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  1. For some reason not all of them turn out at 20ql when theres the ownership issue. The only way to be sure it wont happen is drag the ingredients from your inventory to the oven.
  2. Did you have the sap in your inventory before putting it in the cauldrons or did you just drag it from some barrel to the cauldron in the oven?
  3. Haven't had time to try it fully yet, but I have some suggestions. Currently you're missing one state(diced/minced etc.), veggies and meat can be cooked too, IIRC the offset was +7. Garlic would fit better in veggies section since it counts as a veggie in Wurm. It would also be great if you could add more ingredients, for example bread(whole, sliced, breadcrumbs), milk, legacy meat and gravy(it was in the spreadsheet version IIRC and is a very common ingredient). Could also be useful to be able to add an ingredient with a custom offset for those more uncommon ingredients, I use meatballs a lot in my recipes and would be great to be able to have them there somehow.
  4. +1 I've found a good method for eating only 1 bite though, havent had it fail yet. Hold down esc while you right click and press eat so it cancels the action immediately.
  5. Auction won by VirusMD.
  6. Auctioning out my rare, high ql, enchanted, runed cooking knife. It's perfect for chopping veggies, has 2s timer with 86 cooking. Starting bid: 5s Minimum increase: 50c Buyout: Surprise me Sniper protection: 1 hour
  7. It works, I got the title for 10k addiction a few weeks ago. Basically every time you drink something with alcohol and you are drunker than "you are getting drunk"(20 alcohol) the alcohol addiction goes up by 10, alcohol strength and quality doesnt matter. Once you get too drunk(90+) you will start spilling a lot. So the optimal to get addiction is to drink the weakest alcohol, which is beer. That way you can drink as much as possible while avoiding spilling. Takes around 5-6 hours of drinking to get to 10k addiction using beer. You'll want to keep your water % a bit lower to be able to drink all the alcohol and drink 1g at a time.
  8. Now also offering baking grinding for 2s/k(1s for filling, 1s for mats). [20:00:02] You have just received the title 'Confissier'! [20:00:02] Baking increased by 0,0023 to 90,0001
  9. Really awesome and fast service with amazing prices. I've bought enchants several times from him and I will buy again. I would definitely recommend getting your enchants from Folke, you won't be disappointed
  10. Added some data on HFC skillgain.
  11. It increases by 10 everytime you drink something and your alcohol level is above 20. But once you get over 90 alcohol level you have less than 10% chance to successfully drink it, so basically youll need to stay between 20 and 90. Took me like 6 hours for me to get the title, and I didn't leave my account on to lose addiction so I suffered for a week after.
  12. +1, doesn't even have to be any exact value, could be the "you are feeling tipsy/getting drunk" stuff. Anything would be better than a hidden value. Exact value in spell effects would be nice of course.
  13. Bump. Did 15k pans yesterday and these are the results
  14. I don't think this is supposed to be possible.