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  1. +1
  2. 2.5s
  3. Looking to get a bit more.
  4. Sent.
  5. Cod to Ciray?
  6. Got an offer for 10s for saddle.
  7. Looking to sell these items. PM me offers or post here.
  8. I've seen nothing in the code that would show that they add speed bonus to horseshoes. Doesn't work on weapons either, did some testing on that too.
  9. 3s
  10. 3.2s
  11. Bump, cooked 2k fried meat today. Before the update everything cooked within 2 minutes. Today the time between the first and the last tick was 15 minutes. QL 70 forges and QL 5-20 pans. [22:54:02] Hot food cooking increased by 1,0000 to 2,0000 [23:09:24] Hot food cooking increased by 0,0088 to 44,8949 Thats on Xanadu btw.
  12. Bought some lye from him, service was nice and fast.
  13. For some reason not all of them turn out at 20ql when theres the ownership issue. The only way to be sure it wont happen is drag the ingredients from your inventory to the oven.
  14. Did you have the sap in your inventory before putting it in the cauldrons or did you just drag it from some barrel to the cauldron in the oven?