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    Am alive and kicking! Thanks! Learning new stuff for instance Unity because I suck at c++ although Unreal does seem to be better at certain things. Afraid you can't expect anything new in a good while though, so it's notsoon(tm) Have a nice weekend!
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    Rendered lighthouse - Yaga With this weeks update out of the way, we begin to look forward to our next content update, so updates will be light until then (if at all), but there's plenty coming! We'll be showcasing a few things over this period, detailing what to expect and just how awesome it will be, but first... Patch Notes Eye of the...cat? Some keen eyes spotted glowing green objects in last weeks shots, and I'm sure many of you have been wondering about their function. Today we unveil the beginning of our plans for a revamped highway system! Freedom highway rules have long been a necessity to ensure ongoing infrastructure does not disappear overnight, but often winds up being a slow process with paperwork and permissions. With this in mind, we've been taking steps to return the majority of control into players hands with highways, with a new highway system. Those items are called catseyes, and are the foundation of a huge new highway system, allowing players to build, link, and protect highways across all PvE servers without requiring GM assistance and permissions. The system will involve connecting existing routes to highways and also come with a waypoint system, providing markers to local villages (when opted in) and starter deeds. Navigating your way around the server, identifying the nearest starter town and local villages will be a breeze. Villages can also choose not to be included in the waypoint marking, although any highways running through a village will mean KOS is not possible (this will now be enfored with mechanics rather than general rulings). Altering the highway is not possible without removing link protection and rerouting meaning less paperwork for the GM team and also smoother operations for you all. This won't mean the elimination of all highway rules, wanton destruction of highways and other abuses will still fall under freedom rules, but less necessity in requiring GM approval, and also allows caves to be protected too! What will change with this is the redefining of what consists of a highway, In the past single paved roads bordered by sand (gravel is okay!) have also been included, with the release of this it will be strictly 2 or 3 tile wide paved roads, so if you wish to update any single tile paths in your area in anticipation of this new system please do log a support ticket. There will also be an overlap period to allow existing highways to be marked with the new system upon its release, giving everyone plenty of time to understand the new system when it launches (we will be working extensively with the wiki team to ensure that all information is provided prior to the update) so don't worry about being caught off guard WU live The latest beta will go live to Wurm Unlimited some time next week, stick in our discord or follow us on Facebook to know the exact date closer to its release Dev team expansion This week we’d like to welcome Keenan to the dev team even more than currently with his contracted hours increasing so he is now officially a part time developer for Wurm. His focus in the short term will be mostly on backend systems and a few different projects that have been sitting on the backburner waiting for someone skilled enough to take control of them, but we wish him luck in his work and having to deal with Budda on a more regular basis. We’d also like to welcome Ausimus to the team who has recently joined as a volunteer developer as well. After much experience working with Wurm Unlimited code and creating mods, he has already made his mark with a couple of bug fixes that went live with this weeks update. Community Content This weeks community content is already extremely well known, her project has been features in massively OP, vice, and several other sites too, so I'd like to take a moment to show you all just how awesome it is!z Our very own Malena has been hard at work in recreating the world of Ultima Online in Wurm, and it's amazing, check out the first video in her series here!: Check out the full thread of her adventures here! Caption this!Following from the awesome captions from our last contest, I've decided to host another, with this weeks top caption receiving a key for 1 months premium.This caption comes from the citizens of san escobar, with the amazing Wurm car! That;s it for this week! Next week we'll cover a few more things coming in the next update, so I'll see you all then. Until then though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team
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    So I've noticed there are dog statues and also dogs that feature in the hota statues but there are no cat statues in-game. Please add some kind of cat, mountain lion, lion.. feline-related statue whether it is hota or regular so that the balance between cat and dog people on wurm is restored. tyvm.
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    Thanks all! I've had a few people who have been confused by what this means for me, so a little clarification: Since November 2015, I've been a volunteer developer. In April of 2016, I took on some contracts to handle deploying game updates and other server-related tasks, to handle any code repository maintenance, and to handle Steam/Wurm Unlimited issues and builds. I've not done a whole lot of hands-on code development since then except for bug fixes. With this new arrangement, I still have those jobs, but I will also be dedicating more time to development on the game itself. As Retrograde pointed out, my initial work will be mostly behind the scenes. I've been slowly making my other tasks less time consuming by introducing automation, and that is where my initial focus will remain. The less time I need to spend on preparing builds, the more time I can spend on other projects! So for those of you who swore I was already a developer or already a paid contractor for Code Club, you're not losing your marbles (yet!). I'm just stepping up my time and will have targeted tasks to help improve productivity.
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    Hoppy went beyond just thinking of using the T-arch as a stand-a-long and went with a double T-arch, I know he won't post a pic of his latest work so will do it for him, I really like the looks of the great room he did up. Me thinks he suffers from OCD as most wurm players do, I don't think I could of gotten those chairs lined up that well around the table myself.
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    "They see me rollin', they cratin'"
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    Congrats to the new devs! And aw thanks for the mention guys :). I'm fully committed to this project now and will see it through to the end. Just started my summer holidays literally an hour ago, so I have nearly a month ahead of working on this project and geeking out :). Aaahh!
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    This came up in another thread, but i thought it could be interesting to more people, so i'm posting this in a more visible place. Obviously, spoilers ahead! If you want to discover this stuff yourself, close this page now! Fo and Vynora Fo and Magranon Fo and Libila Magranon and Vynora Vynora and Libila Magranon - Libila
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    Here's a better picture of it with some unicorns.
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    My cat is also hostile, I tried taming her with biscuits, but walking over my face at 4am clearly indicates it didnt work
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    Apparently visitors to our village get a bit too friendly...
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    Choices do matter in wurm, what skills you pursue shape your gameplay, every dirt you dig and brick you place changes the world around you, you have an impact on the game in such a profound way that is not seen in any other MMO. Considering accounts are bought and sold means those who own the account never even made the choice, and this limits their abillity to immerse themselves in the game and feel more connected to the character. Adding the ability to change gender will actually allow players who have never felt connected to their character due to a difference in gender to fix that and begin to form an attachment to them, and the choice they make to change gender will matter to them far more than you. After all, what's a pixel or two when someone feels happier with their toon?
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    Just imagine... You go to a restaurant and order a rack of baby back ribs, a side of potatoes and a soda. Then the server brings you a chicken breast and steamed vegetables. "Oh here sir, brought you a healthy option because it looks like you are gaining weight. No dessert either, okay?" Then she charges you for the ribs anyways and the dessert. Get the F--- out of here!
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    I don't think it's unfinished (but maybe i'm missing something), but there are other conditions and you might need multiple puppets to get all possible conversations. If there is interest i can get the conversations out in an organized list.
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    We do not recruit accounts, we recruit people!
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    +1 Also there's the weird thing of cats are hostile whilst dogs are not, which personally, in the real world I've experienced the opposite.
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    I heard they aren't on the to-do list now... I suggest to put them there in the ASAP category! It's very important to have bridges matching new buildings.
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    So I left wurm Online quite some time ago to work on other things, playing on a few WU servers from time to time. However, since I have stopped playing wurm this is what I have been up to. I have been working on with a group of friends on a small tech demo of a game, made in the past few months.
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    Hello Wurmians I'm a newish player looking to make some coin to fund my deed and whatever comes up. The price will continue to be the same, but the quantity will keep going up. The first person to buy will get the lot. Current item: - Price: - Current quantity: - Production: Sleeping Delivery terms: I currently only have a large cart stationed near Vrock, so I will only be able to deliver to Xanadu. I greatly appreciate tips, but I will not charge you for delivery. Write below what item you would like me to do next. History
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    Retro sounds like a broken record. Please make him post something so we can know Staff didn't kill our Rolf.
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    Title says it all, these items have such a huge size that they cannot fit into even the largest containers in the game and storing any amount of them involves a lot of items dumped on the ground until the decorative item limit is hit on each tile. [10:20:32] The Empire of Mol Rehan tall kingdom banner will not fit in the caravel. - This is silly Would at minimum hope to see them fit into large ships and large storage units.
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    Someone always manages to find a way around it...lol Np, will be fixed in today's update.
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    Some might have noticed it in the WU patch notes the elusive golden mirror,: How do you get it in WO? You'll just have to wait and see...
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    As odd as it sounds, I believe the entire backstory/lore of Wurm is told as a conversation between puppets. No one ever noticed because who was leveling puppeteering aside from a few odd people? One of those "understanding WU code" threads could probably pull the details for you.
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    Guest Houses are up, getting started on my underground city Now i just need to furnish them and get back to digging! Big thanks for this progress in the mine this week go to @armyskin who as i type this is levelling floors for Magranon.
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    So the idea is simple, add wooden scaffolding we can construct, deploy, take and redeploy to terraform high cave ceilings. Since adding building possibilites in mines, high ceilings are necessary for building multi story buildings and we can only flatten and mine so high. Can't reach the ceiling. So this is where scaffolding comes in, make it maybe a fine carpentry item that can be taken, moved, pushed and re-deployed around the mine so you can climb up and level the ceilings. For the sake of non exploits, should be a mine only option so people wouldn't use it for some unsavory pvp tactics. What say you?
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    I dunno I have three cats and one of mine is constantly trying to kill me by trying to trip me down the stairs.
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    Using the new "rendered stone walls" to upgrade my lighthouse:
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    can anybody enlighten me on the status of our nefarious leader God himself who dresses in newbie clothes and used to be seen bouncing around the servers and posting cool messages once in a while.. am I missing something or is he missing.. I miss Rolf... ROLF come back to us.....
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    As seen in the post above, I also decided to do some work on the shop sign. I went for a style that fuses together the colors and items you see in the UO signs, with the wooden texture and pillow bevelled style of the wurm shop signs. Again, I think I'm going to have to down down the richness of the color and contrast at some point, as I think I went a little overboard there. And like I mentioned above, we have less signs than UO, so I had to pick and choose which ones I'd take from UO. I got almost all of the normal signs, but had to leave the guild signs out. I did leave one though (top right) which I'll use for all guild houses then. And here they are in action: (please note that these are still missing decos, npcs etc)) The Hammer And Anvil Here you can also see how I replaced the stone slab pavement with the classic tiled equivalent in UO. Lord British's Conservatory of Music Sweet Dreams inn and Healer of Britain off to the left By the way, does anyone know if there is a way to make a wide staircase coming down out of a building into the street without having to build walls around it? So like below, but just omitting the walls on the sides and to the front of the staircase. The Lords Arms within the grounds of Castle Brtiannia Stables within the grounds of Castle Britannia Oh and I don't think I've properly shown the map change I did either. Replaced the reduntant freedom map with the UO map. Will have to add some "mappy" details like longitude and latitude lines etc later. But for now, this will do!
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    After a few days of intensive searching they finally found Rolf's forum password under one of keyboards and now trying to deceive us, posting under his account. The truth is out there.
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    I don't quite care how its implemented but the sticks on these lamp posts have been bugging me since I first started playing this game a few years back now. Right now I feel like their only purpose seems to be to poke someone in their eyes if they ride past them. Are they not there to hold something? I would love the option of kingdom banners, or blank banners that take on the same color as a painted light source (if possible given you only paint the actual lightsource on lamps and not the metal part at all - if it's not possible, have it match the plain banners?) Who is with me?
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    My priest contemplating the meaning of life Mischievous Pests miscellaneous shot of the deed New Year's Eve at a friend's deed
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    Just getting around to posting some pics from around my deed These are inside one of the buildings in my grotto. (boat cave)
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    I've looked a bit at the fatigue code in WU and found out something... It looks like the system consumes 1 second of fatigue right at the start of any action, then 1 second after each second that the action lasts. So even if your action fails right away (for actions that can fail mid-progress like attaching part) you already loose a second. Actions that are fast will also consume disproportionally more fatigue if you keep spamming them. For example, if you are doing something where each action takes exactly 10 seconds, you will loose 11 seconds of fatigue for each action. Your 8 hours of fatigue regenerated per day will only last 7.2 hours. Not that bad, right? But if you are spamming actions that last exactly 1 second you will lose 2 seconds of fatigue per action and suddenly those 8 hours will only last for 4 real hours. And 4 hours per day is nowhere near being a nolifer...
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    /puts grumpy-old-lady hat back on Personally, I see this issue boiled down to two things. 1) The stated purpose of the fatigue brick-wall is to prevent macroing. If the true purpose is only to prevent macroing, and people are hitting that brick wall through legitimate play with no macroing, then it's obvious the system is faulty and needs some attention. 2) It is not the business, nor do I think it is the goal, of Code Club to implement mechanics to protect us from ourselves. As the old saying goes, opinions are like <insert impolite expletive representing your backside here>, everybody has one. And yep, I have one too. In my opinion, too many people seem to think that it's their right and duty to control the lives of others to fit their view of how those people should be acting and what they should be *allowed* to do. In my opinion, some people spend way too much time minding everybody else's business and not enough time minding their own. With that said, I do not think Code Club is in the business of minding our business for us *for our own good.* However, if I'm wrong, and if any part of the fatigue brick-wall is indeed for the purpose of minding our business for us, then that's just one more reason the system needs some attention. Since I've never hit that brick wall myself and probably never will due to my preferred playstyle, I don't have a horse in this race. I do have a sense of fair play however, and on a personal note...people minding other people's business is a particular burr under my saddle. Makes me grumpy. lol
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    What you dont seem to understand is that is not the job of the devs to decide what are healthy amounts of playtime. What if I am a retired vet with ptsd what copes better on an online setting and I want to spend 16 hours a day of my life on an online community? I have paid my dues, why cant I do what I want now? What if I am filthy rich and dont need to have a job? Or what if I am married with no children and my wife is visiting her folks and I have nothing better to do? Or... What if I am a no lifer? Whats it to you? I pay my subscription same as anyone else. You're not my doctor to tell me what is best for me and is not your problem anyways. Now, a hard cap? I can get on board with that. But when it goes to the level that it wont allow me to play the game... Thats not cool. I have never hit the hard cap myself so my understanding may be flawed, but as I understand it prevents you from doing actions at all. If the goal is to limit progression, then make it so people dont gain skill after they reach the fatigue cap instead As for whats healthy or not, after giving it some thought, what people said here is true. Not anyone's problem. Shouldn't be part of the discussion.
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    today is ANZAC day, in Australia. the day we remember the fallen diggers from all conflicts, specifically the 1st world war, They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old: Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning We will remember them.
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    Just some ideas: In the one of the female warrior and cat, I would probably make the cat bigger, more prominent. Just a thought.
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    I like this solution. Might allow for hiring new(er) players as sous-chefs. Instead of 1k bricks, have them prep all kinds of ingredients. I really don't like the idea of simplifying or making it "REALLY EASY." @Greyfox @Finnn If I were to make a thread saying I don't really like mining, but I want to be using 90+ QL ores anytime I want, without having to pay for it though, and without putting in the effort or time anyone else might for the privilege since not everyone wants to stare at a cave wall for hours on end... what would you guys suggest?
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    I'll pass the class changes along when I receive them, but I fail to see the point of complaining about changes when the very reason we release a beta is to help update mods.
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    More playing with arch's, shop reno into phase 3
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    I'll be making a video series of this project as well (of course!) and each episode will show the progress, + a little bit of relaxed building with the god tools. Here's the introductory part:
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    Something I had on my pc in a file i worked on a while back