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  1. 3s Gavias
  2. does it offer any protection or pure "for looks"?
  3. 2s Gavias
  4. 2.5s Gavias
  5. 5s Gavias
  6. take the rat off and put a squirrel on that wheel...
  7. best time to surf the forum for ideas and HOPE.....
  8. same
  9. 3 Pickaxe 5s send to Gavias Please .
  10. #14 Rare frying pan 2s Gavias
  11. #12 Rare Cauldron... would you take 4s?
  12. Been here before, but lets look at another application of "The Yellow Potion". How about an alchemy feature that it adds some bonus to other potions such as bloods, oils, and even enchant or enhance it with slow decay/ longevity/ no decay(a value the yellow potion can impart. So, how about the addition of a "Longevity Alchemy" in which the yellow concoction added to another mentioned item adds/gives its longevity or no decay value to the item it is used on or in. With the addition of the Alchemy feature of potions and oils it would be nice to put them up with no decay to worry about...and drive the value of the dreaded yellow potion up. Could be added to materials as well using the function of the new slower decay runes too or a third "add" window option to the creation/crafting window. Re-purpose them to good use or at least increase the desire to want and trade them.