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  1. Isn't that as a bush which is subject to WO very limited seasonal harvesting and considerably less yield compared to farming? @thread... People seems to like this so maybe I'll make a release. Although, I wonder what folks will think when they see my very bad art skills. The plants you see coming out of the ground is a crop sprite. I'd have to make them for all the new things. Right now I'm think about doing the sprites like this (that is a Calabash plant and below is WU default wheat): Black beans, chickpea, peanut...lots of room. Way more room then I thought was in WU. specifically TILE_FIELD2 is at 43 and TILE_TREE_BIRCH is at 100. Each new farm tile can support 16 more crops. There are potential conflicts that likly will happen as CC adds new tiles. But I could just move things around again.
  2. @YldraniaIn my experience CC is too overbearing and often I see what I think is moderators injecting there personal opnion in the process. As far as what CC intends to do, well what you think may be the case now may not be the case later. 10+ years of being involved with WO has made this clear to me. I'd actually prefer is the "moderation" was basically nothing. The mod site would be created with an anonymous alias and then deleted so no moderation can every take place.
  3. I want to add more farm crops for all herbs, spices, berries, mushrooms, fruit, nuts and maybe a few custom things from my mods. Take note, Wurm is a fantasy game for me, so I have no problem with say oranges or pine nuts coming from a small farm plant instead of a tree. The following list is the plan at this point to do it. Am I forgetting anything? Finally, I likely won't make a release for this and it will stay as WIP. I'll share the progress and code on github. I just don't want to try and maintain something that appears like it'll be a hassle. 1. Use byte code to add new farm TILE_FIELD objects to the Tiles.Tile enum. The following thread explains how to do that. I may be able to also do it with the JA CodeConverter: 2. overwrite Crops.getTileType() method to add code to handle identifying TILE_FIELD3, TILE_FIELD4 ... etc. 4. add new crops entries to the Crops.cropTypes field. Given that it's a final arrays I'll have to use some form of JA bytecode. 5. Either add new seed items for each new crop or make it so the item itself can be planted. For the latter its just adding ITEM_TYPE_SEED flag to each item template. 6. I'm not sure what to do about the crops graphic sprites. I wish MrBloodworth's crop graphic was still in the client.
  4. @Governorcan you set up Nexus so that site's mod manager, "Nexus Mod Manager" can automatically install Ago's mod loader in addition to the mod? Or maybe we add a required companion mod system and a companion to most WU mods at this point would be Ago's mod loader. I"d also like to see version support with it. I'd prefer if CodeClub had no way of interfering with all this because we don't need any moderation over it.
  5. Not feasibly. Basically you'd need a server side anti-cheat system to catch folks using client side mods you the server owner deem as cheating. I't might be possible to change what information the server sends to the client regarding this issue. So have the server send wrong info about any cave tile that is not discovered. Wrong info might be rock tiles at 1ql. You could also be meanand send randomized results. I belive this should work and you could do it with just a server side mod that doesn't require a companion client side mod.
  6. Here is a script-runner mod so you can make a pelt from cloth square + scissors. install: 1. copy the code in the box. 2. paste into a text editor and save the file as make-pelt-from-cotton.js 3. put this new JavaScript file in the onServerStarted folder....mine is at this path: ~\Wurm Unlimited Dedicated Server\mods\scriptrunner\scripts\onServerStarted var CreationEntryCreator =; var SkillList =; var ItemList =; var CreationCategories = var Logger =; var logger = Logger.getLogger("com.joedobo27.scriptRunnerMods.make-pelt-from-cotton"); function onServerStarted(){ var pelt = CreationEntryCreator.createSimpleEntry(SkillList.CLOTHTAILORING, ItemList.scissors, ItemList.clothYard, ItemList.pelt, false, true, 0.0, false, false, CreationCategories.TOOLS); pelt.setDepleteFromTarget(300);"Pelt can be made from a cloth square + scissors."); }
  7. I'm making progress on this. For some reason some things only work with new custom actions. I tried to reuse "empty" to transfer seed from a barrel into a bin and just couldn't get it to work. Okay now, the reason for this update is I'd like to change this mod's harvest quantity metrics. As a short story, a few years ago in WO, Tich nerfed farming with the 1.1 change. Basically the idea was if you rake more you'll get more yield. But the cost of that was no-rake folks got nerfed. Further, the bonuses from raking didn't scale equality so planting more fields was actually better then raking more. I tried my hardest to point out that farming yield (and skill gain for that matter) should scale equally based on effort done. And it shouldn't matter what that kind of effort was done. Thus a sow, rake, and harvest should all contributed equally using time as a equalization bases. Now I can make what I wanted be so! Basically I'd change farming yield for this mod's harvest action so it's calculated with modified-skill / 15 equals the yield for two actions. Modified skill is a kinda a weighted average of skill and rake quality. The end result is a person would see higher yield harvest. but it would also make thing equal so you could farm however you wanted an know you're not doing something less efficient. Note that the yield would have a minimum function so yield is never less then 2, even if without raking. Here is a brief summary table: Farm barrel is a supplementary system so player could still use the default WO ways. I won't be removing it or changing that in anyway.
  8. A fo spell that lets you talk to trees and get them to walk to the center. It's funny all one has to do is phrase something differently and suddenly a wacky idea makes perfect sense. Trees walked in Lord of the Rings (dragons, orcs, goblins, magic, kind medieval....hmm see a trend?), I don't see why they couldn't in Wurm too. A fo based magic totem that makes your plants (farm tiles, tree tiles, forage/botanize tiles, bushes ....) grow faster. It should be possible to use modloaders serverPollListener to add in some kind of a custom zone polling that makes plants in the zone grow faster. Hey, we do have that new creature generating code. I wonder if it is possible to make a "totem golem" creature. It would wander around in an area and its presences would cause the plants in that area to grow faster. It could be an advanced taming related idea where the player and the magic creature have some kind of symbiotic relationship. If anyone wants to run with these, go for it. I not volunteering to do these even know I do like the ideas. too much other stuff to do :(.
  9. @Aum Thanks A complete overwrite of surface-mining/raise-rock actions would likely disable what surfaceminingfix does. I can get rid of the bytecode code and make this mod more stable but the cost is breaking other mods. Maybe I can make new supplementary surface-mining and rock-raising actions. They would exist in addition to WU default ones. It appears walkerinthevoids is just avoiding coding practices that are fragile (low level bytecode find-replace, inserting using line numbers, when using expression editor using line numbers to isolate multiple method occurrences). Bdew does the same thing. But I have run into a situation where these methods seems to be the only solution second only to a complete WU method/class replacement which tends to break other mods.
  10. I'm making good progress on a leveling action for surface rock. It's like leveling dirt but you can do it to rock tiles. I updated the github with code progress and I don't have a release yet but it's not terribly hard to compile it to a jar. Two parts of this that I'm kinda stuck on are 1) Concerning skill gain and surface mining, it looks like there is a skill check for every action but the rock only goes down every so often (I'll just use the 1/5 example). Is there a difference in just extending the action timer by *5, increasing the counter arg appropriately for skillcheck() and reducing the rock elevation every action? I'd simulation this but I haven't had luck running simulations through WU's skill gain system. Currently I have a trigger system that does skill checks on par with what it would be for normal surface mining and another trigger to lower/raise rock elevation. For changing the rock I just used averages. So if you have a 1/5 chance to mine down rock I just extended the timer by * 5 because that is what it should be on average overall. 2) I'd like to have available stamina act as a cap for the level time. Currently this uses an action time needed to completely level the tile (which is also how defualt WU does it). The stamina code is confusing. I guess it isn't absolutely needed. Now that I've done some work with leveling the whole tile I can see some other related actions that would benefit from the same code and those are 1. leveling tile borders. 2. maybe targeting tile corners for mining. Here you could target corners at the top of a slope while standing at the bottom instead of having to climb up to the top. Finally, the orginal part of this mod was to change concrete use and I recently extended that to mining both slopes and water depth. The code I did with level showed me how much better working with the action performers is compared to bytecode. I kinda want to overwrite WU default action performers for surface mining and concrete use. I'm not sure what to do with this final point as it would completely overwrite WU default code and likely any alteration other mods might be making of the replaced code. Here is a screen cast of leveling up some rock tiles below water. It basically work the same for mining down. For a non-gm too stamina goes down considerably more and actions are considerably longer.
  11. It works for and that is on the WU previous version brach right now. I'm only doing updates every other WU version so I can reduce the effort needed to keep things updated. I did put the concrete making part in a script runner. I'd guess that should work with the new version. The instruction are in the OP. Sorry for the delayed response. I'm not sure how I missed your message.
  12. Wurm your decision regarding the difficulty of applying paving to cave floor is a too difficult. I know I'll be attempting to mod it in WU so it works like it does on the surface.
  13. Thanks guys. I guess I asked the wrong question. I need a good explanation of what is going on with CreatureStatus.modifyStamina(). In order for me to add code to my mod that calculates how many actions are possible for a given character's conditions this is needed. Using default level action as an example, it's not unusual to get an action timer that isn't possible because the toon would run out of stamina. I don't want my mod to work like that.
  14. I'm not amazing by any means btw, I just different opinions. It's interesting how you, a professional representative of Wurm, think its okay to make fun of community folks. Making fun of someone who essentially has a different opinion on what good game design is.
  15. lol, always got to go more and more extreme, hu, Wurm? imo, paving just like on the surface would have been fine. (I'll try to mod WU to work like that too)