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  1. As much as i want this of the devs already explained that it is alot of work to make this change and wont happen anytime soon(if ever)
  2. I have started my own priest 2 times now and failed( i don't have the patience for them) but what i learn is that you can't compare channeling to farming or faith..those two are fairly easy to grind. Imo what a priest really needs is faith and channeling(since soul depth was busted) to do casts(only a few main a priest char and usually its not a vynora so why would you want other skills),anything more than that you can have on your main if you really want them. I'd say 180E.
  3. Welcome to Celebration! Its good to see you guys here and hope you enjoy it!
  4. +1 !!
  5. +1
  6. I agree!! +1
  7. Hi Welcome back!! I'm really glad and can't wait to watch the videos.
  8. I double checked to make sure its not 1st of April today Bridges inside caves..holy gods of wurm!! Happy day today!!! thank you all devs and everyone for making this happen!!
  9. I support it, great ideea! +1
  10. I kept puting # infront of the ip and didn't worked,now thanks to harald921 i did exactly as in the video and it works
  11. that fix doesn't work for everyone,i can't play,but i do agree with Malokai.
  12. Same problem here..
  13. its been a long time i think i get to +1 this one more time
  14. -1 as much as i hate cooking,it does make sense the way it is right now