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  1. Yup,me and a few others have it to.. It really annoys me,its ugly
  2. Pro tip,never finish them if you dont plant to lit them..let 1 log out. Yes i know i'm late to the party.
  3. Off topic,thats some nice art you did there!
  4. +2..becouse awesome!!!
  5. ''My name is Jonydowy,after 7 months in a underground bunker i return to the outside world with only one goal,to save my sanity! But to do that i have to become someone else..something else...and for that i need a bow and arrow that works!!'' Seriously now hunting with a bow and arrow sounds so fun and nice..but when you start to actually doing it in wurm..its a hell of a pain! It needs a total rework in pve atleast! make it fun..make it better!
  6. sorry for my dumb question but i didnt seen anywhere saying about these they depend on something ot is just like the normal horses?
  7. Bump! We still want this!!
  8. Hi,any chance you have natural substances materials that you wanna give away?(paws,hoofs and such).

  9. Yes!! +1 Wurm world would be so much cleaner! Just the other day i took some coffins and some other things for a ride..late at night..I feel bed for doing it but there is no other way atm..
  10. Why would you want to change your name in the first place?Did you do a bad thing and don't want people to know who you are anymore?? Live with your decisions and mistakes,grow.Changing the name wont fix who you are..your self will allways come out.
  11. It is really annoying,walking on a reinforced cave floor should be pretty fast..but its not its the same speed as walking on dirt.
  12. I will not say good bye becouse i know everyone comes back to wurm!! I will be here to tell you Welcome back! Take care.
  13. it is mined the same as the other one,i rechecked the tiles 4 times EDIT: i just did that,it makes it the same..zigzagg
  14. So,i have made a cave and inside i want two canals,one of them is going from south to east and the other one south to west they form like a semi circle but there is a bug with the water.. Here are the screenshots of both canals: -you can notice that the south west canal has the water in a straight line and the other one has it in zigzag way..which looks weird and not nice. -has anyone else noticed it and if so is there a fix or is it a game code problem? Please let me know. South-west canal: South east canal: EDIT: I did a test outside on dirt and it looks is south east like the one in the cave. Pictures with unstable client where you can see better graphics and how the cave floor liks like on both canals: