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  1. nice PvP account, 300 i would say lacking PvE skills if i could say it like that
  2. 30s for 30 euro via paypal. organized.
  3. bump - Looking for 35s or best offer
  4. sold
  5. sold
  6. Rare Large Oak Shield - 3.5s for 3s if you happy with that, mail to hardrada
  7. Shakey Foundations under our neighbours
  8. 3s
  9. Rare Axe - 4s Hardrada
  10. Landcliff In all its majesty
  11. Recommended and trusted, Bought a character from him and was fast to deliver and friendly
  12. bump
  13. Hi, looking for a worker, woodcutting/mining/digging account pref 70+ to work on my deed. Not wanting to spend much on it, so offering 50e maybe a little more but not phased about other skills. oh yes and pm me dump
  14. please use Shogun - Vulcan. Ill love u forevah.