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  1. Post the server log.....
  2. Post your console log. Looks like font issues...
  3. Easiest way is to install Agos' modloader for client and server and set it up for the server to send a custom map to the client.
  4. Deleteing the player from DB, wont remove all the other entries related to that players name/ID. I have not seen a GM chat # command to remove a player. What are you trying to do? did some one else create a character that you wanted to use? IIf so, you can change the password of the character and then log in.
  5. Your tile poll timers are high, Do you leave alot of stuff scattered around on the floor (dirt, logs, rock, etc.) Do you have alot of containers filled with containers filled with stuff? This wil, cause high poll timers.
  6. Coolioz. IIs there still no Copper still for distilling?
  7. Some times it a different one, try them all.
  8. Yes. 2 Thing that need to be done. 1. Firewall on your OS/Antivirus needs for have the ports that are used opened. 2. Your router needs to port forward the ports used to the machines IP addess. Hopefully your ISP does not block them, mine does so i had to find ones that where.
  9. Are all your new .map file all the same size? Did you over write All the files in the folder? Did you run the .bat file to rest the database. i did notice that there is an extra folder in the newest versiom of the server that has the Adventure and Creative maps in them may be for reset porperses. If some thing goes wrong.
  10. Not manuallly. Only way to add gods is using the key to the heavens, (might be of). Its random thing if its a WL or BL. Oh not sure if editing the db is possible.
  11. I have run a cluster behind a NAT Router and had no issues with players move server to server.
  12. Then you sacrifice some favor item for more favor.
  13. Isnt coords of some things stored in the DB as decimals?
  14. I beleive that if you do not have the DPS to kill the troll king with in the first 5 mins, its health regeneration kicks in as is almost impossible to kill. The timer resets when the health hits 100%, i think.
  15. I did have the intention to try to get a cluster running on 2 different machines, but did not have ones that supported lastest java. Just use the external IP and loop back on the neighbor server tab. IIll expanded on this tonight.