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  1. Thread has been moved to Town Square.
  2. -1 As Yldrania said we can only hide post's atm, but all you need is one person to troll on the forums for everyone else to react, then they delete their post so it looks like everyone else is in the wrong. Editing the post out or asking for it to be removed is more than adequate in my view.
  3. WTK

    Moved thread to Scribes Corner.
  4. Could be related to -
  5. His forum account shows some other in-game account names, might be worth trying to get into contact with them if there active or message him on the forums.
  6. Locked the thread as requested by the person who started the thread.
  7. Hey, if you need anything drop me a message on the forums I have quite a bit of extra stuff lying around my deed, will send you what I can to help you get started.
  8. Moved to WO client Bugs.
  9. I have a gold coin spare if you still need, just drop me a message on the forums.
  10. Witcher 3 was an extremely good game in my view, was addicted till the end.
  11. Can the helmet be imped any idea?
  12. Hi, Just wondering if you can explain the results of a catapult test, i know how to fire a catapult but trying to work out the info below. [16:17:21] [TEST] Projectile rock shards landed, damage multiplier: 7.9863467, damage: 20.0 total things hit: 8. Total distance: 64.48895m or 16.122238 tiles. [16:17:21] It sounds as though the rock shards hit 4 walls, 4 floors, and nothing else. This was with an 80ql rock shard, 80kg lump which is kinda normal to fire if raiding. In regards to the 8 things that said was hit with one shot, is this just connecting tiles edges since it says 4 walls were hit. also is there any way to work out the damage this shot would do to the 50ql building it hit without trying to find it to check? If the shot is hitting items outside of the tile of contact, will people in the area get damaged too? only asking as they will probably be people around trying to repair. same goes for just wondering why it says i hit 4 walls on 4 floors with one shot. Using the catapult i didn't find any issues just trying to work out the data due to the messages have confused me a bit.
  13. hugs and kisses

  14. Everyone has had a say about what happened as well as added their own view in regards to the situation, It just brings the harsh reality of what can happen if you decide to share your accounts with others. In regards to what happened I hope the issue can get resolved peacefully between both parties, but I don't see anything else constructive being added to the thread, for that reason I'm going to lock the thread, and hopefully we will see some additional security measures being added to the game in the future.