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  1. With tears in my eyes it is my responsibility as the supreme overlord of Yoitsu to inform you that I am, once again, alone. Things didn't work out. We just grew apart as people. What was once a great relationship withered and died. I logged in today and was the only member of the deed. We weren't the same people as we were when we met. The relationship just faded....... Anyways........ yeah I'm alone again but that just means there's more room for YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Edit: Or not if you're not really interested....... Edit2:
  2. I would ask you Who, what, where, and how but I believe you've answered all of my follow up questions! Thank you.
  3. What a chocolatey choice for an icon......
  4. Thank you very much for the help I feel this answers part of my question but motivates me to commit evil deeds whatever they may be. Might I ask you a follow up question?: When?
  5. Ah but just imagine the nutritional value.......
  6. Thank you. For your assistance in this matter. I do just have one follow up question: Why?
  7. To be honest I'm not completely sure why I posted this or what the goal of it is but it sure would be fun to learn why something(anything) is the way it is. Throw it at me!
  8. Just updated my status! How exciting!

  9. Wurm online attracts a very specific group of people. Yes the rate at which people quit is high but that's because the game is not for everybody. If you want a quick sandbox where accomplishment can be seen immediately then you belong on the minecraft forums. I agree with a lot of what you are saying but Wurm is by no means pay to win. I've spent maybe a hundred euros and am not "winning", heck I don't even have a skill at 50 yet. How is this winning? Further more you need to define what winning is. The majority of people play on the freedom servers which have no clear goal or end. In regards to the freedom servers (and the majority of players) Wurm online is entirely play to "win".
  10. Now that life the servers will be down for the next half hour what are your plans? I'm considering travelling and seeing the world
  11. I am pleased to announce that the population of my humble deed has doubled! Thats right, DOUBLED! There are now 2 of us. (and it's not even an alt)
  12. I'm on Xanadu right now and all seems well. It sounds like there is an issue with your connection specifically,
  13. I was unaware of your youtube channel and am not too worried about what you do with your channel but theres no need to bring clickbait to the Wurm forums.
  14. Tough luck? Make the player stick with the decision like an adult.
  15. Yoitsu, the name of the deed I bought and live on alone alone! On a more real note Yoitsu is looking for some villagers that are just looking to enjoy themselves in the world of Wurm. Description: -As it currently stands I live alone alone but I like to consider myself a fun guy -Awesome neighbors, literally as we share a perimeter -size: 52x28 -Location is in attached images, we are about 10 minutes away from Vrock Landing and located in tile H12 -We are proud members of the ShadowFly alliance Availability: -Sure Living accommodations?: -As it currently stands I have 2 1 2 good sized empty plots that can be all yours -Empty plots come with enough room for a house, small personal garden and animal storage -We have a town hall for all of your crafting needs, or if you're like me you can do so inside your house as well What we(I) I can offer you!: -An awesome, developing community trying to make fun out of the grind -Some awesome low ql meals - an eternity of tears and sorrow happiness existence -A good place to park your boat or build one if you're boatless -lots of un-noticed grammatical issues within forum posts -The facilities needed to gain the skills of your choosing -Beginner tools(as needed) along with the support needed to enjoy the game Proof: I would personally never join a deed without some proof of it's existence so here you go! Summarization: On an entirely real note Yoitsu is a deed under development by myself. I would love to have some company and would love to give you a place to live and breathe. The deed is under heavy development and will not look the same when you decide it's your time to move on in Wurm. I don't expect this place to be your final destination in Wurm but I would love to be a positive memory on the way! If after this entirely unconvincing post you still feel like you'd like to join me ( ) feel free to comment to this post, message me on the forums if you're shy or if you're feeling brave message me in game at meman. Thanks for reading and happy Wurming all! NEW Roster: -Meman (me) -Tallowyn (the first brave soul to join)