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  1. *Snip* Nice brush, free bump!
  2. rare pickaxe

  3. Rare fork to Nordlys pls.
  4. As i understand it a log will cost 1c even though its more than 5kg. Any combinables (water, lump etc) will be 1c up to 5kg and more over 5kg. I might be wrong tho'.
  5. High tech led lights. They use wireless power sent from the coal generator ofc.
  6. This seems to be a nice feature. Will fiddle with it later, for sure. Hope it might help me keep track of my recipes in a nicer way than my spreadsheets.
  7. Following for interest and proper read-through when i get home. Free bump for you, sir!
  8. Still got that rare Vyn statuette? If so, would 3s do? Same name ingame.
  9. I got my eggs in a large chest in a house, on deed, they decay.
  10. Wouldnt this just make it so that all priests, whatever diety they follow, would have to have the same skills high? I guess in your plan a Vyn priest need the same for botd as a Fo priest need for coc/woa? Im sry, i dont think this is a solution that would make anyone feel they want to make one of the priests you mention as extinct. Why would i level a Mag priest after this, and not just a Vyn or a Paa (if i already wanted one of them)? -1 from me.
  11. Doing a test now, with a different character. Standing 2 tiles away from a hell hound and its clearly aggro but cannot move.