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  1. I'm pretty sure you're talking with a spam bot. (1 post, not wurm-related, link to external for-profit site) But since i've bumped into this topic, here's an overview of drukeness and additction mechanics from WU code i wrote up for someone that asked some time ago. Spoilers alert!
  2. The author is MIA and the OP hasn't been updated in a while. This is my update from last page
  3. Why not have harvest ammont depend on skill and harvest quality depend on *gasp* quality? This whole system is backwards. And making them age just makes it even more backwards.
  4. New mod: Privacy Mod This mod hides you from the steam "players" page that shows all players on a server, even if you aren't friends in steam. This is somewhat experimental, and unless you really care about being incognito is not recommended for general use. It works by dropping the steam authentication token right after it was used to login to the server, so that steam thinks you logged in and immediately disconnected. It does NOT: Break steam authentication or allow anything you wouldn't be able to normally do (like play without owning the game, bypass authentication or anything bad). Hide you in game in any way (local, /who, announcer mods, etc.). Hide your identity from server owners (they can still see what steam account you logged in from, if they have the right mod). Hide you from your steam friends. Kill kitten. As a side bonus it might also make "duplicate authentication" errors happen less often. Maybe. Download and sources:
  5. There were those statuetes-thingies made by @krinos78, idk if he still makes them or has any left but see here for more details: In unrelated news i'd totally buy a hellhorse plushie
  6. Check that you don't have auto fight button pressed on your quickbar
  7. Any chance to get this fixed? It's breaking @Budda's fix script and probably any other attempt to use the API on existing maps.
  8. Server Update - 21/05/2017 New trader item: Piping kit - Allows a fountain or well placed anywhere to auto-fill with water like on a water tile. New trader item: Heraldic certificate - Allows setting texture on items to images of various kingdoms Supports all base kingdoms and PMKs that have their own imagery Currently works on: Wagons, flags, banners (both types), military tents and pavilions (only some kingdoms) Currently doesn't work on tabards and towers, might or might not be changed in the future. Sermons will now push alignment towards the listeners god preference, regardless of performers deity. (So lib get negative, even if listening to WL, and vice versa) Bonus jewelry can now have rarity transfered from bones /random rolls are now broadcast in 10 tile radius and go into their own tab
  9. 1 large building from scratch. Or delete one of the buildings and expand the other to replace it. Wurm doesn't know how to "merge" structures.
  10. Use the workaround posted above, make a copy of your map files, run the tool on that copy, then copy only the cave layer map back to your game folder.
  11. Make sure steam is actually running and under the same windows user (so if you run steam as admin, you need to run the client as an admin)
  12. You can use wild growth spell to accelerate growing if you don't want to wait. In theory it's probably easy to mod in, but pushing trees around seems... silly.
  13. Server Update 17/05/2017 Permanent Rifts have been added to both servers, look for red beam in the sky or red markers on the map. Mobs in rift area are meant for advanced players with descent gear and high FS. When killed they will have a chance to drop a new reagent (arcane shards) directly to your inventory, the shards are used in crafting... ... Bonus Jewelry - the first 5 items have been added and are now craftable. Ring of the warrior (up to +2 CR bonus) Ring of stamina (less drain, up to 30%) Ring of dodging (increases chance, up to 10%) Necklace of focus (easier to focus in combat, up to 20%) Necklace of replenishment (reduces food and water drain, up to 30%) Mechanics: Bonus jewelry can be crafted using seryll, star gems and a new rare reagent dropping from monsters on the rift islands. Bonus jewelry can be improved with JS and repaired. Bonuses scale with QL linearly (so if you get 30% at 100ql, you'll get 3% at 10ql). Rare items will provide higher bonuses (the numbers above are for non-rare 100ql) Items have charges. A charge is consumed every time you equip the item then 1 per hour afterwards. Items can be recharged using gems, 10ql per hour. Recharging will also damage the item. Arcane shards can also act as a permanent, plantable light source. Most creatures can now be dominated and/or charmed. This doesn't apply to uniques, and a few special mobs (like sea serpents). Clean roosters can now be wrapped for reduced decay. Treasure chests will no longer contain traps and lockpicks.
  14. Valrei mobs are already in the latest version i think, and i just made a PR with rift mobs (and fog spiders, that were also missing)