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  1. bump Problems are worse again
  2. Maybe time to move away? ^^
  3. Yup correct. But anyways, I am sick of things in this game which don't get fixed for weeks. Just because WU is not a priority. Two options, if they sell this game they have to provide support, if they are not able to test a 35 line script properly then they shouldn't sell this game because obviously they can't provide support.
  4. cave layer map will not help you the tool doesn't change anything in it.
  5. Complaining about Citadel here will not help you. I told people multiple times that this company is worst. Problems will continue over and over and over.
  6. Don't you have some automated alerts for Server crashes? I really enjoy getting an Email when the wu server doesn't send heartbeats for a few minutes.
  7. Citadel seems to be worth the money ^^
  8. BUMP still broken, guess I have to fix that myself once again. #thatgreatsupport
  9. But we would not know that it uses the Wurm Api without the source code of the tool itself.
  10. Update at least once a month and you will be fine. Windows is really easy to update.
  11. If you go with a Windows Server then it is not really different from starting it on your PC. Being a Server Admin without knowing Server stuff is problematic, you will always run into troubles in which you rely on others. But you can learn that stuff very fast.
  12. No matter if Citadel, pingperfect or bluefangsolution they all have problems with lag and customer support. Get your own Server and Host it yourself. That's the best solution.
  13. If you want a cheap but powerful GPU for Wurm I hardly recommend some GTX version. The best choice currently might be the GTX 750 Ti or the GTX 1050. Both are very cheap and powerful.
  14. I am not sure if Intel HD graphics card are supported by Wurm. It will be hard to fix that. You would need a Geforce or Radeon to have a better chance for a fix. Have you updated your drivers?
  15. snip