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  1. I've had a foal named Goldgold born yesterday. It's brown.
  2. About silver - on Otherlands it's a purely in-game currency, there is no cash shop (unlike WO and many WU servers) and no way to earn it out of game. As such i have more freedom to give it out for various activities in game, and i hope it will lead to a healthy economy developing in time, that doesn't involve RMT. Also i agree that chests would have been a great addition to WO PVE servers. If there's one thing they really need is reasons for people to get off their deeds, and chests are a very good way to achieve that.
  3. Without the mod it needs to be on deed to build against cave walls.
  4. In that case your placement in this thread is very appropriate IMO.
  5. You can grab my "bind to all interfaces" mod from here: That's pretty much what it does, minus DNS resolution.
  6. Server update 24/03/2017 (that i forgot to post here, oops) Clay, peat and tar tiles can now be removed on deed using a new "Remove resource" action. Requires a shovel. Ore veins can now be destroyed on deed using a new "Remove vein" action. Requires a large maul, can take some time (up to a few minutes), and will produce a bunch of big, low QL chunks of ore (~10% of what the vein contains). Both actions can only be performed on deeded land, and only by players with terraforming permission.
  7. Is artifacts a problem on PVE servers? AFAIK Locate Artifact doesn't work on home servers (which your PVE server should be, unless you are doing something weird), and so players shouldn't be able to find them.
  8. Make sure "end game items" is enabled in settings. If you already have an altar of the three, delete it and restart the server. This should make both altars to spawn.
  9. I'm not even sure WHY would you want to merge them. Even assuming the tool that can merge the data from 4 different maps exists (it doesn't) and covers the infinite edge cases such a merge would entails (e.g. what happens if a player has a deed on 2 different servers) ... Well now you have 1x 4096 server instead of 4x 2048 servers, that server is slower and eats more resources (in terms of CPU, RAM, IOPS) than the 4 combined - because wurm doesn't really scale up like that. So why?
  10. Yeah that's a good point, they'd probably need separate models for the extended length, at least for the more complicated ones like chain, iron fences, etc.
  11. I don't use insertAt/getLineNumber for exactly that reason. Though i guess you could use the same technique i do to locate the place for modification and then use that with the above, but that feels... brittle
  12. 2 posts above... (yes they are) What everyone says about me?
  13. All the coordinates for items and creatures are stored as floating point world coordinates, not as tile coordinates, so that shouldn't be a problem. The main problem is that currently fences aren't items, they are parts of a tile (border). And everything you can collide with at the moment is either a tile (trees) or tile-aligned (bridges, houses, fences). I don't see anything impossible, but it would require a lot of work to implement for CC, and probably outside the realm of modding.
  14. You must use the external IP in the external IP field for both servers. Your router should be set up to forward each port to the right machine. In some OSes you will not be able to start the server if the external IP does not exist on the interface in the OS, if you run into that issue you can use my bind to all interfaces mod from here: Here's an example setup from my cluster: External ip on all servers = Cradle - Login/Entry server - Internal IP = 27016 - Steam Query (Forwarded from router, UDP) 18000 - External port (Forwarded from router) 18001 - Serverpacks (Forwarded from router, if you use that mod) 18002 - Internal (Blocked on router) 18003 - RMI (Blocked on router) 18004 - RMI Registration (Blocked on router) Otherland - Internal IP = Steam query set 0 (disabled) 18010 - External port (Forwarded from router) 18011 - Serverpacks (Forwarded from router, if you use that mod) 18012 - Internal (Blocked on router) 18013 - RMI (Blocked on router) 18014 - RMI Registration (Blocked on router) Walden - Internal IP = Steam query set 0 (disabled) 18020 - External port (Forwarded from router) 18021 - Serverpacks (Forwarded from router, if you use that mod) 18022 - Internal (Blocked on router) 18023 - RMI (Blocked on router) 18024 - RMI Registration (Blocked on router)
  15. Sorry i missed this question earlier. Yes all mods work with 1.3, most of them didn't need any changes.