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  1. Yup I recognised the same a few times already, also seems to be a problem since the migration.
  2. Creativity is unlimited on Sklotopolis Our players can already put decoration items on their tables. Very creative ideas out there. I am currently just leaning back and looking what we have created in the past 1.5 years. The amazing world of Sklotopolis always has some wonderful details only a few tiles away from you no matter where you are.
  3. Yup you are right. We have very creative people on here, I have seen mazes, chess boards, pyramids, mountain castles and a lot more This special building is located here =>
  4. Then good luck in waiting for a fix in the next months.
  5. Send me the wurmlogin.db of a server which has the issue then I will have a look. Doesn't need to be a live Server. I am just interested in comparing Settings.
  6. Update Fixed moving bulk items between containers no longer caring about inventory capacity. Fixed so players can no longer move 100 000 bulk items and more between containers and causing lag with it. Added 100% of carbs, fats,... as bonus for the refresh action Nutrition is now set to 99% more often on refresh actions, instead of stopping at 50%. The favor bonus for sacrificing corn, etc should be back. You should receive additional favor bonus when sacrificing chopped items.
  7. Please post a list of your mods.
  8. Yeah that was my guess. It is so unlikely that it is a Pingperfect problem. Very likely a bugged mod. Maybe an official one from the forum here because so many have the problem. Sklotopolis has about 80 different mods and is unaffected, so pretty sure it is one.
  9. New mine entrances The players on Sklotopolis are very creative when it comes to the new mine entraces. Here we can see Iamyourfather's new house / houses.
  10. What I want to say such a version would open all servers for non-legal copies and lead to a bigger bunch of other problems. For example the server browser relies on steam too, so you would always have to enter an IP. etc etc. I don't see a non steam version coming in the next time, it wouldn't make any sense to go away from steam.
  11. This already has been done. It is just not legal.
  12. There is no bug for most of us. Are you using pingperfect too?
  13. There are a bunch of things which could create this problem. Best is to go sure and restart your server with a clean vanilla reinstall on pingperfect, so you can see if the problem is really caused by them.