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  1. I hope the great modders will be hard too to the wurm devs please dont let the patch go out until all is working ^^
  2. i have also some of the same errors with the newest java version
  3. Hello friends of wurm Can anyone help me to work with the databases in a new classfile? I like to read the summary of all deeds on a map and write the value in the event-tab if a deed is founded or disbanded example: Player xyz has found the settlement "deedname"... There are now 87 deeds on the map thanks in advance Eject
  4. I tried this with the dirt graphic and found out, if you drop the dirt on sand, the sand dont convert to dirt
  5. @bdew This would be enough in my actual mappings.txt if i add a folder called "tiles" in my necroplis.jar with the graphic in it?? map.necropolis = maps/necropolis1.png img.texture.terrain.dirt = tiles/dirt.dds Eject
  6. Thank you very much for this new helpful tutorial Arkonik =) Is it possible to add the riftmobs with this spawntable? If yes, could you give me a little example for one mob? A little code here would be helpfull. Eject
  7. bump
  8. Thank you Arkonk for this claryfication, maybe yes a video would be very nice, just if you have time for it Eject
  9. ah very cool, and yes i have one ^^ i dont know that that will also overwrite the other graphics, i will try that i thank you very much for your tipp bdew i wish you a nice weekend and happy wurming Eject
  10. anytime a found a chinese version at youtube lol =) but anyway, i just liked to fix some wrong entrys and in this case its alittle bit hard to find al text
  11. OH, i like to send the files with serverpacks to the client, samel like with the ingame map Is there no way? Eject
  12. Hello and thanks for the wuick reply bdew Where can i find the mappings.txt that you mean in the serverfiles? Eject
  13. Hello there Is it possible to change the load/connect picture with serverpacks? I just like to put on the original graphic a little logo from my server in any corner. If yes, how can i do this? Eject
  14. I wonder why there is not a single classfile with all variables and text that they are using at other places in the serverclasses, line by line and easy to find an entry like missionnames servermessages or chatnames or whatever. In this hundreds of classes its hard to find a simple text, or is there any way to search for a text in inteliJ? Eject