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  1. I don't remember seeing anything about talking to the forgetter if you leave one part of the maze and re-enter using a different entry. If that really is the problem, and I suspect it is, using the sign to get back to the central area should also either advise you to talk to the forgetter, or clear down progress.
  2. Certainly torture! Think I lost my sense of humour in one of those mazes... Got my mask, but still seem to have Xan_MS_03 at 22% - might be related with the statues sending me round in circles in the house. Anyway, thanks Retro, and all those that helped put the event together. Glad Midsommar to one and all.
  3. Canal, knarr only between http://wurmonlinemaps.com/Maps/Xanadu?x=2152&y=-1934&z=6 and http://wurmonlinemaps.com/Maps/Xanadu?x=2646&y=-1928&z=6 For full details see (there is some cart access at a few points, but best not to complicate the map) Van Diemen's Cove has disbanded.
  4. Over the last a while this tunnel has been created (see history below). Current Status: passable by boat (rowboats, sailboats and knarr). Depth will be increased to allow all boats once the ore veins have been mined out. Cart access is available at points b, c, and d on the map - point a provides access to an underground harbour, and there is currently no western cart entrance (there was once access via the caves on the Winter's Night deed, but that has collapsed and left for anybody that re-deeds that spot). The bridge inside the cave at the western end is bugged (it has been named to warn people) so do not use it to cross to the footpath. There are lots of ore veins that still need to be mined out, so there will some weaving to do until these are removed. For those interested in helping mine out the ore there is a map available, see https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/12g02zThs1KFxJc7PhMRqtH3o2qhPnlUY9V41WrVy4Y4/edit?usp=sharing Some History Those with a long memory might remember this video from the Factional Fight brothers. Hopefully McGarnicle will stop by and flesh out the early history. When I spoke to him about this project he mentioned that somebody had spent everyday for over a month with an alt army working on the tunnel. What with burn out, and people relocating deeds in the year since the video, with only part of the tunnel with support beams, it was slowly decaying (not helped by a little bug that saw many tunnels have problems). Having used this tunnel a number of times, a couple of months ago while using it as a short cut to a rift, the tunnel was blocked in a couple of places due to recent rockfalls. With the help of Gatling and Merina the rockfalls have been removed, together with a few of the ore veins, and the cave walls supported. I have also put some lighting in, to help dispel the Grue and light the way around the ore veins. Some pictures of the tunnel, taken on a journey west to east.
  5. Good to see that the troll relocation program is still running
  6. There are pictures in the wiki, see https://wurmpedia.com/index.php/Shoulder_pad
  7. The last time last seen my sanity and sense of humour were both lost in the clouds of mountain top maze. Who knows I might run into them this weekend
  8. bridge bug

    I have this problem with an off-deed sandstone arched bridge in a tunnel on Xanadu west from vrock lake. This is with an arched standstone bridge connecting one site of the canal to the other.
  9. That is certainly not normal. There should be a `console.character-name.log` file in the `/Users/username/wurm/` directory. If there is there is should be something there to help identify what is happening. If the above log file does not exist, you can get Java to open a console window which will display the log. To do this you go to the Java Control Panel, it's one of the items in 'System Preferences' - it will open in a separate window. In the 'Advanced' tab if you select 'Java Console' - show console and then OK. If you then try running Wurm again you should get a Java Console window. In either case, if you copy the contents of that log file to the forums somebody here should be able to help resolve your problem with getting Wurm to run.
  10. Those plateaus in the graph is just an indication that no data was collected during those periods, it is just the way that graph tool works.
  11. 50c
  12. Didn't see Kegan's post, until now. Also raised in the client bug
  13. Looks as if the reinforced cave walls have the surface bumps of the un-reinforced wall. Looks very wrong... Both the stable and unstable client have this problem.
  14. 50c
  15. If this ever comes back we also need to have mobs also colliding with trees. I can remember struggling to weave through a Chestnut forest when we still had this, while for the pack of trolls chasing it was as if the trees did not exist.