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  1. Butchering Knife 79ql Coc93 Woa 100 1s 20c Gavias please
  2. 15s Gavias
  3. Launcelot..their yours if you win }:] . 12S Gavias
  4. how many? 10 Pottery Planters that are all rare? is what we are bidding on? Making sure...first pic says Pottery Planter x 10 but gif shows 2 rare. Checking.
  5. Would you take 5s for the Rare Great Helm? Gavias
  6. Id like to get 3 -Vynora 10% increased rarity chance tin runes 2 - Vynora 5% shatter resist, 5% enchant success Seryll Runes..let me know if I need to send a serylly lump to make cheaper..and how much. 40+ql at the 1s rate/ea 2 -Fo Glimmersteel %10 skill level bonus (let me know on the metal here too) question..can the Vynora 10% less decay on contents Silver runes be used on Wagons to decrease decay "inside" ? If so Id like to get 3 of them at 40ql plus.? I appreciate the patience so 3+2+2+3?= 10Runes , this is for Gavias. THANK YOU .
  7. ill take the Valentines planter. Gavias
  8. Thanks for the silver Stinky. Transaction was smooth and I was assured by his old house that he was trustworthy. He delivered for me. I got my silver and the transaction was fast. I will be back. Gavias.
  9. Bear vs warrior hota (Colors: R=2, G=0, B=0. Ql: 99.0, Dam: 0.0.) - 4S Ill buy Gavias..where are you located?
  10. ill buy...Gavias
  11. Right basic pad -1s Gavias please