or a bug or even by a mistake. Then someone says hmmmmm that could be mine now. Lock it up in one way or another until decay is enough and then you claim it. I hate to see them decay but I'd rather they decay than see the countless posts about my cart or whatever is missing and I think so and so has it. For those that were not around for boat salvaging, you will not remember this kind of thing happening but I do. Even remember a certain house of a certain person that had boats lining the walls.
  2. I do not agree because everything in this game does not have to be difficult or time consuming. Tundra can be replaced. I will most likely be making a patch because of the berry but still a huge -1 on this.
  3. So if I understand you correctly, you want to be able to push boats on your deed because you do not like how someone parked them. You still want them on deed just not where they are. I still disagree with your option but you should be a bit more clear about what you are wanting to do. I do not think you should be able to drag someone's boat that is locked and moored because you dislike their parking abilities. If the person is MIA and you want it to be in the perimeter then a GM should move it. They are the ones with the ability to see if the person is really MIA. While I might see that the boat has been there longer than I would like, it doesn't tell me that the person has not been in game.
  4. They did change it so it would be wood always now which kind of sucks. For Mind Logic, Hot Food Cooking is still one of the fastest.
  5. I do agree that a more active person would benefit more from an auction house most likely. But I do not know how any game can get rid of account selling/trading. This game allows it to be done in the open. Other games that say no....just put the sales in the dark alleys. They still happen though. At least here you know that this char or that char was sold and bought by xxx.
  6. If a tree is actually on a deed that is the bug that would need to be reported. I would imagine they would need all of the information in the bug report such as the mission and the deed and the deed location etc. The tree is not supposed to spawn on a deed at all. I had not heard of it happening that the tree was actually on a deed before.
  7. Tree missions might be in a perimeter but that doesn't make it where people cannot do them. Just remember to replant to be nice. If you want to be nice that day.
  8. Just as a non priest cannot cast their own spells on their weapons etc like they would love to be able to do. A priest cannot do certain things either. If they can do them, they sometimes will not be as good at it as someone else. This is how it is supposed to be.
  10. I just do not see the need for another set of permissions. I think we have enough of them that keep getting us all into trouble. You think the house is set until a bug happens and people get in. You think you have the merchant set until someone comes and empties it because of a bug. Just protect the merchant as best you can. Then you can set the prices and hope that nothing happens. It is very easy if you have the house set for alliance mates or hell even a courtyard with alliance allowed on the gate. It really is no more protected or less protected than if you had a whole new set of permissions to make everything even more confusing.
  11. 3x3 house with no windows. If that isn't good enough, put a fence with a locked gate around the house for a 2nd layer of protection.
  12. You can put a merchant inside a house that is set for who can come in or out. This way we do not need another set of permissions.
  13. Nero reported in chat he is getting masonry gains from making a wooden fence. When you look at the wiki, it reports carpentry everywhere. This is the skill gain we have always gotten from it. If you look at the crafting recipes in game, it is listing masonry which is what skill gain he is getting. Can this be looked at please? Edit. Just noticed it is showing Masonry for Crude Wooden Fence as well.
  14. My priest has 85 forestry. I had 80ish before the broken skillgain period happened. I don't have a log to know how much over 80 I did have. It is very much possible to do. I used to have a tree garden. It was my spot to relax. I pruned/sprouted every tree bush in there at least once per week. This allowed me to harvest what I had planted in there when they were available as they never went to overaged or shriveled. There are additional ways to work on gardening now that were not available back in the day. I'm not saying anything should change or not be changed. Just saying that there are people that had nice skill before the bug happened. I know I'm not the only one.
  15. Channel skill grind is far easier than many other grinds in my opinion. Yes I have 95 skill in it. So while they may not have made coc have any effect on it, I'm guessing that is something Rolf took into account somewhere in the skill gain.