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  1. -1 This loot code has so many problems with it its not even funny. 1 person staying alive long enough to block looting so his friends can karma their corpses home, people blocking corpse looting while in mines(while the corpses are outside of the mine), and behind doors and ######, inability to catch someone out dehorse them and get their horse gear because they just stand on top of it knowing they have a zerg coming behind them. Having to leave behind corpses in boat pvp because you can't pick them up and chase the boat at the same time no thanks, keep that zerg friendly unrefined code on epic and let it die with the cluster
  2. yes please i'd take the time to write out my thoughts instead of just voting but after like 10 merge denials cbf
  3. bump for op and this, its really boring getting the same exact color every single time
  4. all items were sold, can be locked ty
  5. Tyvm, this was added and can be locked
  6. They fermented this morning, thank you for the help.
  7. Still 0/3 on the fermenting process
  8. two real life weeks yea
  9. I am at over two weeks of fermenting on my white wine, 3 barrels of it all still fermenting. I'm assuming (or hoping) this is a bug and not that it takes longer than this to ferment. Any questions or comments let me know I'll try to fill in any information needed. Created 10th December, stored in a rack inside a house. Still says [fermenting] [17:16:48] White wine. It can not be improved. This has a very low nutrition value. Also it has a weak strength.
  10. The frequency of these strikes could be adjusted based on tree to player ratios or something fancy.
  11. After the archery training nerf on same target for more than 10 minutes I've decided to try and go out and train it regularly on my server (Elevation). The only problem I am having is that I cannot see any creatures, nor recover my arrows after I do find something to shoot simply because there are too many trees. Too many trees, not enough players to manage them. My suggestion (with help from a friend) is to add forest fires to the game. These can be caused by lightning strikes, or something, and it burns down lets say, a 5x5 area? This should only be able to occur at least 50 tiles from deeds to prevent any grief. These should be able to happen regularly, as if you spent more than 10 minutes on Elevation you'll realize its literally nothing but trees at the moment. We need a way to counter the growth (expecting 5 people to take care of an entire server is nonsensical).
  12. all this sounds really good, hopefully this is considered as its such a huge QOL and probably will boost activity across the cluster
  13. How about a compromise of a better system on it. Why not random 3-4 days instead of what is seemingly random 0-3 days. I mean I've gotten the message literally the same day twice. I can see the reasoning behind it making someone come off of deed after a little thought. Perhaps if you're camping someone and expecting them to leave or something like that.
  14. Title says it all. While a champion and on Elevation you should be exempt from [13:34:44] You sense a lack of energy. Rumours have it that Smeagain wants her champions to move between kingdoms and seek out the enemy. I can't think of any good reasons as to why you would get this when you remain on Elevation. It doesn't promote PvP, just promotes running into enemy territory at 5AM. If the player relocates to a home server, yes they should get the message for abusing a champ slot.