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  1. except in this case you've bought the car from the mechanic that you see for fixes and you're paying a monthly service fee with or without fixes, and after 1-2 years the mechanic hasn't been able to fix your car, so what are most people doing? getting a new reliable car. I don't know whats more appalling here, the fact that you're calling a game breaking bug thats causing people to lose everything they own (see the multiple champ deaths that were a result of embark bug, or the countless other pvp deaths because of it, not saying pve deaths don't happen too, but i dont play there really so i dont know.) a "weird noise" or the fact that you think its only happening every "10-15k miles"(so what, 10 times throughout a 10 year period, you must be joking right?) when in reality it happens to people multiple times per day I play on epic mainly and on chaos sparingly, chaos I stopped enjoying as much because when pvp happened and there were usually 20+people in local my client just crashed from lag with all of the settings on as low as they can go, similar to how the client performed back in 2013. (last time I was there 3 people from our group crashed as soon as the other enemies hit local) I just skimmed through the thread you linked, but with problems like this affecting multi-cluster and every server I don't think its latency related (especially since everyone I know has the same exact problems as I do, and like 3 or 4 i know live within 300 miles of the servers)
  2. ive gotten probably 70000000000 embark bugs in the last month, combine a terrible memory leak (yea sure ive got 64gb of memory and 400terabytes of it allocated to wurm, it still doesnt fix it) that makes you relog every 5 minutes of moving around the server with an embark bug that requires you to logout and leave world and its a pretty shitty experience zero have been from fresh logins, literally every time its after I disconnect and reconnect without fully leaving world its so predictable that when we take a 5 man boat to another server which simulates reconnecting without fully leaving the world, all 5 of the players suffer embark bugs 80%+ of the time until we force everyone to sit and wait 5 minutes logged out on an enemy server until everyone leaves the world
  3. bump, changed to selling silver instead of making another thread but i dont think the title updated properly
  4. sold thanks
  5. this is almost the same as what you get now, especially if you use a shortbow at 1tile range I went from 55 to 96 archery in like two weeks and it took me from 42 to 50+ bc (this is post change) that pic is 1hour with sb
  6. +1 the change was pretty awful prevents any roaming or stealth traps/ hota traps etc. because people just take the two minutes and locate every opposing enemy and realize its a trap or they're outnumbered, I've abused it recently, its been abused against me recently and we all know its crap its almost as bad as still being able to tell exactly how many enemies are online at any given time
  7. affi meals

    ready to grind, thank you! =D
  8. -1 This loot code has so many problems with it its not even funny. 1 person staying alive long enough to block looting so his friends can karma their corpses home, people blocking corpse looting while in mines(while the corpses are outside of the mine), and behind doors and ######, inability to catch someone out dehorse them and get their horse gear because they just stand on top of it knowing they have a zerg coming behind them. Having to leave behind corpses in boat pvp because you can't pick them up and chase the boat at the same time no thanks, keep that zerg friendly unrefined code on epic and let it die with the cluster
  9. yes please i'd take the time to write out my thoughts instead of just voting but after like 10 merge denials cbf
  10. bump for op and this, its really boring getting the same exact color every single time
  11. all items were sold, can be locked ty
  12. Tyvm, this was added and can be locked
  13. They fermented this morning, thank you for the help.
  14. Still 0/3 on the fermenting process
  15. two real life weeks yea