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  1. I will join you to fight
  2. As stated, I am looking to buy Black Drake Cap. Can contact Murdok in game as well. Thank you
  3. 5s
  4. Buyout of 35s Please
  5. Wtb 30S for 30$ via PayPal.
  6. If you would like you can CoD the gauntlets to Murdok. I am out of town at the moment but will be online later this evening. 


    Thank you





    1. DrQsman


      sory i had a break from a wurm do you still need thoes gloves?

  7. CoD Both Rare Studded Boots to Murdok please.
  8. Does the Large Seryll Shield Show Red?  If so please CoD to Murdok.




    1. whereami


      Already sold my appologies.

  9. Sorry I am driving so I figured I would just msg you and ask. 


    How much do you need for the village and whatever rates/tools/bulk you have left?



  10. We are located on Exodus but will travel almost anywhere. Please PM requests or msg me in game to work out details.
  11. 50c per. We will deliver anywhere. PM requests.