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  1. heathen
  2. 6s
  3. Welcome, one and all! This forum is for the video format content of the Wurm variety. Any content from either Wurm Online or Wurm Unlimited is welcome! But please, do make sure to denote which one it is from. I'm excited to watch some nice plays. - Jberg (GM/DEV)
  4. I'm sorry, but I cannot see the complete removal of wilting as an option for Wurm Online. Crops already last a pretty decent amount of time if you tend them daily.
  5. And now we get REALLY wierd! Fun fact, he's a wrestler in Australia, doing this as his side thing. Started out as a joke, then people liked it and this was born.
  6. I'm severely interested in any at least somewhat reliable reproduction methods for this issue. I've spent the past few hours trying to debug this, but it's nigh on impossible with no way to reliably get it to happen. I'm aware that it does, and I've had it happen, but it's too sporadic. Keep the reports coming.
  7. Warning, wierd j-pop. If that's not your thing, no point in clicking 'play'
  8. 15s
  9. Exclusivity. Say Person A buys unique skin X from the shop for €10. Then person B with 100 skill in the skills required makes a million of them and sells them for 2s, wouldn't you feel cheated? This makes, for one, person A feel cheated, and for second, anyone else coming after unwilling to buy from the shop since they can just wait a little and get the same thing for a fraction of the price. Do take note that I did not specify *all* items from the shop must be exclusive, just some. Also as a disclaimer, to make sure, this is my personal point of view and not representative of Code Club ABs stance.
  10. Same reasoning as above poster, but voted No on the second question. There must be exclusive items to the shop, but if a few are achievable (albeit with effort) in game, that's great too.
  11. Greetings, Wurmians. This newly dedicated forum is for very special circumstances when the Wurm Online Team has taken the decision to raise silver with in game items. These funds may be for a myriad of different projects and games, or aid in the recovery of silver for victims of scams. The reasons may vary, although, this is not - NOT - going to be a frequent thing. This forum will only ever be visible when there is something coming up. The payment mode in these auctions will always be in in-game silver. Real Life Currencies are not applicable in any shape. Keep an eye out! The Wurm Online Team
  12. Greetings Wurmians, As of this moment, the character Skorpionek is never going to be picking up any item from the mail again. If you have anything sent to them, expect it to come back after the 14 days. If you plan on sending anything... well, you'd just be losing access to your item for 14 days. The inability to pick up items had nothing to do with mail related matters. This has been a public service announcement. Regards, Jberg (Game Master)
  13. 4s