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    Freedomites, Epicurians, Chaotians lend me your vocabularic comprehension! Hear ye hear ye! In the year of our lords and dark demoness' 1062 the peoples of the Wurm realms have been subjected to a vile plague that threatens our populations. Our top priests have identified the source of this scourge and have given it a name. Toxic Player Syndrome. They also recommended ostracizing the infected vermin from our sewers. Toxic Player Syndrome is a social plague spread through contact with contaminated ink used primarily when inscribing documents in far away lands. We do not support the use of documents outside our realm, or far away lands for that matter. Still, this plague washed up on our shores and threatened to infect our peoples with no regard of nobility or cleanliness. Victims of the plague may exhibit symptoms such as bloodshot eyes, unusual facial hair growth, clumps of hair missing from head, loud voices in unusual octaves, and uncontrollable bouts of cursing and screaming. Our healers will do their best to reach your afflicted ones and provide treatment or carts to haul off those who have achieved a pungent stature. Remember to bathe no less than once per year to ward off these foreign borne maladies. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Plague Carriers of 1062 Mechanic Dingov Mattown ...some other people for other reasons just for the heck of it. (because they needed to be removed!) ------------------------------ For the rest of the universe! Greetings Wurmians! During Wurm year 1062 someone thought it would be oh so funny to breach the access of accounts of our members by violating the security of their private forums. We have identified the culprits and are removing them and others from Wurm Online as to protect our community from these unscrupulous individuals. This violation occurred through resources not connected to Wurm Online or its services and there has been no breach of our security, but this is an attack on our active players and we will not willingly tolerate this kind of behavior. If you have shared your accounts with these individuals we strongly urge you to secure those accounts as Wurm Online and Code Club AB are not liable for losses incurred from account sharing which we do not offer support with. We are doing our best to help the affected individuals regain their accounts and items so that they may continue with their lives. Appeals of shared account bans will be processed normally for review. Appeals of those directly connected to the violations will not even be entertained. Thank you, Team Wurm Online P.S. Some feel that we should have stopped PVP in Wurm Online due to this situation that occurred against one of our pmk kingdoms. I would like to bring a touch of clarity as to why this was not done. This occurred due to a 3rd party system that we have no control or support for and was ran by players and was their sole responsibility. It would have been a horrible precedent to interfere with the proper operations of Wurm Online for such a thing. We have options that do not require us to cancel a vital component of Wurm Online on knee-jerk reactions. We have also noticed that there is also misinformation spreading among players about our actions as moderators. The facts are simple. The damage was done even before the affected could alert us. We as moderators have not been sitting idly by and letting these "cheaters" "get away with it". We searched for the lost items and as soon as we could we confiscated them. I hope that at least clears up a bit of the misinformation. ------------------------------ For those who find themselves banned! Greetings Earthanoidal creature! We will not play these games with you. You have done something vile and reprehensible that we will not stand by and tolerate. We will not entertain the notion that metagaming access to other player's accounts is acceptable behavior. We do our best to provide an entertaining and encouraging environment in which to spend your time with us and our members. You have gone beyond acceptable social behaviors and committed acts that are both illegal and deplorable. Do not expect any personal correspondence with us as you know very well what you did and why you have earned your bans! Some of you are banned due to the recent attack on one of our player made kingdoms in a pvp environment via metagaming, and some of you are no longer welcome in Wurm Online for the consistent bad behavior and gaming of the system to avoid penalties. Do not expect any personal correspondence with us as you know very well what you did and why you have earned your bans! We will gladly continue on without your metagaming and abuse of our system. Good Bye, Team Wurm Online
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    Hi everyone! It's been quite the fascinating journey over this decade. From a developer standpoint I've seen most of which can be expected from an early access, rapid development project like this - bugs and crashes, hacking, exploits, outrage. All of which I thought we'd be able to avoid when we began the project and for which I would humbly like to ask forgiveness. But I've also seen the stuff that I was hoping for and sometimes not expecting - villages forming and flourishing, sometimes dying and leaving ruins behind for others to explore and finding useful loot. Kingdoms clashing and waging epic war along front lines. Players riding dragons turning into terrible opponents. Religious pagan devotion, meticulous gardening and settlement planning and improbable animal breeding. We've had fantastic community projects and events such as the canals, roads, bridges, impalongs and treasure hunts. Now there are Rifts and cave dwellings added to that list which I think makes good sense. I think that together as both coders and players we've managed to create a pretty fantastic world which has that sense of being alive with a rich history that we once set up a goal to achieve. I'm very thankful and happy for all that you've done in the lands of Wurm up until now, creating all sorts of memories and stories with your actions. It's difficult in a game like this to find the balance between giving every player the space desired while not letting the game feel desolate and empty. Rifts will help with that in a sense, bringing players together and one of the challenges for the future will be to come up with tweaks to existing code and similar features I think. Thanks everyone for playing Wurm and to everyone on the team - both those who left and are still around - I bow down to you in respect. Here's to the next ten years! Cheers!
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    Greetings and Happy Festivations! This last year has been a long and dusty road, but we have made it through and are preparing to tackle a new one. At this time we start beating out all that dust we have picked up on the trail over the last year and need to close out some of the rockier parts of the old year. I refer directly to the Niru incident. Officially, we are done with this individual and all of the accounts and items that were associated with the individual are and always have been the property of Code Club AB and may be used, dispensed, or removed at Code Club AB's discretion as defined in the EULA that everyone agrees to upon playing Wurm Online. After a long period of open claims being taken in by forum thread and forum pm has finally passed I have decided to finally begin closing this chapter. First, a handful of claimants who lost items and properly noted their losses to us when asked will receive items that we were able to seize in Niru's possession. You will not receive all of your item losses, only those we were able to successfully show were yours. Second, we will be conducting an auction on all of the items that were seized with no proper claim received for. This will start with a listing of items for overview, and then after a week, an auction/s will commence. Third, all of those who lost silvers in transaction with Niru and properly posted a claim in the forum thread or forum pm will receive a percentage of their losses back. The proceeds from the auction will be returned in percentage to those with silver related losses. I cannot stress enough not to get hopeful and expect a full recompense. This is not a reimbursement and I am not setting any new precedent as this is normal procedure for us to attempt to return losses seized in regards to scams. I will not entertain any attempts to apply this situation to other cases in an attempt to retrieve long lost items or accounts. This was a special case of scamming and is in no way similar to other cases such as bans due to rule violations. Thank you, Enki (Head Game Master)
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    There have been some questions regarding the current plans with Wurm, so we'd like to take the opportunity to outline our focus and a rough roadmap for the next few months. Currently we have two projects as our main focus, the new client renderer and the cooking update. The cooking update has a tentative release date of mid November, with public testing opening up towards the end of October. We are currently ensuring that the recipe system works and that all foods have adequate information. Included in this update will be some expanded changes to the Rift system, including uses for the new Rift materials that you’ve been able to gather recently, as well as some small extra mechanic changes to them. As well as this there will be some changes focusing heavily on the Epic servers, including large amounts of planned bug fixes and improvements to the mission system and further Epic specific features to be introduced. The unstable client has most of the major bugs and crashes addressed at this point, and we really urge you all to try running it. There is currently a known bug which causes random disconnection issues, once that is fixed and barring any further large crash bugs or issues we will be moving the new renderer to the stable client and releasing client update 4.0, so please do take the time to run the unstable client and report any bugs. As stated the last time we did a push for testing of this client, not testing it out now on your system may affect your play if a previously unreported bug shows up when the client moves to stable and the current stable client is no longer available. This brings us to November, and the next series of projects after the cooking update is finished and live. Most of these have been started on in some form already, but will be the main focus for the months following the cooking update: In-Game UI Overhaul Tutorial Revamp New Web Based Account System Updated Web Shop These projects are massive undertakings in themselves, and we will all be working on bringing these long desired systems and updates into the game, with the aim of these projects to allow greater account control, easier play ingame, and a more informative and engaging tutorial. This of course is not all we'll be working on in this time, we have several features in the works as well as always adopting suggestions and ongoing bug fixes - not to mention WU specific changes like the modding api and better mod support. If there is enough interest, we may start writing a dev blog every now and then focusing on mechanics discussions, development decisions and just generally giving more of an insight into why we decide to do something the way we do it. If you would be interested in that sort of thing, do let us know - otherwise we’ll still be posting news and teasers for upcoming patches and projects in the weekly news posts.
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    We are well aware that we have a lot of very creative individuals among us, and sometimes something interesting is discovered that needs to be fixed right away. Unfortunately, some people think it is okay not to report these anomalous situations that can be exploited for their own gains. This is deplorable behavior and takes the enjoyment out of the situation for the rest of us. We have clear rules when it comes to cheating and exploiting and the penalties you will receive. We even have rewards for the first to report serious bugs to us. Situations do arise that a very few decide they would rather exploit it for all its worth before reporting. It is sad really, but we will find out about it. Mechanics abuse means we spend more time running around after abusers like babysitting toddlers rather than devoting our time to PVP improvements. This will not be an all inclusive list of known exploits, but listed here or not, we retain the right to remove anyone from Wurm Online who our logs and information show exploited any given situation with malice or intent to gain. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ A current bug still to be corrected involves battlecamps. Someone/s has found a way to conquer without sending alerts across the server. This is an exploit. Stop it! Another annoying bug that has been abused is entering secured mines without going though the entrance/mine door properly. This is an exploit. Stop it! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Some sage wisdom.... "if you have to ask whether something is an exploit, perhaps it's not something you should be doing"
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    Who ever said the "game owner" would not assist and help with all questions from PP or otherwise? We would be more than happy to help if we got official requests from PP, banks or otherwise. I find it unfair you are somehow blaming the game, when GM's have spent the better part of 4-5 days chasing all this info to the ends of the earth. Should PP or a bank ask for info, we have info, and it will be up to Rolf to release that if he gets an official request. So far there has been none, afaik. We cannot just open the floodgates and start giving players server transaction log dumps and internal information. Privacy policies and laws do not allow it, and we don't need people being vigilantes. I assure you, as Enki did 2x already, all assets are being accounted for and locked down in an effort to manage damage control. It was the first thing we did in this case, and I am stunningly proud in how the whole GM team got on board with this mess to limit further damage. We so far have not heard from Paypal, any banks, nor the accused player in this case even once Sort it out with your bank and paypal, first and foremost. We cannot do that for you. If they need detailed information on the larger issue, they are more than welcome to contact us. If that doesn't work for you, we are here for you and we will do our best to sort this issue, despite the fact that it has been stated 1000 times that all such transactions are at your own discretion. Don't pin this on staff being lackadaisical, for we are busting butts and literally losing sleep chasing all this mess. There are GM's losing worktime, RL wages, to chase this mess. Gm's spending time chasing numbers when they should have been out playing ball with their children. We are doing backflips chasing this whole mess, and we have no magic tools available to us to simply look up any of this stuff. That part of the equation falls on our two very competent servers guys, and it is often a long, arduous process to chase items back in time.
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    We have learned this day that Duce, our friend and colleague, passed away July 18th. Duce who became one of our Game Masters as Baphomet was always a straight shooter and was always blunt and clear about his opinions. He did not shy from a fight, (that delivery driver had it coming) and as a team member always looked out for our best interest as players of Wurm. I looked forward to our chats as he was someone I was able to talk shop with whether it was computers, hardware, engines, and more. He always surprised me with his knowledge in many fields and even helped me diagnose many problems with projects I have been working on. We had been expecting his return all this time, but after many of his friends and myself grew more than concerned about his lengthy absence beyond the few days he informed us that he would be away, we did some sleuthing and came across his obituary. Even after I last spoke with him on July 13th, I had been working on several projects that I had been eager to show and discuss with him, and I had been eager to see what he decided to do to get his hearse going again among other things he had planned. He will be missed by a lot of us, including myself, as he has been a big influence on us for many years. He has lived more in his life than most of us and he definitely has much to be proud of. Donations may be made in his memory to the Whisker Rescue Society of Alberta, PO Box 27138, Red Deer, AB, T4N 6X8
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    Hello Everyone! As many of you already know, Wurm is now mainly being maintained and developed by a group of volunteers from the player base headed by our Product Manager Budda, most of which are under contract. My involvement and role in development is diminishing as I've been at it for 13 years now and I feel a bit of a drain. Hence, I am educating myself in new areas since WU brought in some breathing room for Wurm. I will remain CEO and do administrative tasks and stay involved in discussing the direction of the game but this group of active contracted players will henceforth be the ones taking strategic and day-to-day decisions much based on your input. This feels like a the natural way of developing the game and will be good for the longevity of Wurm and its continuous progress. I want to expand my knowledge and work on non Wurm projects for a change and I think the dev team has proven a lot and matured quickly since this spring when it was formed. Wurm is doing well financially and will be around for years to come. In case you are an able coder interested in becoming a volunteer and help improve the game and possibly do some bounty coding, don't hesitate to contact Budda. Long Live Wurm! Rolf
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    Milosanx on a rare trip down to water level Hey everyone! This week saw the changes to conversion come live, and the positive feedback has been noticed! We're working on a few things and will have more to share as they flesh out, but one thing is coming to the test server this weekend! but first... Patch Notes The Cowtapult! Those of you who follow us on Facebook may have already seen this, but we've been hard at work improving siege weapon mechanics, and first up is the catapult and trebuchet! Catapults and trebuchets should damage creatures, houses, fences, bridges and items that the projectile hits Clarification: It will hit ALL walls if it hits multiple. It will only hit one non wall item on the tile it lands on The new mechanics for them operate similarly to how they currently work, with focus on improving how the physics calculations are performed and remove those weird cases where they don't hit anything. We'll be setting up some testing scenarios such as house on a tall dirt wall and such over the weekend for you to check out, but we'd also like to know what scenarios you want to check out, so feel free to share ideas that you'd like us to setup for you to test. Our priority is getting all of them tested with different projectiles, distances and skill levels in PvP and PvE Scenarios both on and off deed to ensure they're balanced when they go live, so stay tuned for the test thread opening some time this weekend Variety is the spice of life Not one to rest on their laurels, the devs have been working hard on a long desired addition to the building, new house walls! This is a huge addition, with six new building types: Rendered wall Marble wall Pottery brick wall Round brick wall Sandstone brick wall Slate brick wall Pottery and sandstone Round stone and Rendered Marble and Slate That's not all though, there's new fence types to match the housing types, as well as a few additions and changes the paving! there will be a few new paving types, as well as a few changes to existing ones: Round cobble will use a new item round stone (same as round brick housing) Rough cobble will use Colossus bricks Slate slabs will be created by a chisel on combined slate shards like other slabs and some new pavement types you'll have to wait and see! The basics are up (without graphics) for internal testing, we'll have more info on the new types and a full list in next weeks news, this was far too exciting not to share though! Community Content This weeks community content is about a lost horse! Poor Rageed traveled off on his own one fateful night, and sparked fear for his safety in the heart of Ayuna, who cared for him. Luckily though, he was recovered safe and sound! Have you had a favourite pet? That's it from us this week, I'll see some of you on test, but until then, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
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    Sermons at the Amish Sanctuary Hi Wurmians! Another week hard at work in the kitchens of Wurm, with the in-house testing nearing completion before public testing on a brand new test server! We'll be resetting the test server map for a brand new one prior to the public testing of cooking, something new to explore! (In house testing doesn't mean the system is bug free, and we'll need your help testing it when it goes public, it just means that you're slightly less likely to die when lighting an oven... slightly) Get decorative! As part of our improvements raised by the fountain pan removal, I'm pleased to announce what is most likely the final change brought in to balance out the functionality lost from the removal of these pans. ***Drum roll** With the upcoming cooking update, all decorative items on a deed with over 30 days upkeep will no longer take decay ticks! That's right, decoration items, such as banners, chests, anvils, barrels, statues, etc will all be decay free as long as deed upkeep remains over 30 days! Under 30 days decay ticks will occur as normal, and use of items will damage them too, of course. Hopefully this makes decorating your deed much more enjoyable, and removes the need to spend hours repairing things if you don't play often. Measuring up This weeks teaser covers a new utensil, the Measuring jug! To aid with measuring precise amounts of liquids, a measuring jug tool has been added. This allows a pre-set amount of liquid to be taken out of a larger amount. The measuring jug is a pottery item, with the initial version being made from clay with a hand. Creation mechanics are the same as all other pottery items. To use the measuring jug, r-click on it and select ‘Set volume to’. This allows setting the capacity to any of the following weights: 0.01 kg 0.02 kg 0.05 kg 0.1 kg 0.2 kg 0.5 kg 1kg 2kg 5kg 10kg Note that Wurm uses weights for everything involving cooking; to simplify matters, it is assumed that all liquids have a density of 1 kilogram per litre. Once the volume of the measuring jug has been set, it may be activated and filled from a source of liquid; it will then contain the selected amount (assuming the source contains at least that much). Several iterations (using different volume settings) may be necessary to get the right amount for a particular recipe. The measuring jug must be empty to adjust its volume. Humpty Dump-ty Not forgotten, we're working on setting up an automated system with regularly updated dumps! This means the setup is taking a little longer, but they should be up soon, here's a sneak peak of Xanadu! Community Content. Nicrolis was showing off his graphics capabilities and snapped this awesome screenshot maxed out on graphics with 4k resolution, I have to say it really does show how beautiful and serene Wurm can be! Open the spoiler to check it out. That's it for this week though, we'll have some more news for you next week, so stay tuned! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
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    We Are Live! What's an Impalong? It's a community event that's hosted on someone's deed, where crafters and priests from across Wurm join together to improve/enchant others' gear for free. In addition to the imping/enchanting, there are various other things such as games and events, prize giveaways, contests, and sometimes even GM's drop in to spawn a few mobs on unsuspecting Impalong-goers. The Deed The deed is outfit with a variety of accommodations to facilitate the running of the Impalong. The crown of the deed is the main Impalong hall centered in the deed, that provides 3 floors for crafters and priests to do what they love best. Next is the mighty Blackmoor Arena, a sprawling set of stone walls and halls set around Blackmoor Castle, with the purpose of providing ample room for both spectators and the epic battles between the gladiators that entertain them. Lastly, there is the Freedom Inn, a towering structure that is able to accomidate 50 guests all housed in their own rooms, which accommodations provided where they can store their belongings in safety. Please PM me or one of the other staffers for a room. Main Impalong Structure Rules Events/Games Calendar Dec. 18th - Doors Open, Welcome! Dec. 19th - Scavenger Hunt Dec. 20th - Dec. 21st - Dec. 22st - Dec. 23rd - Dec. 24th - It will be Christmas soon! Dec. 25th - Merry Christmas! Dec. 26th - Fighter's Tournament, Part, I, II, III Dec. 27th - Dec. 28th - Dec. 29th - Dec. 30th - Dec. 31st - Fireworks Show Jan. 1st - Last Day Materials Provided (donations are also accepted) Impalong Staff (PM one of them when they are online in local to assist you with returning your items, give you improving materials, refuel forges, or assign you a room in the Inn) Impers Token of Blackmoor Make sure to collect a reed pen with our very own Blackmoor Heritage Wine. Just a small token to remember us by, and to say thanks for attending! Donator List Location The deed is located at S-25 on the Independence server, and is fully accessible from sea! If you have any questions feel free to post in this thread, and I will add the answer below here!
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    This is so sad to hear and it comes as a total surprise. I thought you had a long way left. You fought until the end for what you believed in both here and in real life, refused certain treatment and decided to go in the way you preferred. All respect, Duce!
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    Greetings Wurmulites, As you may or may not have heard from the recent chatter in our forums, a number of our members have had dealings with a recent player of our game and were unfortunately affected by charge backs as the transactions involved monetary transfers outside of our realm of authority. This is very unfortunate and it does hurt us as a whole. Firstly, I would like to commend those affected negatively by this recent player for understanding our long held position on these matters involving transactions outside of our authority. It is no secret that we allow you to make trades and transactions without penalty as you see fit, but such activity is done completely at your own risk. I must reiterate that at no time has Code Club AB or our moderation team provided any support for transactions outside of the built in economy on Wurm Online. I know it sounds like a cold thing to tell you, but many financial systems have not come to embrace virtual world value, leaving a void where certain online transactions are concerned. Most of the affected have been in public and private communication with us via these forums regarding the situation and have done an admirable job keeping us informed of the severity of the effects this person has had on them. I would like to remind everyone affected that we do not officially know what has happened to this person to cause this situation to occur. We did give them ample opportunity to speak with us and we have heard nothing directly. From the moderation side of Wurm Online we of course have removed this person and every single avatar associated and locked them out permanently as they now have a standing financial issue with Code Club AB. Beyond this action the team has been reviewing every possible action we could possibly take and quickly discovered that any potential actions on our part would have damaging consequences that we could not provide support for. The people affected by this situation have properly contacted PayPal and followed through the dispute process against these charge backs and PayPal apparently agreed with them and ruled in their favor. Unfortunately, this person then took it up with their financial institution who according to PayPal has ruled in favor of their customer. This is very unfortunate, but there is still long term potential for any of the affected to dispute this situation with their financial institutions which also makes it improper for us to take any short term actions regarding any items that were in the player's possession. Rumors of any remedial resolution or item returns from that which was in the player's possession is nothing but rumor. I have not authorized any returns. While we do offer forum boards for trading and selling, our support is still only in regards to game items and the game economy. We do not provide support for any external transactions and you bear the risk of conducting them. We have even suggested that if you participate in these financial transactions to try an option like Player Auctions, or any other service similar, as an added protection that we cannot provide instead of taking on the entire risk yourselves. Our rules have clearly stated our position on these matters and the EULA has always been clear that Code Club AB is not responsible for any remedial action or loss incurred by your activities. RULES Account sales A ) Code Club AB condones account and item sales, as we believe that you have the right to capitalize on your investment in Wurm Online. B ) We do not offer support or service and will not be held responsible for any remedial action or loss that occurs. C ) All such activity (sales, auctions, trades, sharing) is entirely at your own risk. D ) Change the password and e-mail address of acquired accounts. (You are solely responsible for the security of your accounts.) EULA THERE ARE NO FINANCIAL REFUNDS FOR ANY REASON. You are entirely liable for all activities conducted through your account and are responsible for ensuring that the game rules and other rules as published on the Wurm Online site are followed at all times. If you break any of the rules you risk getting temporarily or permanently banned from playing Wurm Online. Your premium game time will not be paused during this time. Code Club AB reserves the right to modify, add to or supplement or delete these terms and conditions at any time. All such changes shall be seen as applying retrospectively to all accounts. By playing the game you acknowledge that your use of the Wurm Online service is an acknowledgment of your agreement to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Wurm Online Game Agreement. Lastly, I would state that most of our members have proven to be good and devoted to Wurm Online and the rest of us that play the game and enjoy our time here. It is unfortunate, but it is a reality that there will be a few rotten eggs, and we implore everyone no matter what type of trade or transaction you conduct, please do your best to know who you are dealing with and be sure you are willing to accept the risks before you do any kind of transaction that is beyond our scope of moderation. Thank you for reading, Enki (Head Game Master) p.s. There will be a quiz later.
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    The circumstances of my life and the global, environmental, and political climate of the world pushed my subconscious to desire to (again) seek out the safety of Wurm's mantle. I live in a dank metropolis and can't currently move due to financial and health issues. I yearn to run through open, unrestricted, unpolluted fields (good luck being able to do that in our world), to encounter mystery and surprises, to travel. I want to live in a rural area and have a cozy tiny house, off grid, with a lush backyard and a chicken coop. Yes, that is one of my main dreams. Wurm offers this to me. It may be just "Java", but you, Wurm, give me serenity and beauty, my own crops, animals to care for, seas to cross. All of us here are seeking something, and there is no shame in any of it. Some of us are quite addicted, and addiction comes from some deep place, and I honor it. I honor it in you. How many of us here seek respite in an isolated deed and do not care to interact? No shame. I honor all of it. How many just want someone to chat with about stupid things while entertaining their DNA's yearning for "hunting and gathering"? It's all honorable. Some of us may be in a good place behind the screen. Others may not be. We're all here in this moment in time, and I like to pause and marvel at it. In my heart, I don't feel that we'll always have the internet (where the world is going and etc). But that we got together in this alternate universe and created and communicated with one another using something akin to telepathy - is nothing short of a wonder. Poignant post? I have that touch, I guess. May our Wurm remain green, its seas alive, its bounty available to everyone regardless of income, its kings and queens loyal to their subordinates, and its Impalongs plentiful. <3 Thank you Wurm Online <3
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    I've been playing Wurm Online for 9 years and so far, I hate it. I'm going to give it a try for another 9 years. Will update you then.
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    Black Pearl, by Brocules Hi all, Coming straight off the back of an update with lots of cool new things, we're here with this weeks Valrei International, keeping you up to date with what's going on, so lets get into it! But first... Patch Notes Personal goals A few have noticed that their personal goals have changed, and have enquired as to whether this was intended or a bug so I'd like to go into the mechanics of it a little bit and break down what's happened. The way the personal goals work is they are generated from the list each restart, not saved to a database entry, so when new goals were added along with the 1.3 cooking update, the generation was altered. Unfortunately there's no way to rectify this without them changing again, so our plan is to wait until we have more achievements to add and will simply time it all together to minimise the impact of them changing (we'll also give warning!) PayPal issues Currently we have some ongoing issues with PayPal transactions, the issue appears to be on their side and they are currently investigating, we've manually processed the payments made over the past few days. UPDATE: The issue has now been resolved: New animations So with this update a whole bunch of new animations have come! With new fighting animations, as well as general actions, the aim is to improve visual feedback from the game, rather than relying heavily on the event window. More animations will be coming in the next few weeks too, so keep your eyes peeled! Cave testing We ran a short wide cave entrance testing period on Oracle yesterday, and I'd like to thank everyone who attended and checked them out, a few bugs were found and squished in good time, and we're thrilled we were able to release them today. This also raises the question about widening entrances on heritage sites, and after speaking with the GM team, we will be providing support for removing reinforcements on the entrances of heritage sites only. If you wish to widen a heritage site tunnel please log a support ticket and a GM will attend when available. New containers Today's patch saw two new containers come in, the storage unit and the Alchemists cupboard. The storage unit comes with 3 internal containers and is designed to store large capacity and unwieldy items such as saddles and fishing rods, they can hold a fair bit (about 1.5-2x a raft) and look pretty awesome if I may say so! The alchemists Cupboard can hold 10 different liquids, up to 2kgs per flask, and greatly slows decay on its contents. This adds a really nice look to a study in my opinion Community Content This weeks community content is from Brocules, who would like to celebrate the deed of Black Pearl turning 5, and you're all invited! The plans are as follows: I'll be aiming to attend too! (who can resist free booze?) so I hope to see you all there. That's it for this week, there's lots to play with in the latest update and I look forward to decking out my house in the new storage options. Until next time, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
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    Hi Everyone, A bit of a sad week with the news of one of our GM team passing. We're reminded of the friendships and bonds we make in this game, and the memories we share. This week has also seen several new YouTube videos too! Factional Fight looked at their underground setup, Emoo founded Fosters brewery and Shady Vale continues development, I'm keen to see how it goes! But now, the news! Passing of Duce This week we received the news that a long time player, and member of the team, Duce (GM Baphomet) had passed away mid July. Many of you have already learned this and shared your thoughts and feelings, and there’s little we can say to add to the already amazing heartfelt memories and sentiments. We’d like to honour Duces’ memory within the game, and I will be in discussion with the team in regards to how we can achieve this (I already asked, a giant lobster model is probably out of the question). To those who haven’t already, feel free to read through the thread below and share any memories you have of him if you wish. Cooking up a storm As hinted at last week, we have some tidbits and teasers for the new cooking update in the works! The Factional Fight guys did theorise about some things, but are they correct? I managed to drag Tich from the kitchen for a few minutes to ask a few questions: After that she threatened me with a rolling pin, so I had to wrap the questioning up. Needless to say this is the tip of the iceberg of these changes. While we currently have no ETA on this update, I’ll be sure to delve into just what can be done as time goes on. PvP Changes We’ve continued to adjust, tweak and add to the PvP changes on the test server, with continued discussion with you all on what we want these changes to bring, as well as alternative ways of reaching those goals. QoL Changes We’ve plucked a few QoL suggestions from the suggestions board for the next update, mostly focusing around planting several different lighting sources, these include: Small copper braziers can be planted and turned now. Candelabras can be planted. Marble planters can be planted. Halter rope can be used to haul stuff up/down instead of rope. Hauling stuff up/down is now affected by deed speed bonus for item movement actions. Added Rift spawning message to Area History. The next update is currently scheduled for Tuesday 16th August, pending testing goes well. Community Content Those of you who have been around for a while might remember just how fun it was to sail. Larger ships often felt like part mountain goat when hitting land, and I’m sure each of us has had a GM come out to pluck us off the side of a mountain once or twice. This weeks’ screenshot is a throwback to that, with Ostentatio managing to beach a knarr and create an odd looking bridge to the house, so much nostalgia. That’s it for this week, I’m sure that cooking info will have you all curious and wanting to know more, we'll continue to work hard on it! Until next time, carry on Wurming! Retrograde & The Wurm team.
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    why i dont want to cook in choresonline, and most of these are flat out nerf or render meditation skillbased abilities utterly pointless.......................................
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    Hi Everyone, A full moon and Friday the 13th! The perfect day to unveil our new rifts. Along with a few other things. This weeks news is brought to you by Namekat Weather, forecasting "Blood rain showers with a touch of fog spiders". Save the date We've set a date for the release of Rifts, cave dwellings and the new client renderer! We'll be releasing these on the 24th of May, sometime during Swedish business hours. It's been a long time coming, and we're super keen to see how these go. PvP changes We're continuing to build our not-so-little list of PvP changes, as well as taking feedback on the existing ones. We'll be doing a quick survey over this week before implementing the ability to change paths for those of you who desire it. With the new systems coming up actual PvP updates may be short over the next few weeks, but then we'll be hitting it hard. Jackal Rising... Invasions! What are rifts? Rifts are the new invasion event for Wurm, Heralded by a shining red light in the sky, they consist of waves of creatures with increasing difficulty ending in a fight against a bosslike enemy. Each wave requires the sacrifice of hearts butchered from the mobs to summon the next wave, starting out with jackals and rift beasts, all the way up to the huge rift warmaster. These creatures can and do come with various conditions, so expect to see a few champions! How many new creatures? Of course, this would not be the same without waves of terrifying and damned creatures! The minions of Jackal arrive in force, with the following types Rift beasts: Dog like beasts of war Rift Jackals: The masses of Jackal, tough, hard hitting, their hearts must be sacrificed to open the Rifts and bring on the next waves Rift Caster: Magic wielding foes that aim to set you on fire from afar! Rift Summoners: Summons more Rift beasts and other creatures to aid them in their fights Ogre: Huge behemoths that dominate the field, don’t expect to take these on solo! Ogre Mage: Physically dominating and able to set you on fire, who says you can’t have the best of both worlds? Rift Warmaster: The driving force behind the dark energy within the rifts, summon and defeat all three waves to bring forth this tyrant! What rewards are possible? Each creature killed has a small chance of dropping loot directly into the killers inventory, as the difficulty increases with each wave, the strength of the loot does too! The rewards can consist of: Shoulder armour: Over a dozen different types of shoulder armours, each piece providing different bonuses to types of armour, and defences against types of attacks Rings, bracelets and necklaces, granting individual bonuses and some allowing gems to be socketed, granting extra bonuses depending on which gem you use! That’s not all though, once a rift is closed, participants will also have the chance to receive metal lumps, including Seryll, Adamantine, and Glimmersteel! The more you input, the greater the chance of it being rare or better too. Rifts will also be a Wurm Online ONLY release. They will not come to Wurm Unlimited Not to be overshadowed (hah, shadows) is the new client renderer! While mostly behind the scenes updates, this new renderer will provide much smoother shadows (as showcased last week) will improve how buildings render, and also lighting! There are a few tweaks still going, and as of writing this, white dyed items do not show white (but black is SUPER black). Pictured below is 99ql, 75ql, and 50ql black sailboats! It also opens up the door for all the graphics stuff we’ve discussed in the past, such as returning wood colours via shaders, and various other nifty little things! Testing time! The even better news is, both of these will be undergoing a public test this weekend! The planned time is for Sunday, 4pm (UTC+2) and will include both the new client AND Rifts. We’ll have some feedback surveys for you all to take part in after, so make sure you come check it out! The planned rift test will likely be delayed to early in the week instead of later today, as Retrograde has run into some problems with his computer. We'll have another post later on with the new testing time. Community Content To fit in with this weeks theme, I've stolen a picture from the screenshots thread. Unfortunately it's not a house on Xanadu, but it is of a castle on Release! With the full moon of Jackal hanging ominously in the background. that's it for this week, we'll be sharing more info on rifts as the days go on, as well as other things coming live in the big update (we still have a few more surprises!) but that's it for now! Until then, enjoy! Retrograde and the Wurm team.
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    Finally got around to grinding out my first 100 skill. [06:56:53] Carpentry increased to 100 [07:00:57] Your title is now Legendary Architect. Shout out to Pingpong who had to listen to me whine thru the later stages of the grind. Glad this grind is over so I can get back to grinding if that make sense. Time to break that 10k skill point barrier.
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    My new nahjo priest Shalestina is offering her gentle healing touch for your sickly critters. 50c per cast/bad trait. For jobs under 5 casts, I charge 50c travel fees. No travel fees for 5 or more cast jobs. Do you really want them to go through this?
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    Hi Everyone! Some big news this week, as I can finally reveal what’s being worked on, as well as when you’ll be seeing it! But first… Patch Notes Wurm Online Wurm Unlimited Live Beta PvP updates! We’re pleased to see that the updates have been well received. We’re not looking to rest on our heels though and along with continuing to work on other projects mentioned in this news we’ll be also drawing up plans to tackle some of the more tricky areas, as well as looking forward to a much larger overhaul down the line. Enkis Deliverance Derby of Death! (sorry Magykal!) The deliverance derby event sure turned out to be a little more bloody than anticipated! The sheer number of racers meant chaos at the checkpoints, as creatures spawned to harass the poor riders. The race was a lot of fun, and while Enki managed to collect a few more corpses, most people agreed that it was a good time (those who survived!) Summer of Fun This summer is gearing up to be a big one, and I can finally share some of it with you all! We will be releasing a huge update at the end of the month, including cave dwellings, rifts, the new client launcher, and the new rendering engine! We’ll have more information coming as we go into detail with each feature, but expect a public test in the near future! A New Moon is Rising. A prophecy long hinted at, many whispers about one of the moons orbiting the lands of Wurm and all the creatures that dwell on it have set their sights on the world of Wurm! Invasions of these unholy twisted creatures will be the background for our rift system, with these strange and twisted creatures looking to drain the world of Wurm of its essence/resources/lavender sprouts. We’ll have more information in next week’s news prior to the testing, so get your battle gear ready! New client renderer Long teased, long discussed, and often considered fictional. We’re nearing the end of our inhouse testing of the new client renderer, and look forward to including it within testing soon! This will have greatly improved performance with the game, as well as some much smoother looking views. Check out the amazing before and after view of shadows: http://i.imgur.com/LPGn3Qn.mp4 Community content This week's showcase is a bit of nostalgia for me. Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals was the first RPG I ever played, and the first game I ever got fully absorbed by. Over the long years I’ve played many RPG’s, and many games, but Lufia has always had a special place. One of our talented community mapmakers has recreated the world of Lufia II in wurm unlimited! I’m absolutely thrilled and in love with it, and I may just have to rebuild Alunze Kingdom! Of course after all this, we also have the Anniversary (Can Wurmiversary be a thing?) We haven't forgotten about that, and will be working on some fun events and surprises for you all there too, but until next week, keep on Wurming! Retrograde and the Wurm team
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    11/22/2016 - The new dumps have released! 11/23/2016 - All 3 Terrain Dumps are updated! When you go to the map, click the "C" on the left to cycle through Coming soon to a map near you.. BRIDGES! >>>>>XANADU MAP HERE<<<<< There is an option on the top left of map to toggle deeds and grids on and off (Grid coordinates match in-game map and are located inside each grid square) How do you get a deed added or removed? Adding your Deed You must be the mayor or have permission to request deed be added. Map updates will be made every couple of weeks if not more often just depending on amount. Single click anywhere on the map. Your clicked map coordinates will appear in the lower left hand corner on your screen. This will be your deed's coordinates throughout time, map dump to map dump. Post these coordinates below and we will add them to the map asap. Check out full instructions here : How does this work? Removing Disbanded Deeds We will update the map every other week with any disbands, if you know of any who are on the map as of now please post so we can get rid of them. (It should be up to date with any posted on the forums since May) Adjusting a Deed If your deed is currently on the map, but the coordinates are off please post that it is an update "To deed name" and not an add so we can just adjust the current mark. 10/4/16 Map Feature Added: Search/Find/Goto... Click the "F" on the left hand side to bring up the "I Want To Go To There" prompt. Canal/Tunnel have been released!!! We need a good variety of details about each canal and/or tunnel: Starting and End coordinate pairs. Is is a Tunnel? Is it a Canal? (It can be both). If a Canal, does it accept All Boats? (else Knarrs only).. I've also added an "L" control that brings up a legend (in a modal) that describes the Canal/Tunnel types and their formatted drawings. Xanadu Community Map Contact: Aniceset Technical Support: Jackjones
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    Hi Everyone! This is just a quick news this week to wish you all a wonderful Christmas, and an awesome new year. There won't be any news next week and possibly the week after as I will be away with family, and letting the devs relax. The Christmas gifts are now available in game, I won't spoil the surprise, so if you want to find out yourself, don't read this spoiler! On behalf of the Wurm team, I'd like to thank you all for your feedback, voices, and input in the past year. A community is only the sum of its people, and by that qualifier, ours is pretty damn awesome. I'd like to wish you all have a very safe and happy Christmas, and not get too drunk on any strange recipes found on troll corpses over the holiday period. 2017 is already shaping up to be massive, and I'm honestly really excited to see what comes of it. Until then though, Keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team
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    Fairyshine's Pink Palace (Party goats?) Hi Everyone! This week marks what will be most likely the final server update prior to the release of 1.3, (with the exception of a hotfix or two) as the dev team shifts focus on ensuring all features in 1.3 come out smoothly, so a few patch notes then on with the news! Herb gardens! Of course, cooking just isn't the same without all sorts of herbs and spices, and a long requested feature is the herb garden, so this week we'll be looking at those. The following is an excerpt by Pandalet, with information on spices (Thanks Pandalet for the hard work!) All herbs and spices may be found by foraging or botanizing. In addition, some may be planted in a pottery planter to create a harvest-able bush. Herb bushes planted in planters will die over time, although regular harvesting will make them last longer. Some potted herbs The following herbs are available: The following spices are available: As you can see, there's a lot more ingredients to play with, and brings a whole new area to gardening! All abuzz A few have been asking about domestic or wild hives, and commenting that they'd like to have domestic bees. This is possible, and will be a part of the 1.3 update, I'll sit down with Tich this week and get all the low down on the rumours buzzing around (okay okay I'll stop the puns). New Test Servers As previously mentioned, we'll be updating our test servers for this new system, so I'm pleased to announce the names of the test servers, Baphomet and Oracle! We're in the process of having them set up by our dev team, then will ensure everything runs smoothly before opening them to players for testing the cooking features and other parts of the 1.3 update! This weeks community content comes from a massive Wurm Unlimited project on KangaWU, with a network of bridges spanning a whopping 231 tiles, or 11% of the map! Why would anyone build such a massive bridge system? Unicorns of course! That's it for this week, I'll continue to work on bringing you all the sneak peeks and insight into what's coming with 1.3, and make sure you're as prepared with knowledge and excitement as possible! Until then though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
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    I moved to Exodus from Chaos last year, lived with some friends at The Old Contemptibles for a while but couldn't quite deal with the old itch to have a project to work on. So in November Magranon's Rest was born as a "bit of a project to play around with no big deal". Thankfully i took many screenshots to show how much i lied to myself in that first day. So i found my location, spoke with the locals Mappy and Cyborg over at Centrum about giving them a new, slightly insane, neighbour and got to work: Deedplanner image of the start. I made some calculations after opening an entrance at the base of the mountain, exactly 900 slope from the top edge of the mine entrance to the height of the token. This will be important later Marked out the deed border with banners temporarily and set up my temp workshop, The Gravy House. I started a ramp around to use the dirt i'd dug up and then realised it would take far too long to dirt ramp up, so for the first...2 months i believe, WALL LADDER. Here began the true first stage of madness, the decision to hollow out the entire mountain, deed is a 51x51 and by the end of these images i have a mine well over 1000 tiles. Naturally that wasn't enough for me so i also mined the ceilings up, then lowered the floors to max ceiling height. At the time of writing this, the floors are about 1/3 completed levelling down. Sorry about the lighting, mines are derpy to take pictures of. How i fuel myself, boozebed. Here we have a rare sighting of another person stupid enough to show up and work with me, believe this was Mappy...possibly Cyborg. Yes i conscripted my neighbours. Mad attempt to deal with the lighting or i screwed up and needed ash for concrete? You decide. I tried to be smart by only storing 50+QL rocks...i still ended up with about 50,000 xD This is how it looks at the moment for the entryway, after this pic you must suffer through several boring and samey images of a cave ramp. Why you ask? The reason is simple, because i spent weeks making this god forsaken ramp and it is BEAUTIFUL. MARCH 19th EDIT with unstable client dynamic lighting! Understably, I hope, at this point i wanted to give up on life and settled instead for putting the mine on hold so i could BE OUTSIDE. Starting with a platform up at the token level. Strategic lava tiles are used for destroying insolent ore veins on my ramp. That top platform became a farm for a while, man's gotta eat. Now i realised the time had come to begin the first platform of three that will eventually stack together to reach the token height. Needed more dirts and ended up with the start of a moat. Hmm...water....idea forming perhaps. Gonna need to fill this in... Wheeeeeee dumping dirt out is so much more fun than levelling! Somtimes i just sorta get distracted by my own ideas. This one was...."hmm should i surface mine another platform above the token area? It ended in my planting the one and only tree at Magranon's Rest. Lovingly wild growth casted and enchanted by Shellbee. Then those damned horrible evil devs gave us three wide mine entrances and i HAD TO HAVE ONE. Problem was it looked utterly terrible without flattening out the tops of the entrances as well as the bottom. This whole process took 2 days because....digging the goddamn dirtwall back down, also i screwed up like 3 times. It's beautiful...... With the addition of the bridge and needing more dirt I went back to that water idea from earlier CANAAAAALLLLLL. Reasonably certain I drove a number of my alliance insane with my canal madness. Not just dug, but also dirt casted to rock level depth. Shout out to Bonefly of Black Brigade for not murdering me for slapping a canal in front of his deed o.o Place is finally starting to come together That rock layer on the West side was in the way. It had to go. Deedplanner screenshot That's it for now folks, about 4 months of my "small project". I will continue to chronicle it and get those platforms raised! At the time of posting this the first platform is complete and filled with dirt but it's night time and i refuse to take screenshots in that lighting so that one can wait March 9th post - Plotting out the Nomads and Centrum Canals. March 10th post - Diving board! March 14th post - Canal progress allows caravel now! New bridge up across to Nomads March 20th post - Spring arrived and i updated with new paving, smoothed out canal and the start of the horrors of making slate slabs for the walls. April 14th post - Alright heres a little preview of the work Angelklaine has been doing in the mine while i've continued to play in the dirt. New slate gatehouse out of the south end of the main cavern and the new marble bricked outer wall in Stable and Unstable clients respectively April 22nd Gatehouse rebuild in marble. April 24th Deedplanner shot April 25th Mine Update Guest Houses are up, getting started on my underground city Helpy helpers who have helped Arium - Initial cave mining and ceiling raising. Cyborg - Mining Mappy - Mining, dirt donations and helped put up the guard towers Jakerivers - Not honestly certain if he knows how many supplies i "borrowed" from ToC Mypoppy - Dirt Donation Somebodyx - Does stuff on occasion, honestly not sure why i don't KoS him for being my only citizen who's never here. Zivirt - I steal his account to do skills i'm too lazy to grind myself. Szai - Dirt Donation Thunderstruck - Dirt Donation Tiranille - Dirt Donation Angelklaine - Actually came over and joined the village for the opportunity to help with my mine! Killgharrah and Kialexia - Dirt digging and huge donation of dirt out of their own pocket! Koroth - Came by on a Nahjo priest Sirona and casted dirt while he stayed Armyskin - "did like 3 hours of levelling total" - his words. Has since spent many hours levelling cave floors. If i missed someone do yell at me. If anyone wants to come visit you've got the location up at the top of this post South end of the NE desert. Deed is open access and if i'm online i'll even feed ya Edit - Forgot a shout out to Tovarishtito, who sold me about a thousand reinforcement beams for nice price and delivered right to my door.
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    Dusks return - Araninke Hi Everyone! Another week down and we're already in February, time is going far too fast, but there's work to be done. Here's what we've been up to! Alchemists Cupboard Ever get sick of storing small amounts of dyes and liquids? Well the Alchemists Cupboard will be right up your alley! The design will be with a focus on storing small amounts of non food liquids with greatly reduced decay, saving you a wax sealing kit or ten! The Alchemists cupboard is awaiting a new model, so stay tuned to see it! Recipe sharing Initially the temporary restriction on sharing recipes was until the system came to WU, giving us a reasonable time frame to allow those who wish to explore the system the opportunity to do so. As 1.3 for WU has been delayed over the past few months, we've decided to remove the restriction now, effective immediately. What we would like is that recipes are shared on the forums with the use of the spoiler tag, and I'd advise that you keep it 1 recipe per spoiler, meaning those who wish to learn one meal don't get the rest ruined. Upcoming updates Two suggestions made recently (one being quite a long term one) are going to soon find their way in the game! Rift Loot and participation At the end of a Rift, if you have more than 60 participation (phenomenal), the lump you receive will be less random ql and weight, and more dependent on your participation score (with a slight amount of random on top of it). Also at the end of a rift, if you have more than 60 points, you'll get an amount of rift resources scaling to your participation points (up to a max of 20 at a participation score of 360). Each of these items will be random between the three rift materials, and the ql will scale based on participation too. Higher participation generally will mean more rift material bits at a higher ql (though there is a slight random added to the final ql of each bit). In line with this, we'll also be tweaking the participation gained from Light of Fo, with a maximum of 15 participation, based on how many players it heals. Blessed Lamps A long standing request is for a way for off deed lamps to autolight. While the suggestion usually considers courier or light token, we've decided to go with bless, as this is available to all priests. Lamps on a paved tille and bless will auto light and not use fuel. This means that highways and off deed areas can remain lit at nights, and provide a much improved experience when travelling. There's some ideas for tunnels, but nothing is set in stone yet, we'll continue to discuss the possibilities and will provide info when it comes. We of course spend a lot of time discussing suggestions, and many of them are good ideas, and would mesh well with the game. The reality of the situation is however many suggestions are incredibly expansive, or require significant investment of dev time, or simply aren't a priority or the focus of the dev team at the moment. We appreciate all time taken to suggest things, and look forward to not aonly seeing more suggestions and discussions, but also to seeing them come into the game! More animations! Saroman has been hard at work with new fighting animations being added, designed to give more visual feedback over what's occurring, the new animations include: Kick Dodge Parry with shield Parry with weapon Shield bash Focus And some more to come. Hopefully this improves how combat feels a bit and creates a bit more immersive action when fighting! Community Content This weeks community content is a little late, but I'd like to recognise Zakerak for his ship impalong, which finished up this week. For the past few months Zakerak has been hard at work imping ships of wurmians who drop by, he's serviced dozens of ships, if not more, and I think that acts like this are awesome, and really show what this community is about, so thank you zakerak! That's it for this week, I'm sure you're all excited to see these things come to the game, and so am I! Until then though, Have a great weekend and keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
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    Not sure what you guys are on about, there was even an admission of failure on their part for trusting the persons with such permissions. Nothing wrong with a simple announcement to warn others about folks like this. Indeed it was failure of the owner to secure the items properly but that doesn't change the fact that the action was still done.
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    Rub-a-dub-dub Tiba, Gary and Namekat sail in a tub. [18:57:13] Zajman slain by Namekat Tiba Gary
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    After doing a bit of research here and there, I found these: First place and "The Best LOL" award: Second place and the "Directionally Challenged" award: Third place and the "Huh!" award Honorable "Friendly Lag" mention: Note: these adds were posted on Village Recruitment Boards on Freedom (PvE) servers; I have no idea if PvP servers have anything similar.
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    Elentari is a monster Hi Everyone! I hope you all had a good Easter break, I know I did! We're still in the follow up phase to our latest update, addressing a few bugs that have arisen as well as the usual post-live tweaks, but that doesn't mean we haven't been hard at work, but first... Patch Notes Reinforcing in style Reinforced walls are quite boring, and with the introduction of new house walls, our devs got to thinking.... Coming soon to a cave near you, we'll be introducing stylish reinforcements! These will be created with improved reinforcement beams and really decorate your cave! We're also looking at cave floors as well, but no confirmation on that yet. CA Help Merging following some back end changes for us, we'll be merging CA help across all freedom servers next update. once it's done we'll monitor it over the next week or so to ensure that it still flows smoothly and will be able to revert it if it proves to be too chaotic. With this done we'll also begin looking at options for addressing CA help on Epic servers, and will be working towards a resolution that improves new player experiences on Epic servers while still meeting our conduct requirements. WU beta We're still in the process of ironing out some bugs appearing within the new housing update, and once theyre done we'll have a beta up for WU, we expect that to be available within the week, with the live version following shortly after Gloomshade revamp Excited to play with the new walls, Enki and I had our turn updating the starter deeds, and this time it was Gloomshades turn! The HotS Elevation starter deed has been given a bit of a revamp, and I'm totally biased) Community Content This weeks community content I found while looking through the huge collection of WU screenshots, and it has to be the most amazing wagon design I've ever seen. I don't know what server it's from, but if it's yours, let me know so I can update this! Future PMK's, take note! That's it for this weekend, I hope you all have a good weekend, and as always, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team
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    House of Kha - Affliction Hi Everyone! Another week down and more action on the test server, with siege weapon testing underway and some people snooping around at the updated housing (no graphics yet though!). Time to fill you in on what's been going on in the world of Wurm. Samool Joins the dev team! I'd like to give a big welcome to our newest volunteer dev Samool! Samool has been a member of the volunteer team for some time, and has stepped in to help with optimising and improving the new client. I'd like to give him a warm welcome to the dev team and look forward to seeing his work on the new client come out! Sandstone Some clever people on test have worked out we have a new rock tile, Sandstone! Sandstone will be randomly seeded on rock tiles throughout the world, and have 40-50 hits in each, and the shards can be made into sandstone bricks or slabs. Check out a preview of the sandstone slab tile here: Siege weapon testing Siege testing on the test servers continues, with several changes already in, and battering rams now added! There's been a lot of work on improving how catapults and trebuchets work, improving the usefulness of archery towers and turrets, and now battering rams have been added to testing. I've been building some test scenarios for the weekend of testing, including deed walls and token pits, so make sure to jump on and check it out! Full thread can be found here: New pavement Along with the new walls, is new pavement! Adding to the potential pavement list is Slate slabs (existing slate slabs will be changed to slate brick tiles), sandstone brick and slab tiles, marble brick tiles, and pottery brick tiles. This means a lot more new options for decorating your deed, and making your place truly unique! Cave dwelling changes Of course, some have asked about how the additional houses will have any effect on underground housing, and the answer is, yes! With this update all housing options will be available for underground dwellings, meaning you can build your underground village just how you want it! Dredging changes Also in an upcoming patch, we'll be improving dredging with some long desired changes. Dredging will now have an option to flatten or level tiles, and also dredging will deposit dirt straight into your boat! This will only work if there's space in the dredge, but these two changes will definitely make dredging a lot easier! Hedges Removing hedges will become a lot easier next update, with the ability to cut down a hedge with an axe! The damage dealt will be dependent on the ql and height of the hedge, but should improve removing those pesky remains from fallen deeds. Community Content This weeks community content is another video by kaydawg, with his video of setting up in Wurm online. I thoroughly enjoyed the introduction and will definitely be waiting for more! A close second is the timelapse video of MootRed's new deed, i have a special spot for timelapse videos, they really show just how much can be done in the game! that's it for this week from us, we're working towards a big update with a lot of awesome changes, so stay tuned! Until then though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
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    First of all, saying you are asking for input, then locking the thread 2 hours after you started it doesn't look like input asking. Most of european playerbase is left outside, because is a Sunday morning, and people have some things to do before logging in and reading the - literally - over night news. Second, asking for input should be done with some time before implementing a change, if you really care for any possible input from your players, and not just trying to make them believe so, 2 days before such a major change. Third, locking the thread right away - a thread you started - and saying the thread will be removed (??) is an easy way to silence everyone who had something, anything, to say. Four, do we really have so many paying players left that we need to drive them away by any means? Seriously, almost everyone has a Nahjo priest, and at least half of them will drop premium on those toons. And I don't know how many have multiple priests and will let them go just because. Fifth, we need bugs addressed and things fixed, is not players' fault a feature came out along with a player God, and was the way it was working, game mechanics wise. If you need to fix something, fix the broken religion, fix the neverending Gods coming live every other day and Wednesday at noon. Sixth, I have a question: have you ever grinded channeling of a priest, any priest, even the "easy" Nahjo one, to 90, at least? You, on your own, saccing and casting for countless hours, to see how "easy" it is, crops or no crops? Oh, and yes, I am one of those europeans left outside of your "input" thread, because my opinion doesn't matter if I'm not logged in 24/7 or just at the same hours with the other hemisphere.
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    i think the wrong meditation path is being nerfed
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    On the 4th of June I got the the sad news that my dear friend Davidbur had passed away. I meet this friend of mine when I was playing Wurm, I was travelling on Desertion and offering service, I wanted to meet new people and do something different. I started to help out Davidburs mayor, Caiji and thru her I also meet Davidbur. We all three started to chat and enjoy our time together in Wurm. I stayed with them for few weeks and got to know them. I then finished helping them and started to help someone else and few weeks later I returned to my deed and always kept in contact with David and Caiji. Later Caiji took a break from Wurm and I ended on inviting David to my village witch he accepted and I was very glad for that also because I knew he was active in Wurm like I was and it had started to become little boring to be mostly alone at my deed. I have many good things to say about Davidbur, he was a true friend and always willing to help others, people didn't need to ask David for help he just heard someone was doing something and came to help if it was surface mining, digging tons of dirt, making bunch of bricks or what ever he was the one that was the first to arrive. I often saw someone ask for bricks or mortar for projects and I recommended David for the job, both because I knew he wanted some silver but far more important I knew he would make the delivery most often in time and he had very good reputation in doing so. For me David was rough on the outside but like silk on the inside, at least that is what I experienced from many of our talks. We could talk a lot or just throw on or two lines between each other while we where playing. I also learned from our talks that David was also like this in RL, he seemed always to be ready to give a hand, take his mother for a Sunday shopping or whatever else it was. I often made kindly fun of David also, he surely was a hoarder, at least in game he was. When I decided to disband my deed after David took a few months break from Wurm for some private reasons I moved all his stuff, and he had chest upon chests of tools or iron bars or 50 small axe heads or 40 knife blades. I think I am not kidding when I say that it was three trips just his stuff with a Knarr. Worst thing also was he had no idea where all his stuff was, he asked me once to sort his stuff after quality in bsbs, I think it maybe lasted a week. But David was someone who was nice to be around, we sometimes had little arguments but they never lasted more than few hours. I learned to appreciate his friendship and I am proud that I could call him a friend, even though I have never meet him face to face and we live far away from each other. He was a good friend that I will miss so very much from this game, it was a very shocking moment to learn this news from his brother Floydg that he had passed away the 3rd of june from a hearth attack way to young, before he even reached 50 years old. My sincere condolences to his family and friends, I ask God to bless his memory and give strength to his friends and family. A memorial will be held on the Epic server Desertion, about 100 tiles south of the starter town Glitter 19:00 GMT (3:00pm EDT), https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?p0=49&iso=20160611T22&msg=Memorial%20service%20for%20Davidbur Everyone is welcome if they want to honour his memory (please respect and no PVP).
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    Foggy eclipse, by Nordlys Hi everyone! Another week down, and we move even closer to 1.3 coming live to WU! There's still lots coming to WO though, and I'm excited to share it, but first... patch notes Just to clarify, the base boat speed without wind hierarchy is still: Knarr Caravel Corbita Cog All that has changed is that minimum speeds for the slower boats has been tweaked upwards. This cave entrance ain't big enough for the both of us, yet... Ever feel that one tile just isnt wide enough? Well soon you dont have to worry about that! Thanks to some very hard work, we'll be introducing two tile wide caves! A few things to note: Two tiles is the maximum The bottom slopes MUST BE EVEN before even opening the second one (no tricks of opening to auto flatten the bottom!) Mine doors cannot be used with this system. That's not all Another popular suggestion that's been floating around has been a little more bling to a specific mount... That's right, Coming soon unicorns will be able to be equipped with gold and silver shoes, bridles, saddles and receive the speed bonuses from them! Barding will not be able to be equipped, and the speed will be somewhere between a horse and a hell horse. WU Alpha The alpha testing for the 1.3 WU update is going smoothly with a few bugs reported to be addressed this weekend. We'll also be likely updating WU to the current patch that came out yesterday in the alpha. We're giving away some Steam keys for Wurm unlimited via Twitter and Facebook, so be sure to jump on and share your favourite Wurm tip to be in the running, we'll be giving away more over the coming week too! Community Content This weeks community content has had a fair few contenders, with some amazing shots and locations shared with me, but the one that's blown me away the most has to be the screenshot from @Kasumiof a foggy walnut forest on the unstable client. The atmosphere it sets just excites me and I can't wait until the unstable client is stable! Want to see your content in the weekly news? Shoot me a PM or post it on the forums and you just may wind up featured! That's it for this week, I for one will be trying to keep cool, and looking forward to riding my unicorn with sparkly shoes around! Until then though, Keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
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    The road to victory was long and involved reporting many buggy achievements to the developers, but at last I have received my incredible (?) reward of a red cherry and a diamond achievement. The mission ruler seems a little useful, you can only set items in your inventory as the reward for a mission so you can't spawn anything with it or set skills with it like you can in WU. Now that I have won Wurm, I'm not sure what to do next. Win on epic too? Please leave your congratulations and suggestions below.
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    There has been a few odd situations where someone loses their inventory items when they transfer servers by boat. (currently not observed happening by portal, but no promises!) The Game Masters would like to alert anyone who encounters this issue to please do not cross back over to the previous server in hopes of regaining your items. Should you encounter this rare situation please stop and put in a support ticket right away. We have good chances at quick item recovery if you do not cross back over. Thank you, Team Wurm Online.
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    1) Ya the fact that you guys waited over a year till after you reset the server to even attempt balance changes had nothing to do with it right? The fact that we had 4 new player gods throw into an already unbalanced system priest system had nothing to do with it right? The total lack of any real Dev attention on pvp for years before that had nothing to do with the population numbers that forced the elevation reset to start? Right? Right?! 2) So we want to let the pvp server decay to nothing because of the small group of players who have no ambition to pvp and have sat on deed since the map reset treating epic as a freedom server? Ok how about we just give them a free transfer to freedom where they want to be anyways... 3) Oh you mean those changes that after people tested them and commented on them the comments where deleted as "Go actually try the update first" after we spend over 4 hours doing just that before replying? Those small changes are sure going to bring back the 300 people who left after you guys ignored them for 3 years right? Because ignoring them when you ask for feedback is sure going to give them the confidence that you guys are listening for once? Right? Not saying we had nothing to do with it as players because we did to an extent and we sure didn't help the situation the devs left the game in, but a complete and total lack of some one to give this project a vision to move forward is sadly missing from your team. https://i.gyazo.com/faf896644e96392cc4137d6a6199a36e.png This is the epic I remember when I started 300 people on at 5pm est sunday night 2 years ago and I miss it.
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    Prenote: Terms such as "Offensive CR" and "Defensive CR" are used throughout the suggestion. This does not necassairly mean actual CR codewise but rather modifiers that gives bonus hit chance for offensive actions or miss chance for defensive actions that would equate to the CR mentioned. Basics All 5 paths (Love, Hate, Insanity, Power, Knowledge) got their own individual passives. These passives scale linearly based on player level starting with level 2. (10 levels in total) Meditation abilities are not dispellable... since they arent spells. The max cooldown between path levels is reduced to 1 week and thus lets players experiment with diffrent paths without feeling they are horribly gimped by doing so. The skill level is what truly restricts the player. Love performs 3x healing for all non-spell sources. (+20% per level. This includes cotton, lifetransfer, regen and mycelium absorbation) Hate gets 20% dmg bonus and 20% offensive cr bonus. (2% per level. does not stack with passive faith bonuses.) Insanity gets 20% dmg reduction (2% per level.) Power gets 30% stamina reduction (3% per level) Knowledge gets 25% skill increase (2.5% per level) Now with that out of the way, here comes the fun stuff. Each path has 4 abilities that are choosen when to unlock. New ability choices are given at level 4, 7, 9, 11. One ability is unlocked at a time. Love Refresh Unchanged. Enchanted tile same functionality except that enchanted tree tiles yield 3x harvest. Love effect When used on the ground it makes all hostiles in local friendly for 10 minutes. If used towards a specific non-unique non-tamed non-valrei non-human creature it will perform a strong charm/dominate effect and turn it into a pet. Includes unusual types of creatures that normally cant be turned into pets, like whales and kingdom animals. (sidenote: You can currently ride aquatic creatures like crocodiles in water. Human and Humanoid isn't the same thing.) Cooldowns are unchanged. Soothing presence Permanent aggro-range reducing buff (similar to the newbie buff). Also makes taming and breeding easier. Power Erupt/Freeze Allows the creation of lava on rock/cliff tiles aswell as turning lava into rock. Same timers as currently but domain influence doesn't matter. Erupt only works inside your own kingdom like currently. Erupt can also be used on forges and ovens. Thereby lighting the oven/forge, fueling it and turning all items inside them searing hot. Freeze can be used on any container and instantly cools all content within. Elemental Immunity / Lava Walker Passive buff that gives permanent 50% reduction to all sources of fire, ice, acid and water. Active 30 minute ability with 3h cooldown. 50% reduction to all sources of fire, ice, acid and water. (the passive and active ability stack as additions. thus giving full immunity togheter) Might 2 hour ability with 4h cooldown. 50% increased carrying capacity and 50% longer stuns. Wanderer 60% stam reduction for movement (includes walking, swimming, riding, sailing, climbing, dragging). Does not stack with the level-based passive. Knowledge Get Info Combination of level 1 and 3 get info. Thus giving general information, affinities and carrying weight all at once. Also gives +4CR in combat against that specific target for the user. 1h cooldown and the effect last 15 minutes. Survey Area Slightly modified Get info level 3. Informs you of all creatures and settlements in local aswell as showing all tracks of the past 3 wurm days (same as tracking) at your location. 1h cooldown. No skill loss Unchanged. Attention to detail Passive that gives +2 radius for prospecting/analyzing, 10% higher chance for rarity rolls to succeed and +2 passive CR. Hate Rage Rage: Gives 4x increased damage from bashing and 25% dmg bonus to siege engines for 15 minutes. 1h cooldown. Frenzy +50% attack speed and -35% defensive CR for 1 minutes. 15 minute cooldown. (also modifies minimum swing timers) Roar Turns all agressive entities in local passive against the character for 2 minutes and breaks their combat with the character. (This includes guards and kingdom animals) Also provides 2 defensive cr for the duration. 30 min cooldown. Targeted at the ground. Hatred Passively adds a 1 minute debuff to anything that hurts you. If the person who gave the debuff attack the person/creature with the debuff they receive +2 offensive CR. Insanity Break Reality Teleports the character to a random tile on the server, heals all wounds, removes all spell effects, gives a 10 minute +25% speed boost and +5 CR. Also performs a Fill effect. Same restrictions as normal teleports. Makes the eyes of the user go black for the duration of the effect. Unstable Passively gives 15% dmg reduction in two resistances that shifts to random new ones every minute. Imagination Activated ability that removes the largest wound of the user and gives single-target spell immunity for 5 minutes. 45 min cd. Also spawns 2 random insanity illusions that only the user sees. Nightmare Activated ability that spawns a neutral shadow being (translucent and black shaded fog spider, wolf or wraith) that attack the closest hostile entity with the power of a dominated troll and dissapear after 30 seconds. 30min cooldown. Summary Poor abilities removed New abilities added Choices Rewards the player from the get go and keeps giving more things as skill and level progress. Thus keeping it very newbie friendly More choices in how the player wish to progress and if they want to try a new path after achieving high skill it wont take long to get high meditation level again.
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    Nowe Wszczniesz by Warlander Top of the morning to ye Wurmians! It's another Valrei International, keeping you up to date with everything going on in your world, so let's get to it! In light of some discussions this week, I'd like to go over a few things we're working on, while the PvP roadmap coming later will have a bit more info on some things. PvP updates There's a lot in the works with PvP related overhauls, including the Valrei system as well as priests and spells. These projects are currently under the way as we speak, but these are not simple tasks. Many factors include identifying how the system is supposed to work, what does and doesn't work with the current system, what we want the system to be and how we want it to work and how prospective changes would fit in with the rest of the game. Once we have a firm plan ironed out, we'll then begin involving you all in feedback and testing, seeing what needs to be tweaked and adjusted, as well as looking at the overall feel of it and how it meshes in. We completely understand that this is frustrating when you're waiting for it, but it does take time, we'll be seeing a few minor things going out to tone down the effects of valrei (Such as removing terraforming events next update) as well as reducing stun timers from nogumps and other creatures (last update). There's a lot to go through and we'll continue to work on it, as well as work to make sure that you all are kept up to date with what's going on. We're committed to improving PvP, and we'll be providing a bit more PvP oriented road map soon, with Budda breaking out his thesaurus to work on his first devblog! I don't know when that will land, but stay tuned! Conversions So many of you might have seen the thread about HotS conversions to player gods where we agreed that it was a less than ideal system. The task we face now is rewriting the outdated conversion system with one that performs better, and makes a bit more sense. This system will allow HotS players to follow player gods, I'm not sure whether it will be BL only player gods or include WL ones, and more info will be given prior to release, but I wanted to share with you all that the current system will be changed fairly soon, being on test within the next two weeks or so. Unstable is a bit more stable! Good news everyone! We've managed to identify and resolve the disconnect issue with the unstable client! This opens the door for us to address the other issues that arise with the new client, and begin the final bug fixing prior to it becoming the stable client. So please do test it out and play on it and provide all feedback on performance and crashing issues you encounter. If you don't test it now when it's unstable you might encounter an issue when it goes live, and that means trouble! One important thing to remember is there are several new settings in the new client, including shadow map size, and dynamic lighting. Both of these improve the look and feel of the game greatly, but do also impact performance if you run on the lower end, so I'd advise starting with a new configuration, and tweaking it as it goes. Grab the unstable client and give it a go here: http://www.wurmonline.com/client/wurmclient_unstable.jnlp Xanadu Improvements We've isolated a few issues causing Xanadu's lag, and some may have noticed that things occur a little faster on Xanadu than they used to (coal piles burning!) We've got some other things in the works to address them, and hopefully they improve performance as well! Community Content And Milosanx returns with a new video from wu! It's always great to see videos from him, and it's a good overview of the new Otherlands server, which opened with the release of 1.3, so check it out! Vortac and Weem have also been hard at work with their Follywood series, which I have enjoyed greatly (and pestered several people with links to) So make sure you check those out as well! That's it from me this week, so have a good weekend everyone, and as always, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
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    As per the post title, the Rifts of Wurm continue upon their random path of destruction on the servers. As a person who has played the game for many years and always over that time devoted some enjoyable game time to enhancing and improving the local areas around my deeds, I find this situation particularly disturbing to see these areas carelessly destroyed by these Rift "spawns". Imagine yourself in this situation where you have built local roads for player access, removed abandoned left behinds and replanted the area with new trees for all to see and use once again. Also you might have seen other trees cut down with logs left behind and then discarded them and replanted those trees again. Over the years you then enjoyed strolling through these areas seeing the evidence of the care taken for the lands and these improvements made to it. Now randomly these areas are totally destroyed by killing off all the trees, turning the land to dirt (packed too?), making mounds and ditches here and there as well as distorting various paved roads into lumps or ditches. I find one of the endearing and enduring things about this game is that you can transform these lands in positive ways. Particularly for me this is the heart of this "sandbox" style game, with many details added that enable players to do this. To think that the game Developers would either not realize this, or realize this and yet in spite of that destroy other players efforts and work to enhance the beauty of this game, is something that I find very disappointing and even hard to grasp in it's careless disregard of their efforts put forth. Even more than this, if other players were to take these steps of wandering the servers destroying areas in random locations this way it would obviously be seen as destructive and not tolerated. Yet the game Developers are doing exactly this. Really, you game Developers need to give this situation some consideration from the perspective of the game concept and other players enhancement of the game environment. The game has never been about a plague slowly crawling across these lands eventually destroying everything not on deed. This is a recent aberration somehow considered necessary to enable more variations to mob conflicts and yet it has been done at the expense of random destruction of player improvements to these lands. I realize that it is hard to admit to mistakes when they are done out a concept to improve some part of the game. When such a great conflict like this results in destructive results then stubbornness sets in an attempt to ignore the situation and not do anything further to resolve it. A simple solution could be to set these Rift areas to perhaps 4 fixed locations N/S/E/W on each server and just rotate them around for access convenience. These random locations lend no real mystery to finding them as the huge red beams clearly give them away for vast distances. I would urge you Developers to give some further consideration to these random Rift spawns and the destruction of the improvements that other players have made to enhance the beauty and appeal of your game. Although we don't get paid for doing this the satisfaction derived is sufficient reward, until of course you carelessly destroy it all. Happy Trails =Ayes=
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    Hi everyone, As promised, we have the map dumps available! They're currently hosted on google drive, but we will be moving the isometric maps to a google maps style interface later on this week. In the folder you'll see the typical isometric, the completely flat, and the topographical map, so enjoy! The reason we'll be picking the isometric maps for the google maps layout is due to the sense of scale, the other maps will be available for browsing as well though. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6J_aGQ6URL8UURFN2VadWxtSWs
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    1) Redesign of directional stances/attacks and target window. -Shieldblocking- There is 5 directions to choose from: Center, Up, Right, Down, Left. Blocking the center gives a mediocre block chance to all directions, yet a slightly higher block chance at the center. Blocking in a direction will provide supreme blocking chance in that direction (this includes high block chance vs special moves), mediocre chance in the 2 nearlying directions and poor chance in the polar oposite direction. Choosing blocking direction can be done without choosing a target and will apply to all entities engaging the player. All the player needs is a shield. Block direction just like stances are always visible. In addition choosing Left or Right will shift the blocking chance radius in the choosen direction. A message saying "XXX is protecting that area." is no longer a thing. (aka the special move blocker msg) This change incorporates perfectly with the attack direction mechanic already implemented aswell as the aimed shoots with archery. -Swing Direction- 9 directions to choose from. A drastic change is that if you aim to hit in the same direction as the enemy try to strike you, then a increased parry chance will occur. (example: when the enemy aim low and you aim low) Choosing center will spread your hit focus over all directions but with a slight focus towards the central zone (20% center, 10% in each other direction). It will give a mediocre parry chance for incomming strikes in all hitzones but without any benefitial parry chance against special moves. Choosing a direction will give increased hitfocus and parry focus for that direction and the 2 nearlying directions (excludes center). mediocre hit/parry focus to the 3 nearlying zones and low hit/parry focus to the 3 zones on the polar opposite side. (25% primary, 15% adjacent, 5% polar opposites, 10% rest) Example of a player attacking bottom left: Hit directions just like now also allows special moves to be performed. -Aimed Shots- Archery now utilizes the fight options window for special shoots. in addition to the select bar. The window lits up once the ranged option is choosen. Works just like aimed shots nowdays except that hit chances for the various target areas are slightly higher and are about the same except regular "shoot" (center icon) which has a slightly higher hit chance but a focus towards the center. Aimed shots work like special moves. Works on both players and non-unique creatures. Foot/Legshoot - Bottom. Foot: -40% movement speed for 15 seconds. Legs: -25% movement speed for 15 seconds. Hand/Armshot - Left & Right. Right side - Hand: -50% attack speed for 15 seconds. Arm: -25% attack speed for 15 seconds. Left side - Hand: -25% block chance for 15 seconds. Arm: -50% block chance for 15 seconds. Concussion - Top. -25% cr for 15 seconds. Dual Axis locations such as Bottom Right will have a 50/50 chance of performing either directions move. -Target Window- Target windows now display defensive directions, attack directions aswell as certain combat related debuffs. (2handed weapons will display the agressive stance icon instead of a shield) Yea you heard that right, you dont need to look in the combat log as much anymore. The information is already sent to the client so it may aswell display it. User friendlyness at its best. 2) Siege GUI changes Drag/drop always comes first. Repairing secondary. Load/Unload third. Winch 4th. Fire followed by unwinch 5th. Always in that order. Makes it easier to use the siege equipment and more streamlined. (there is only 8 button slots on the select bar!) Currently when a siege weapons are loaded there is no unwinching icon... This means someone spent their time making a unwinching icon but its actually never used ingame. ever. Not to mention that by activating a new item while a siege weapon is loaded the firing and unwinching option are both gone from the GUI. 3) Shield Rebalance Shields become a balance between the benefits of blocks per second and block angle zone vs attack speed and weight. Wood grants more accurate blocking, yet less blocks per second due to recoil comparable to metal. Metal also bash better. Smaller shields excell at smaller skirmishes/duels while providing proper protection against smaller number of attackers in a narrow angle and having fast attack timers. Larger shields excell at large-scale warfare, being able to take on many agressors at the same time at wide angles while having the drawback of lowered attack speed. Tower shields is the ultimate protection against projectiles and attacks. But has mobility drawbacks and poor offensive potential. 4) Heavy Infantry Equipment prenote: the equipment is presented with the equipment timers in mind. As such you wouldnt be able to switch between 2h huge axe and a tower shield in a split second while targeted. Heavy infantry equipment is only usable while not mounted. Trying to mount a vehicle/animal will be denied untill the special equipment is removed. (A message will be displayed) Naturally the equipment cant be equiped while mounted either. -Pike- Long range 2handed polearm. Too close: 0-0.75 tiles Good: 0.75-2 tiles Too far: 2+ tiles Special: 350% dmg modifier vs mounts. 250% dmg modifier vs riders. +5cr vs mounts and riders. -25% speed. can't parry. 15kg weight. Useless against targets within 0.75 tiles. -Tower shield- Pro: Supreme fullbody blocking chance, very durable at high quality and good for longlasting sieges. Quite suitable for "I don't have a clue what I'm doing" newbies. Con: -25% speed, -40% attack speed, 25kg weight, no blocking/dodging at 90 degree angle behind the user and +2cr when striking from that angle. Only made out of steel. ------------------------------------------------- 5) Alteration to essential longterm pvp skills/stats Prenote: these 3 skills were choosen due to being essential requirements for pvp combat and the time required to be "up to par". The changes here are intended to allow newer players to be able to join the pvp side of the game quicker without grinding for a half year which will most likely result in them quitting if they got a serious interests in pvp. -Body strength- Instead of the current damage reduction (X/100)-0.2 it would instead be 0.4log((X*0.8)-15)+0.07 Thus giving a damage reduction per level curve that looks like this (note: red = new, blue = old) Thus giving an effective hitpoint chart that looks like this: As can be seen effective hitpoints from body strength would gradually change per level rather than a slow start with extreme payoff at higher levels. It would allow newer players to more easily join up in combat and thus not alienate newer players. (currently they generally get asked to "grind up" for 6-12 months...) If its proven survivability is "too high", then consideration into nerfing everyone should be taken into consideration. and curves similar to the one below could be applied (black) -Meditation- Meditation just like body strength is one of the key components atm which take considerable time to produce benefitial gains, yet are extremely dependant for combat and thus is a requirement. Reduce meditation path switches to max 1 week per question. (not only does it helps newbs, it also makes path switching a proper thing for older accs with path level 11 switches taking 2 months.) Increase meditation ticks size by 3-5x. (there is no other real way to fix it. meditation is too benefitial and time consuming atm) -Fightskill- Move the current 10% gain FS barrier from 70 to 90. Treat FS more like a regular skill. It's extremely benefitial for combat by providing CR. Players would still need to hunt for their weapon skills and what not, but they wouldn't be required to hunt the current insane ammounts merely to get anywhere past lvl 70 FS. -Overall- Now i bet some players will complain about their effort/time spent doing a skill or w/e... The reason they would complain is becouse it took so much effort and time and is exactly one of the things u wanna avoid since its pvp requirements. 6) Spell resistance / AoE spells / Lesser healing spells -Spell resistance- Spell resistance would be on a 5 min timer and directly scale in strength based on the dmg/healing received up to a certain %. The resistance would give a reduction in the effect of the damage/healing received. Thus making spells less usefull, but still have some of their effect. -AoE Spells- AoE spells currently scale indefinetly in power based on the number of targets involved. So to adress this a max limit in healing/dmg per spell would be introduced. AoE spells (excludes active AoE field spells) would take into account the number of targets and divide it's output among all the targets. Healing: Check spellpower to see the healing output. Gather affected targets for the spell. Confirm they got wounds and are friendly. if not exclude them. Divide healing output per target. Pick the largest wound of the target. if its larger than healing output available then do a partial heal, if not then fully heal and reiterate untill out of healing output or all wounds gone. (if the AoE heal allow multiple wounds healed) Damage: Check spellpower to see the damage output. Gather affected targets for the spell. confirm they are hostile. If not exclude them. Divide dmg output per target (and cap it at a % dmg of the full dmg output). Apply Wound(s). Hybrid (aka Scorn): Do a damage check where it checks for targets affected, If hostile entities are found then also do a heal check for an equal value. -Lesser healing spells- A problem with the lesser healing spells is that they got virtually no use in actual combat. Mainly becouse there is no time to open someones inventory, look through all the wounds, find the best wound and then cast the spell on it. Thus I suggest healing spells such as cure light to be able to target creatures directly and when doing so after a successfull cast it automatically picks the largest wound and heal as much as it can with its healing output. Thus allowing lesser heals to be usable in actual combat.
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    Rolf: Hey lets make a new darkness themed god Team: Cool what should we give it? Rolf: Lets see... Ability to archer Ability to lockpick Ability to bash Sacrifices corpses Has good single target offensive spells Can make zombies Gains nutrition on mycelium Team: But Rolf! Sacrificing corpses can only be done at the bone altar! Rolf: You're right, lets give them this instead Sacs alchemy items <Years later> Team: Rolf! People are complaining that they can't archer or lockpick on their priests! Rolf: Well yes that is Libila only, but if they want it, sure lets make it not unique to Libila. Gives all other priests archery Gives all other priests lockpicking <Years later> Team: Rolf! Someone just became a god! How do we make their spellset?! Rolf: Oh lets just randomly generate it. That way it's fair. Gives Whitelight kingdoms access to all of Libila's spells except for Rebirth via player-gods <Years later> Team: Retrograde! People are complaining that one of the random player-gods sacrifices alchemy items! Retrograde: Well that's been Libila's favor item ever since we changed it from corpses, but if freedom doesn't like it now lets remove it! Removes Libila's double favor item Good effort Libila, but the developers have finally killed you. May you rest in peace.
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    In the 1.3 update there will be a few changes to favour sacrificing: With the introduction of chopped vegetables, we will be adding them as a high favour item for all gods (including player gods) Any vegetable can be chopped, which is an action that requires a knife, and has a difficulty of 5, uses the cooking skill and is capped at 4x your cooking skill. The initial favour gain will be .5 favour per 10ql, capping out at 5 favour for 100ql. This may be scaled up after the release depending on how it goes. The sacrificing of crops for favour gain for Nahjo and Libila priests will change as well. We will be keeping with the healing cover items as the double favour affinity. Favour will now be calculated as (QL / 33 * potency) Meaning a 100ql 1 potency item will give 3 favour, a 100ql 2 potency (garlic) item will give 6 favour) When chopped, alchemy vegetables will give a higher favour boost to Nahjo and Libila priests (100ql = 6.25 Item . 50ql 70ql 90ql Potency 2 (Paw) 3 4.2 5.4 Potency 3 (long horn) 4.5 6.3 8.1 Potency 4 (tooth) 6 8.4 10.8 Potency 5 (gland) 7.5 10.5 13.5 As you can see, potency 4 and 5 items will now be higher favour than the current system, while potency 3 items will be slightly less. We're aware that many of you chose Nahjo due to the ease of favour and that this change is a fairly long time coming, but the aim is to bring it more into line with the other priests and reduce the impact of any potential player gods with a similar affinity make in the future as well. I understand this change may mean less favour for some, but the chopping action does bring it into line with other priest favour items, and the addition of it being universal will benefit all priests, not just one type now. TL;DR All priests will be able to chop vegetables for high favour.chopping alchemy vegetables will give higher favour for Nahjo and Libila. Sacrificing grown crops used in healing covers for nahjo and libila priests will produce less favour. Paawheeler, Tosiek and Fo priests will gain more favour from sacrificing meals Butchered products will still provide large favour amounts upon sacrificing. Edit: After considerable feedback we will also be adding a few things: A one time faith transfer from Nahjo will be available after the update Cordage difficulty will be reduced from 60 to 40, making it much easier and raising the average ql of rope.
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    Grand Conjunction of 1601 Dancers III - Predicted by Gaffer Hi Everyone! This week has testing on cooking continuing, with recipes being adjusted, and the cookbook being modified, we're also showing a few new things coming in 1.3 that you can't eat! Rifts and runes The new runic items coming with the 1.3 update will provide individual bonuses depending on a few factors, combining a rune will require a rift stone, crystal or piece of wood along with a lump of metal. The metal used as well as the god the crafter follows will determine the end result, creating a rune that can provide a number of effects such as: Improvement QL gain rate Faster Vehicle speed Faster use speed reductions in size, weight, decay rate increases in volume improvements in ql gain increased chance of rarity There will also be single use runes, giving a chance at performing from a basic spell, to a refresh, and more! Wooden runes will be created with fine carpentry, and attach to wooden items Crystal with jewellery smithing, and attach to metal. Stone using stone-cutting, being able to attach to stone. Cloth items will also be included with one of them, not sure which at this point. These bonuses vary between 5-10%, but be careful! Some will have downsides too, there will be a lot to consider prior to attaching one. These runes are high end items, expect them to be extremely difficult to create, success chance of using or applying the rune will be based off rune quality as well as soul depth, each item is also limited to one rune (minus single use runes). So choose wisely. Cookbook! Work has been extensive on changing the cookbook, moving it to a client sided window (meaning no more pesky timing out) and listing all recipes, here's a sneak preview: Message boards Another feature coming with 1.3 is the message board system! Ever want to leave a message for someone? Or post a request? Well with the new message board, you'll be able to leave all sorts of notices. All you need to do is inscribe some paper or papyrus. And then attach to the message board! You can select whether to post messages to the whole village, to a single villager, or have them publicly available to non citizens as well! It's that simple! The ability to post to certain groups will be limited by permissions. Pandalet joins the dev team! Pandalet has been working hard helping Tich with documentation on the cooking test, giving me lots of info to steal and post in the weekly news, as well as assuring that when it launches, we'll have all the info easily available! I'm pleased to announce that we've managed to trick her into joining the dev team as a developer, So be nice! Wurm Unlimited sale Wurm unlimited is currently 66% off on Steams daily deals! Now's your chance to grab it cheap! Community Content There has been discussion about a player run Wurm radio station! Morlan has been floating the idea of hosting a radio station for Wurmians by Wurmians, andd I'm keen to see how this goes, because I absolutely love sharing music and seeing what others listen to when playing Wurm (except for some Mist lake members who love a little too much Aqua, you know who you are), so I'll be keeping a close eye on it! We're still on track for mid-late November, and next week will have even more info on the non cooking side of this update. I hope to see you all then! Until then though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.