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  1. A good friend of mine from 2012, has returned after a long break and would like to try some pvp. Guy is marvelous and I`d like to help him so pm me with offers up to 500-600 euros. If he doesn`t like and decide not to get involved in pvp action, I`ll keep this toon for myself. Thank you.
  2. Just take a break and return, shiny and chrome. Looks like you`re a bit tired of playing and need some rest.
  3. If the mayor is Leoncio Almeida then big bump for you +1
  4. That`s strange. It reminds me such situation from the past (2010) a little bit, when someone wanted to cut down all oaks on GV, people playing there were building walls/fences to protect their trees
  5. It`s still a funny thing, I made such mistake a year ago and used it by accident instead of checking Karma status. Good to have Recall Home
  6. Yeah, 3 champs per kingdom, no matter what god they`re. It`s the matter of each kingdom which of them they will consider as the most useful
  7. We are saluting fellow Chaosians. Good luck.
  8. I rather won`t attend but Happy Birthday Lisabet
  9. So just don`t bother. If this account is overpriced, Zigozag won`t sell it for such price.
  10. Have you switched between the paths or is it still possible.
  11. Good luck Hashirama IRL and pass me a few names of restaurants in Delhi worth visiting (except Bukhara). Cheers.