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  1. Currently when you become a priest, you still need to gain a faith tick to get the favor bar to appear. If you're on Chaos and following Libila it's also important for the server to remember you as a priest should you wish to leave the server (to Freedom) and come back - highly likely these days with the border hopping mechanics. Not much of an issue generally assuming you arrive at the BL with 30 faith and a faith gain left for the day as you can pray at the BL. However, this is not always the case and it seems silly to penalize those players making that effort just because of the timing of their prayers. If the act of becoming a priest gave the player 0.000001 faith, this would alleviate the entire issue and is hardly game breaking in so far as faith gains go. Obviously I'm suggesting all gods should receive this 'boost' upon becoming a priest for fairness though it's only really needed to Libila for server hop purposes.
  2. I've been busy...
  3. Ooooh, I won a carving knife! Thanks @Evening! Many thanks @Nestangol for arranging this public slaying, nothing ever goes completely smoothly but thankfully all that hiccuped here was getting at the dragon's cave - stupid iron vein... Hopefully you're online when I next log in, but if not no worries, I'll post here and ask you to send my carver CoD
  4. So I've reached Hermit's Hunting Lodge - is that the right place, or do I need to go further?
  5. I've arrived, I've chopped some trees and imped some stuff for a couple of folks who were prepping the place - I'm all set for tomorrow morning, see you in 12 hours (ish)!
  6. I may be able to make this. If I can find the time to travel there on Thursday (slaying is Friday morning for me), I'll join in Incidentally, if people who win charges want the charges and are not sure about trusting each other but are willing to trust me to handle it and they have valuable items with them - such as drake armour etc. - I'd be happy to hold those items as collateral while they use the charge. Might not come to it, but it's a thought if I'm there and it keeps things smooth
  7. I've not been in Wurm since Rifts were added, and this one is about 30 mins travel from my deed (with a bit of luck), so count me in
  8. So keep /ignoring them. If you can't see them, it won't annoy you, and if it's a habit that annoys you, you're unlikely to buy from people who do that anyway, so all in all it works out
  9. This seems a pretty sensible solution. If traders realise they're being '/ignored' for their typing habits, they'll stop doing it because it could cost them sales.
  10. Wouldn't that potentially have quite an impact on hidey-hole/secret mines on PvP servers? Or indeed to a lesser impact on PvE...
  11. I'm with this. I find it important to know when I'm looking for in my logs for things sometimes, especially for GM matters and I often consider these things in terms of when (in my time) I was online etc. Alternatively I wouldn't mind the server time in brackets in front of your local time or something.
  12. Different games for different people *shrug*
  13. I fail to see what protection a highway is given that a heritage site isn't... It's also worth noting that the highway rules stipulate the road must start and end at deeds. Some heritage sites (particularly canals/tunnels) wouldn't fit these rules as they stand, and no way are we opening up the highway rules again to allow ANY wide road to count Points of interest would be too subjective and that's why the GM's make that call, hence the current heritage system.
  14. I believe the previous suggestions have centred around the ability to furl whilst sailing so it's easier to move at slow speeds when it's blowing a gale - for parking purposes mostly.
  15. As a GM I would like to chip in by saying that I think the number of tickets we'd receive about such things would probably be pretty similar. However, we'd certainly end up with a higher % of antagonistic activities to monitor with this proposed system and they are always the most time consuming and frustrating to deal with.