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  1. Thank you. Is that really 2.5% for the Knarr? Or did a decimal point slip in?
  2. Was about an hour's ride from C14, via the path over the Ageless Tunnel. You will need a good head for heights. This is some most impressive road making through the mountains.
  3. Well... Filled an icebox with 99ql snowballs yesterday (about 12 hours ago), and already one of them has 16dmg and some others have 1dmg... This is in a 74ql larder with silver rune of Vynora on the icebox 'A single silver rune of Vynora has been attached to it, so it will reduce the decay taken of items inside (10%)'
  4. Would be nice if tile corners on the edge of a road also counted - makes for easy regular placement of lights.
  5. Try the center of the map with this link - http://wurmonlinemaps.com/Maps/Xanadu?x=5647&y=-5264&z=6 Also this this old post for previous rift that was just to the north - there is a map part way down showing the pass over the mountains to the west
  6. Did you try clicking on download from Google drive? Just tried it and it works without a problem.
  7. Had somebody earlier today commenting that they have been trying to fight with a weapon activated, after all that is how you use everything else. Not realising that it needed to be equipped. I wonder how many start the tutorial and give up in frustration.
  8. Sounds as if you're thinking of the previous tutorial, that had you chopping a tree and making a few things - to teach the very basics of how to interact. The current tutorial is just walking around and getting a wall of text - the is no real interaction. Given the basic questions that tend to get asked I suspect many don't even bother with the tutorial. IMO, it would be far better to have that wall of text elsewhere as reference material, and have people learn by doing. At least to as a way of learning the basics.
  9. That would help explain what it is so difficult to make a start, from 1.0 skill
  10. This is happening again
  11. This problem is happening again. Also had the same problem on Sunday, so hopefully somebody know how to get this corrected quickly.
  12. This has happened a number of times in the past on Xanadu... Time is currently stuck at -- It is 22:44:44 on day of Awakening in week 1 of the Raven's starfall in the year of 1063.
  13. New rift was reported on 18 Jan - surprised nobody else has bothered posting a map... Really not sure about yet another long ride - will see what I feel like nearer the time...
  14. New rift reported This rift is just off the Hell Hound Trail - in K14 click for link to full map
  15. New rift reported Yet another rift in the same general area - so hopefully most of you will know the route to get here. click for link to full map --- Thanks to everybody that managed to attend.