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  1. I never know about this other ("hacked") version, but now i do because its in your mod compilation, and i am sure, some of the players too Eject
  2. Das Riftevent war ein toller Erfolg Wenn du mehr darüber wissen möchtest findest du unter folgendem Link unseren Beitrag mit einer Menge Fotos: http://www.necropolis.at/game/riftevent/ Eject
  3. One of my players gave two catfishs in a FSB (ql 46 weight 10-12 kg) Than he dragged it back into the inventory and both fishs git a weight of 25Kg, he was also able to filet the whole 25kg. Eject
  4. Look if the auxdata is set to 0, i dont know if this is related to the gods or the altar itself, but my white have auxdata 0 and my black auxdata 4. Push the altar should work to initiate the new auxdata, if not restart the server. If this is not working i would destroy the corrupt altar and spawn a new one with the ebony wand. If i remember correctly, you can just drop the spawned altar if you activate any second item and drop both, then take the other item back to inventory or destroy it. Restart the server and the altar should work. I hope this helps you Eject
  5. the bad hardware i say the last days again, see Op ^^
  6. but ok, i dont know if the webpanel was always correct with showing the used ram add: ok, i can link servers without pay for an vds, this much less in price
  7. i expanded the ram, because on the webpanel of citadel it always goes in the red section i have: 25k animals, 25k animals and 100k animals and a lot of mods Eject
  8. ok, on citadel now i use: 2k map loginserver 3 gb 2k map neighbhour 3 gb 4k map neighbour 8 gb ok i was wrong with 14gb, just looking Eject edited
  9. https://pingperfect.com/cart.php?a=confproduct&i=0 uff
  10. i got this link https://pingperfect.com/cart.php but i have no idea, i cant understand what i have to choose Eject
  11. yea i have realized that now with 6gb its too much, i wait again for an offer i need 14-15 gb ram for all 3 servers Eject
  12. just wait =) they told me now 92 Euro per month, i postet the price PPGVDS3Gaming VDS3Windows Server 2008R26GB Ram200GB HDD4 Virtual 3.4+Ghz Processors1TB Bandwidth1 Dedicated IP Address£59.99 Monthly just waiting for an answer
  13. "I have deleted it for you. In what location would you like your VDS?" Eject yes you can run there multiple wu servers....add: and conect them
  14. omg, they are realy realy fast, some minutes and there is an answer with the correct help