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  1. Many ISPs still don't support native IPv6, or don't provide it to residential users, and the transitional solutions (teredo, etc.) do add some latency and aren't really suitable for gaming... So even if you could it probably wouldn't be a good idea unless you run both 4 and 6 at the same time (which just seems like extra pain for no gain). The IP is transferred in the protocol in a few places, and that assumes ipv4 everywhere so it'll need to be changed. Another question is whether steam server browser system supports IPv6... according to those docs, it doesn't look that way.
  2. Server update - 16/06/2017 Avalon is open! Dragons difficulty increased a bit Scale and hide drops scaling tweaked, bigger groups will get even more now, while small/solo will get significantly less New creature added: Firecat Server Update - 20/06/2017 Rite of Spring will now give sleep bonus to all followers of the same deity as the caster, including offline players. Fixed a bug that could be abused to load items on the edge of deeds without load permission. Animal token fixes: Redeeming tokens in caves will no longer teleport the animal to the surface. Animals redeemed on deed should be possible to lead by the owner, regardless of deed permissions. Naming of the tokens is less stupid. Meditation rugs can now be planted.
  3. Because people are different... some do, some don't, some do but hide it well until the most (in)appropriate time, some take a tiny shove to switch from one category to the other. If the internet have taught me anything is to hope for the best in people but always expect the worst. That way you can only be pleasantly surprised.
  4. The version i linked above is still working. Except some derpiness with fish that i couldn't find a way to fix.
  5. Here's a link to the original thread for that mod, try asking there.
  6. Yes, the spell list is randomly generated and not stored anywhere. You can't directly edit this but one could make a mod that would replace that logic by some preset list. (hint: Spell.deityCanHaveSpell)
  7. From WU code, all the following are affected: Mining rock/vein and moonmetal boulders Butchering a corpse Harvesting fields (as odynn said above, only those that use a scythe) Shearing wool Digging all resources Chopping trees Harvesting trees/bushes Picking flowers and sprouts Cutting grass
  8. We're launching a new map on June 16th (this friday), with a little twist! Read here for more details -
  9. hitchlimits doesn't use any ids, it just lets you change vanilla mechanics. All your errors you posted above are about missing files.
  10. Make sure you have the actual mod directory and jar in the right place.
  11. Server portals is @Xyp's - Hitchlimits is mine, last version is here - - though it wasn't updated in a long while and should work with all recent versions of WU. If it doesn't post logs. Stablemaster is abandoned (the author, @tmarchukis MIA for about a year now), but i made an unofficial update with some fixes here -
  12. Life is overrated anyways
  13. is that tile border above first floor? if so it's a know issue, they need some special voodoo to work and i haven't figured that out yet.
  14. Make sure you have the right server ids in nearby servers (the place where you set what borders are connected)