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  1. still instant crash
  2. happened many times. old bug
  3. Nice! Did you bring it with you from Epic?
  4. We need more Factional Fight!

  5. Good changes but still no fix for embark bug = game unplayable... It's been like this for months now, somebody e-mail me when fixed cause I cant be bothered reading these anymore.
  6. It's perfection. Game fixed. J/K. It's bad. Pretty idiotic to make it even more tedious. Just boost the skillgains and it's schwifty.
  7. This is getting really frustrating. Especially when your hell horse disappears after you try to fix it with a quick relog and have to wait until you leave the world before it pops up again. You dont even dare to seek out pvp with these circumstances. I dont see a pattern to when or how it happens, seems random, but for the love of spaghetti monster please fix it - cause its gamebreaking and makes me not wanna play.
  8. if you didnt use plate earlier it would be weird to start now when the others has been buffed.
  9. Soooooo nice that you guys are back <3 Been watching since day 1
  10. big improvement fps-wise on amd gpu, but still not as good as stable. but at least playable now.
  11. Still totally unplayable with AMD. Now even worse, stuck at 1 fps.
  12. Thanks Rolf! You da man! Where's the party at?
  13. my computer is equivalent but amd graphics (amd r9 280x 3GB) but i get 5fps, meanwhile stable-client is a butter smooth and issue-free 60fps
  14. still below 5 fps on amd gpu