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  1. Bump. Did 15k pans yesterday and these are the results
  2. I don't think this is supposed to be possible.
  3. Butchering skill does matter, at 90+ butchering with 90+ knife I pretty much never fail to get everything from the beasts. The quality of the loot is still pretty random, but I think it should be a bit random, here is some of the loot from my latest hunting trip. Rare ql 96 knife with bronze rune of Libila.
  4. Now also offering panfillling with delivery. All you need is a few forges.
  5. The pickled veggie you need to use is
  6. I'll take a rare frying pan if theres one still available.
  7. Bought meat, please close.
  8. Any ql, 33c/k for new 0.3kg meat, 1s/k for old 0.9kg meat. Paying 40c/k and 1.2s/k if delivered.
  9. Looking to buy around 40k meat, delivery to F22 on Xanadu would be preferred but I could pick up if the price is right. Also accepting smaller batches of meat.
  10. 21s
  11. The amount gained is (100 - skill) / 3000. So at 30 channeling you would gain 70/3000 = 0.02333, and at 90 channeling you would gain 10/3000 = 0.003333.
  12. Cod to Robz
  13. Im at F22 on Xanadu. 30-90 will probably take around 12k pans.
  14. Bought a tasting kit and 2 kegs of beer, very nice and fast service. Definitely recommend.
  15. Bump. I've found a method to get optimal skillgain at any skill level. Significantly higher skillgain than before at 70+, 2x skillgain at 90-95 skill and even higher than that after 95+.