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  1. unstable

    Originally reported back last November...
  2. Two of them are, but there are four tunnels showing there...
  3. Also some extra tunnels showing at http://wurmonlinemaps.com/Maps/Xanadu?x=4169&y=-2385&z=6
  4. This will also make planting lamps so much nicer - no more pushing and pulling to get them lined up. Had spotted planting catseyes in the nearest corner of reinforced cave tiles - was going to suggest something like this for lamp, and other items. But this is so much better.
  5. Wasn't that setting only a thing with the Apple distribution of Java. That has not been available for some years...
  6. They have been on test for a while...
  7. That tunnel, and the two north out of the lake to it's northern end are all knarr only.
  8. I notice on the test server that the catseyes run through the tunnel. Does this mean the new highway system will include tunnels? I assume it does, some early indication of what will be required for a tunnel to be considered a highway would be very nice. But, please bear in mind that some of the longer routes on Xanadu currently make use of single tile wide tunnels (with both walls reinforced), so if such tunnels will not be able to be used as part of a highway we will need some way of removing the reinforced wall to widen them.
  9. Caption: "This year's single hell hound powered horseless carriage growls along on minced horse meat"
  10. Are you using the unstable client, and are you using the select bar to mine? There is an issue, reported elsewhere, and still unfixed where using the select bar to mine a wall tile will start mining the floor. When this happens the select bar title is unchanged, but clicking on a floor tile still shows the mine up and down actions. A way to prevent this problem from causing issues is to either use mine up, or down, or mine using a keybind.
  11. I built a stone altar before I left last night, the only silver I could find was quite low quality
  12. The rift is in G20, at http://wurmonlinemaps.com/Maps/Xanadu?x=5379&y=-2140&z=6 The easiest access is probably by the 'Road to the North' leaving the Emerald Highway at guard tower 'LIGO G19'.
  13. Can't even connect - but that is probably a good thing... Keenan, on IRC, just said they are aware of the problem.
  14. Don't seem to be able to hit anything on the 'cooking' server now. Getting '[12:16:39] You cannot fire the stone brick to there, you are not allowed.' even when the catapult would not hit anything! Probably something to do with the fences, and catapults, being in the perimeter of Now We Are Cooking? --- This does not appear to be anything to do with being in the perimeter - just built a catapult on the beach, outside the perimeter - and am getting the same message trying to fire the catapult from there.
  15. @Samool - Have managed to recreate the problem with the current unstable client 4.00-5cb0867. Machine details are as above. The problem seems to start being noticeable after about 30 minutes game play. I also managed to capture a short clip showing the problem. Console log
  16. Mouse over an item will sometimes show the wireframe rather than just the outline - lasts only a few frames but have seen it with many different object, not just trolls.
  17. Silly question... On the 'cooking' PVE server, at the Catapult Firing Range - am I meant to be able to be able to destroy part of Budda's Shed? Have managed to destroy the internal floor, and cause damage to one of the house walls. The wiki sayes This building is in the perimeter of Now We Are Cooking, so I'd expect the off limitation to apply. Even if it was on deed I should not be able to catapult it, as the deed does not give destroy building permission.
  18. Not likely to be related to Windows 10, as I'm seeing the same problem running on macOS. I notice that the unstable client does not appear to be saving the keybindings file in the character directory despite saying it has in the logs , but the current stable client does.
  19. Not managed to recreate this problem today. So, looks as if it has been fixed. Scrub that - just jumped over to the test client and am getting the wireframe flicker with a catapult. So, test client build 4.00-584db20 - iMac (27" late 2013), GeForce GTX775M, macOS Sierra 10.12.4 - default macOS video driver. However with the NVIDIA web drivers (367.15.10.45f01) I am not seeing the wireframe issue. The only difference I see, at a glance, is that with the NVIDIA web drivers we get 'GLSL max fragment uniforms: 4096 (4096)' while with the default drivers we have 'GLSL max fragment uniforms: 2048 (2048)'. N.B. There are issues with using the NVIDIA web drivers with some other applications.
  20. I am using a late 2013 27" iMac - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 775M. Both the default macOS 10.12.4 and NVIDIA Web Drivers 367.15.10.45f01 show this problem. Forgot, I applied the latest macOS, and NVIDIA drivers, earlier - not seen it since then not sure if the update fixes it, or if being a gnome is. It seems to be more common when on horse back - will add console log when it happens again, but don't recall seeing anything there at the time it happens.
  21. still a problem...
  22. No fooling - our gnomic overlords have been experimenting with our genome while we slept
  23. This does not happen all the time, and I'm not sure what triggers it. Using the select bar to mine a wall does not mine the wall, but the floor where you are standing. When this happens the mine up and down buttons do nothing, selecting the floor also does not change the buttons in the select bar, the mine up and down are still there. Selecting an ore vein, and then reselecting the cave wall clears the problem. Using the rclick menu, or keybinds, to mine does not appear to be affected by this problem. --- Update: Also just spotted the mine up and down not added when clicking between mine floor and walls - selecting ore vein does not clear this...