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  1. -1 as much as i hate cooking,it does make sense the way it is right now
  2. In romanian Umbra means shadow :D,cool name Also,my best name is a hellhorses Huntingmaestro
  3. I just drolled all over me watching those sexy new reinforced walls!! and not to sound like an ass but while at it with the reinforcement can we please get a fix on the move speed inside caves with reinforced floors please!!
  4. It would help,its one thing to drive the wagon and another to be able to unhitch the horses,right now the same command does both Also what do you mean that you don't have to unhitch them to kill them? last i know it wasnt possible to kill hitched horses/hellhorses
  5. Please split the ''Can Command'' in to just driving the wagon and command the horses(able to unhitch). It happend that i forgot it on for everybody and my wagon was moved offdeed and killed the hellhorses and gear stolen,yes my fault you say..but still give us the option so this wont happen again.
  6. I do agree with that 100%,the other day i was lookin at some of my screenshots archive,lots of thing have changed in wurm the last few years but when you get that first look at a picture with trees,the games looks the same as it was years ago.
  7. ^ Oh no,she's in trouble!
  8. ^ Oh no,she's in trouble!
  9. Sure you can,it is on Celebration L18 I been meaning to make a video but i feel like it isnt finished yet:D.
  10. Who ever had this ideea for today is a awesome person!!! so much fun!
  11. I have the same problem with houses inside caves,they keep disappearing,relog is the only fix so far..
  12. Yup,me and a few others have it to.. It really annoys me,its ugly
  13. Pro tip,never finish them if you dont plant to lit them..let 1 log out. Yes i know i'm late to the party.
  14. Off topic,thats some nice art you did there!