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  1. You can, but some things will still say the default name. Such as the Altar of Three when examined.
  2. Not that I know of. I suggest selling a key on the merchant - which leads to a locked pen with your winebarrel etc inside.
  3. You can always use it with serverpacks if you want the skeleton look.
  4. Either use "Top text displayed" instead of "Text displayed" - or set the window size below the text box. I prefer to always use "Top text displayed" - it always workes.
  5. Don't change the first number, everything else you can change. You can also add more kingdoms.
  6. This was changed do to bug. You now always log in on first floor. If you login on second floor, you may experiance a bug when walking down slopes. Basically, the game thinks you're stuck and tries to get you free. This is a very annoying thing. Always logging on at bottom floor solves the problem. Here is an example what can happen: http://pappy.homenet.org/jukken/wurm/downslope_walking_error2.mp4
  7. There are tons of items, skills etc missing from the ruler menus. Would be nice and convenient to have the full list on there, yup.
  8. Lots missing on the ruler as usual. Can always edit the database using db browser though.
  9. Ah, that did the trick. Thanks.
  10. I always run steamCMD on my servers. Try if you have not?
  11. My server with survival mod will not start now. If I disable the mod, it workes. Compatability issue with WU 1.3?
  12. Private server hosting only one map. It's run just fine for two years. Just acting up now. 8k server. 150k animals. CPU is running at 1% load. Ram is 7GB used from 32GB.. Network is running at 1% load. All other things run fine. (FTP-server etc).
  13. I'm getting constant lag on server now. Log is spammed by "adding to lag list". Computer seems to be running fine - CPU is at 1%, ram 7GB out of 32GB.... Network utilization - 1%....it seems all fine.... But the wurmserver is having mega-lag. When ingame, there is constant "Refreshing". Any ideas?
  14. For some reason windows firewall seems to be the problem. Always used to work, now I have to disable it. Oh well, it works anyway.