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  1. Bump. Reduced to 24s. Get your shinies.
  2. LSU is for very large items, but not crates.
  3. Even just letting us use the glove as a tool to select when harvesting would work rather than having to wear them but i'm cool with either way.
  4. Either pick up at Vrock, Xanadu or I can deliver via alt invite to your deed(Xanadu only). PM on the forum. 24s each. Silver only
  5. COD set 5 to Asciana please.
  6. Bump. Will pick up if neccesary. Will also take a few 1000 bladders as well.
  7. This is a fantastic example!
  8. My face when this still hasnt been resolved.
  9. Allowing more items to be combined such as Cochineals - we all know that for large amounts of red dye you need to create them 1kg at a time and add them together which tends the dye towards grey. Allowing cochineals to be combined means you can make large amounts of dye without them tending towards grey. Herbs - Natural Substances is an absolute pain in the ass at higher levels if you dont have 4 and 5 potency ingredients to mix together such as 1000s of teeth and glands. An alternative would be to grow lovage and rosemary in large quantities. To do this would require one or both to be combineable (so you can enchant them) Leather - allows maintainable enchant for LW These would both be great QoL improvements and also stimulate the sale of herbs in large quantities. Something even a low skill character can do. Any other suggestions and reasons are welcome on this topic.
  10. Looking to purchase about 10,000 teeth/glands/eyes if anyone has them to be delivered to the north coast of xanadu B15 or delivered around VRock. PM me with prices. No small amounts - minimum 1k.
  11. I'll take the rare sickle COD to Asciana
  12. Why not just add it to the function of a pickaxe instead of adding another tool to carry.