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    "if its in the game and it is not patched you should not get into trouble for doing it. that simple" "how is doing what is in the game a bannable offence its the game at fault not me" So you think that just because you can do something you should be allowed to.... Well, let's give this some perspective and see just how sound an argument that really is shall we! I could go drinking and driving! I could go jump off a cliff! I could check the blades of my mowers while they are running! I could look directly at the sun! I could go drink milk! I could go lick a frozen metal pole! I could go rob a bank! I could go build bombs! I could go play with a wild skunk! Any of this getting through? No!! Well, let me elaborate.... Life is a sandbox too! All of these things above I can do because the mechanics of life allow it! This does not in any way mean that I should do these things. Every single one of these sandbox actions have consequences socially and or legally! After all, the police do tend to get uppity if you rob a bank! I can just see trying those above quotes on a police officer. Wurm Online is also a sandbox with a massive amount of mechanical freedom, but just as in life there are expectations to how you should behave. We have discussed social behavior many times in a lot of threads in GM Hall, and Rolf himself once said that just because you can do something in Wurm, does not mean you necessarily should. It is impossible to have a true sandbox without some guidelines to allow our society to function. For the most part these guidelines are called the rules, and the sad truth is that the Game Masters of Wurm Online are the police in Wurm Online. One of our functions is to hold you to certain expectations and not allow anarchy as it only sews fear and anger. It has not been that long ago that we banned a number of people for rather malicious activities involving our PVP community. Their actions have prompted us to label them Toxic Players and we removed them from the game for their Extreme Disruptive Behavior. I am surprised to see someone following in the footsteps of those we have removed already. I refer to the incident reported here in these forums. Keep in mind that we recently removed a couple of people from the game for this very activity. Chaos is a chaotic ecosystem. It has been a very enjoyable experience in the past, but it has a major problem with its situation on the Freedom Cluster. That problem is thievery. Nothing is safe in a PVP environment, so it is a bit surprising to say that theft is a problem, so let me explain. Are you okay with someone entering your town, acting like your villager, and then robbing you blind only to leave to another country where you have no chance of getting revenge or possibly your stolen items back? If you said yes, then your brain is not firing on all cylinders and you should take it in to the shop for a tune up. We expect there to be raiding and looting and killing and slaughtering and pillaging and banter and all that goes with PVP, but infiltrating a PVP village for the purpose of looting it is not acceptable. This is NOT PVP! PVP is raiding a village like a... raider.. or a pirate... or an enemy. Becoming a villager under any pretense to gain the trust of a village and then abusing the permissions they have given you to steal from them or cause harm to them is not in any sense a PVP action! It is an utterly reprehensible action that we do not accept as an expected behavior! Thank you for reading these words of wisdom, poetic they may not be. In best regards, Enki (Head Game Master) your ego-maniacal chief of rule enforcement for the worlds of Wurm Online.
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    In my opinion, the problem doesn't lie with PvP in this case. It lies in the fact that the stolen items were taken to Freedom, where there is absolutely no chance of the kingdom getting them back. If the thief had stayed on Chaos with everything, it would have been a nice challenge for the kingdom to track the guy down and kill him to get their stuff back. *That's* what PvP is all about. NOT robbing your own kingdom blind then bolting to Freedom--where the mechanics aren't there to have any fair shot at getting anything back--to hide out with the loot. PvP should stay on PvP. That's my opinion.
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    I could take the time to write out a long detailed reply to this detailing what was wrong, and why I did what I did, but after reading a bunch of messages in email and forum and this OP and the above comments it feels to me like the majority of people who care about this situation understand what the problem is and what I was getting at. At least I do hope that is the case.
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    Maybe slightly off-topic, but related to the original post in a way: I once played a different online game and was part and later a leader of a guild. In our guild we had a player - a relatively young fellow - who loved playing in a role of a "tank". He wasn't the best tank we had, but he was certainly not the worst and he was visibly improving from week to week... working very hard at getting better. His joy from being part of a large guild and having an increasingly important role was very visible to us all. One day, he simply vanished. We learned quickly that he passed away. It turned out that the player was a very sick person with deteriorating health who was in late stage of his illness. He was bound to a wheelchair and had increasing trouble performing many every day actions... except playing on the computer. The game we played - especially our guild - became very important to him, as it was his only source of entertainment that he could indepenently enjoy. His parents told us later that he often spoke of us and considered our acceptance of him a very important factor in his life. Of course, none of us knew he was sick... We were all nice to him, but none of us formed a close bond with the player, nor stopped to chat at length. While my relationship with him was very friendly, to this day I wish I spent a bit more time making him feel a bit more special. So... Don't forget to love people. They leave so fast...
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    Unknown deed - Wiczan Glad Midsommar! Another busy week with the dev team, with the new bridges out of the way, what might be next? You'll have to read and find out But first.. Patch Notes More fences! With the release of the new textures and fences, many were asking about other possibilities, such as parapets, tall walls and other things. As we stated then, this work requires several major changes to expand possible fence types, and would be a little more intensive than simply adding the textures. I'm pleased to announce that this is a project currently underway, with the tall stone wall, portcullis, high iron fence/gate, stone parapet fences receiving the textures of slate, rounded stone, pottery brick, sandstone, rendered, and marble! This probably begins some players third or fourth deed remodels, but with more options available, who's complaining? Champion changes This week saw the changes of champions and how they work, going from a cap of 3 per god and 3 per kingdom to 1 per god per kingdom and 3 per kingdom. This means all kingdoms have equal opportunity of choosing their champions, so choose well! With this addition, Mol-Rehan kingdoms can now choose Fo and Vynora champions as well, with Jenn-Kellon kingdoms able to choose Magranon as a champion. Of course Libila remains HotS only. Midsummers on Xanadu Tomorrow is the launch of our Midsummer event on Xanadu, with a special unique prize for those who complete it. We have a sneak peek of the prize to tease you all with today! This unique Midsummers themed mask will only be available through this event, which will be open until the end of July, so make sure you get in and solve the mystery! Performance monitoring Over the coming weeks we'll be adding extra performance monitoring on servers, starting with a smaller undisclosed server. With this system we'll be able to track performance better and identify any areas of concern, which hopefully leads to tweaks and modifications to address the issues. This won't be run on the same server as the creature changes, but we'll of course continue to update you all as the weeks go on, showcasing the results and our goals for the future. Community Content This is slightly older, but forum user Iberis (Hexd) has been all over Exodus and is showing off her travels! Check out the sights and wonders of Exodus, I cannot wait to see where she goes next! That's it from us this week, I hope to see you all this weekend! Until then though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team
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    Pavings changed to slate, on bridges, tunnel and ground,
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    We're not shutting down servers. End of story. Rolf's policy has always been so long as there's even one person still playing on a server, it's going to remain open. There's no post size quota, like quota, poll quota, or any other unit of measure that's going to change that. You might as well get used to it and move on. Did you check out what you can do in caves now? Might be a better use of time.
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    Dear Mr. Enki, On behalf of The Cattle, Bison, and Sheep Breeders Association of Xaniacs, I write you regarding your recent opposition to milk. We, Xaniac Lactose Providers of Wurm, could not agree more that playing with wild skunks is inadvisable considering the lack of Ketchup in Wurm. We would also agree that drinking our milk products while operating a cart, wagon, or ship of unusual size is also inadvisable, and have labeled our amphorae accordingly for public safety. However, we would like to point out that Milk, in all its forms, is a natural bounty worthy of the rarest coin. It puts a mustache on many a face that would look odd without it, has stimulated the sale of cookies Wurmwide, and whipped into proper butter can even harden the weakest of arteries. We invite you to visit your local breeder for a sampling straight from the teat. The threat of trampling is minimal, and often compared to an enthusiastic Swedish massage. This message is brought to you with the support of Ron Burgundy, milk aficionado since 1074.
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    Damn, how could I be so naive as to believe that the enemy has a red outline on mouseover? I'm sorry, all of you are correct; within the letter of the wurm laws, these two were 'allowed' to steal several hota statues, slaughter several geared horses to take the gear, steal an SMC and quite a bit of highly casted tools and weapons. Wait, it wasn't stealing, since it's 'all right'. Obviously since it's a pvp server, absolutely no one you don't know in real life (and maybe some of those) are to be trusted and it's a dog eat dog world. It's always the person that loses items in this sort of thing that is entirely at fault, not the person that faked being a new and/or returning player, even partly gained a bit of trust from a kingdom and proceeds to clean them out. Nah, it's not his fault, it's the spirit of PVP right? No, it isn't. Every time I see things like this happen and get blown off as "meh, their fault, perms issues, don't trust people, etc" it makes my faith in mankind shrivel just that little bit more. And trust me, I've seen the full effects of mankind not liking one another, in a combat zone. I love wurm for the unique way that the game gives me to play, and sometimes when I get complacent and enjoy the community of Wurm, another nasty snake rears its head up and does something asshattery, and gets complimented by the pvp crowd for a well played ruse. Granted, many of the other pvpers have agreed that it was a shit thing to do, but most likely to the non pvp side, they tend to lump us pvpers into one mob of nasty, toxic community. And in many ways they're right. All you have to do is look at threads exactly like this one.
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    Stop and wave to every new player you meet, because you don't know who may be lonely and dying for someone to talk to. Just over this past week I've befriended two players who confided that they had no one to talk to or keep them company in-game. They were surprised and overjoyed when I waved to them first and then even engaged with them. One is a disabled player, for example. On a server that's fairly populous. Not sure if every MMO out there has this problem. My gut says "no".
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    Just on the edge of each starter town an old wizened oak tree will appear, what secrets does it hold? You'll have to explore yourself... This weekend we'll be celebrating Midsummer with a special event on Xanadu! The event will start at each starter town and lead to a central location Those who survive the event will receive a special unique event only prize! As this is a unique prize, we'll also have it open to Epic players, simply come through the epic portal, complete the murderhouse event, and receive the prize, then you can log a support ticket for it to be moved to your character on epic You will not need: A horse A boat Combat capabilities Sanity You will need Food Water A sense of humour See you there!
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    That mask is amazing Great news on the walls as well. What a good week! BUT!!!!! Give me my mirror, that's all I ask, Especially now for that gorgeous mask. Help me to turn into who I am, Help me to turn from a Sir to a Ma'am. Allow me to look the way that I feel, To see what emotional wounds that may heal. Too long now have I lived in looks like a guy, With mirrors announced, I am asking: Why? Why do I still have to look like a male? When can I leave this bodily jail?
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    Can use keybinds FLATTEN or LEVEL on tile borders resulting in the raising or lowering of the tile border. Less random slopes when mining forward, depending on skill level. skill less than 50, +-3 (current) skill = 50, variance is +-2 skill = 70, variance is +-1 skill = 90+ no variance Tile corners are now available on bridges. Champion changes Kingdoms will no longer require the player god to favour them in order to ascend a champion Each kingdom may have one champion per god, with a maximum of three champions Courier and dark messenger no longer have cooldowns Genesis now has a cooldown of 30 seconds Bugfix: Creatures without bodies should play a proper death animation before being deleted. Bugfix: Strange devices courier casts can now be improved while in the correct spirits domain Bugfix: Fixed the bug that caused the pave option to show on packed dirt with floor boards, resulting in a gravel tile.
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    Now a warehouse with proper multi-level access!
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    Let's not confuse spies putting their lives on the line to help the soldiers in trenches gain better intel, with a sociopath conning people with no regard for anything but their own monetary gain or perverse self-satisfaction. Granted, with the way alts work, it wouldn't really seem that the spy in Wurm is putting anything on the line at all. The risk lies entirely with the kingdom kind enough to give a noob a chance. The risk is theirs entirely. Having a GM intervene when someone abuses a system is what allows the system to exist. Even in real life, you smuggle a picasso from enemy territory back to your own, safe country for monetary gain, and your own military will come down on you like a ton of marble bricks. Nothing about this situation had anything to do with espionage. It wasn't done on behalf of any other kingdom to further the cause. This wasn't player versus player. It wasn't even outlaw vs. establishment. It was one or two people setting out to ruin the game-play of others for their own benefit. People who insist on a "Lord of the Flies" type anarchy in PvP games always fail to understand player vs. player requires BOTH sides to be having fun. Otherwise, get used to playing with yourself as nobody will want to play with you. It isn't playing if the fun is completely one-sided. You don't grow a PvP community by letting a handful of maladjusted brats ruin the experience for everybody else. PvP isn't a license or invitation to be a jerk, it's an invitation to be challenged in a way no ai could ever challenge you. Artificial intelligence can beat a human at chess, but only within the rules of the game. If you want a looser rule book, you need humans to intervene when the brat decides to take a hammer to all your chess pieces because he or she can.
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    Making a character explicitly to join a kingdom on Chaos and to steal their stuff once you've gained their trust should never be allowed. It will ruin the game for new, legit people, and will inevitably make people quit due to the fact you can't do anything once the items have been brought to freedom. That and gaining the trust of people in order to gain their passwords to characters to steal everything they own should never be accepted.
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    Then take Chaos away from freedom isles. It's a simple fix.
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    As a kingdom, we know and understand the staff's position in the matter. Some of us agree while some of us don't, but as a kingdom we accept it. We know no rules were broken and no action will be taken. As much as we would like assistance in the matter we realize its not the staff's fault. It is our fault for trusting. This thread is not about resolution. We are not asking for action nor are we expecting any. This thread is to let the community know what kind of person this man is and what to expect, and for them to know they are buying stolen goods if they buy from him. Contrary to popular belief, the Chaos community cares. We are not just Chaos players, we are Wurmians. Things will take their course. We will recover. We will imp more plate, make more horse gear, win more hotas. We will replace what was lost and go on. We will continue to have fun with our friends in TC, DD, Ebo, JK and WU. But we wont forget this. Things will change in Pandas so this dont happen again.
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    We will remember this. Your rep just dropped to the ground.
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    Who is our forum host? I need to contact them and report their abysmal failure to provide usable levels of service to us. Certainly nobody at Code Club is doing anything about it, so it is up to the players to make changes. If we can't get these working properly, I think we should start a user group forum separate from Wurmonline official forums.
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    It would be fun to have secret doors that you can build that have the textures of a wall of a given type but if you have the permissions the wall slides sideways and you can enter a hidden room.
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    It's no different then accepting a new villager to your deed with them pretending to be a new/returning player that needs help. Then they spend time gaining your trust/friendship and then it's all an eleborate plan to wait until the time is right and steal everything not nailed down. Any freedomers here thinking this is just a pvp problem - essentially he's joined a village just to rob it blind. Could happen on freedom just as easily.
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    Sorry but this kind of behaviour is really bad for new players trying to get into kingdoms :/ Kingdoms will just stop trusting new players if this kind of behaviour becomes acceptable. I'm all for looting and raiding in a pvp setting but pretending to be a new kingdom member and gaining their trust and respect just so you can rob them? That's not pvp. That's a really low and disgusting move all because the players involved don't have the balls to go out and fight panda on the field or raid them like the game intended.
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    COD all these items to Pedro for the prices listed. I will be returning the items to the people you took it from.
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    One thing that makes me wonder is when people go "I was screwed over by X back in this year, and nothing was done. Why now?" Why NOT now? Why is it a bad thing to put your foot down and say that it is not acceptable and will not be tolerated? I'm very sorry if people in the past have had similar situations. I wish that things could be retroactive. BUT that doesn't mean let the crap continue into infinity because you got screwed. I will never understand that mentality.
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    Hello, I am here to warn you not to buy from this person or his friend Echo. I put my trust, not knowing his rep, in my kingdom on chaos. He learned when the best time to do his deed was. He stole so much stuff from us. 5 to 6 hota statues, SMC, about 10 high casted COC and woa tools that I put in a LMC for kingdom to use and return that I won in an auction and so much more. I tell and beg you not to buy from him. He is a thief and all he sells is not his. He has stolen it. @Mickaell@Echo you still have time to do good. @Enki I would really like it if you came to my deed on Chaos and look at everything that was taken. Sheer Pandemonium is where it was all taken from.
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    Unfortunately GMs still support entering a kingdom on the PvP servers with the pure intent of just stealing items as a core game style. Until this changes, I see little chance of the PvP community growing. It only makes existing communities more suspicious of new players, which ultimately will lead to less people getting help, and playing the game.
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    I don't feel Enki is needed in this situation. It is a sandbox game, unless he abused game mechanics to steal the items then yeah GM's should be involved. This doesn't mean I stand by what he did at all, but if he obtained these items without abusing bugs or an exploit he shouldn't be punished by the GM's. Like I said before it's a sandbox game so you can do whatever you like inside the official rules.
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    Just a heads up. This person just up and robbed us on our Chaos capital deed. We are still tallying damages and a post will be upcoming. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up to not trust this person. Be careful.
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    This post is in regards to : Spying and infiltration is and has always been a huge part of any warfare. The more rules you place for gm's to manage the less of a sandbox and more of a document people need to read before they can even play the game. You have all the deed permission and can allow the players to govern themselves. Loyalty is built through trust and cooperation not GM rules! This is all part of the grander problem with pvp. There is nothing to fight for, no value or achievement to gain. At least back when permachamps where a thing the wl and bl held value. Now they serve as nothing more than a point of reference in travel, or top up points. Giving faith, some Dr or recharge the little used and over valued artifacts. You need to stop making PvP a hand holding contest, repair the economy of wurm. Especially in PvP in relation to deeds and kingdoms. Beyond that you require a huge overhaul of objective based war. With meaningful gains beyond a few numbers (land,rank) and a few lumps of metal that had once been rare. Beyond this everyone is see a thread of PvP ban, warning. The GM team are quickly becoming more prominent and invasive on PvP servers, often. Making quick irrational calls with little thought or regards to the long term effects it will have. I myself and many people I have played with directly refuse to build a pmk due to how a situation had been handled. When you(Enki) yourself took a banned item(crown) and handed it to a player with no deed, no title or any really claim to have out any long term monitery value in to the kingdom. This is a perfect example of how harsh and incomprehensive decisions can allenate players, many of them have not and will not return from this single event alone. I myself had been burnt out and hardly played wurm online, everyone I look to return I see another failing moment of judgement with the community of the remains players out crying against the decision. This can only be reflected in the slowly reducing premium membership. I have a special place for wurm and really hope it succeeds in the ever growing and competitive market it is in but things need to change and more rules enforced by GM rulling, taking up valuable time that the few good ones have to deal with these senarios such as infiltration that already have game mechanics to prevent. Stop going beyond the required intervention unless absolutely necessary and if you do, make sure all players are equally compensated. Update: General agreements/over arching and repeated comments.
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    We separated PvP and Freedom for quite some time after Indy first opened... Wild (chaos) had such a low population after a few years that it was all but impossible to even find another player to fight there. So, they connected it to freedom... and now we are back to the same problem that caused rolf to add home server raiding and lead to the circumstances that created the freedom cluster in the first place... PvP loot is being stored in complete safety on a PvE server Not sure what (if any) the solution could be... just finding it interesting that we have once again come full circle... many of wurm's problems go this way... the solution to problem A causes problem B, and the solution to problem B ends up recreating problem A....
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    I've been on the end of metagaming like this many many many times. Hell, I had ~12g worth of items stolen off of my character by some of the scummiest people in the game, who somehow obtained the password to my character. The items were stolen from freedom, on my deed. I really hope Enki goes back, and bans the scum responsible. This of course does not make me think "well they didnt do it for me, why someone else?". Its a GOOD thing enki and co are stopping this crap, as everyone on the recieving end hates it. I have seen people quit the game SO many times because of this - Speedy, Emoo, Yurik (came back) to name a few. These are all HUGE names in the wurm online game. Its about time people who have metagamed, stolen illigitmately, or otherwise to be made accountable for their actions.
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    Depends how good you are at juggling [shouldn't be too long, only half of my testers didnt return, the other half said the experience was pleasant, then proceeded to curl up into a ball]
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    I'm sure this has been suggested before but I'm not digging through the forums to find it. There should be a slope limit added to NPC movement. If I'm on a cliff and hundreds of slope beneath me there's a mob, it should not be able to walk up the side of the cliff like a damn magician. Also, nothing like accidentally unhitching your horse for a moment then having it climb a cliff and get out of reach. I just don't understand why this wasn't added sooner, seems like common sense to me. Cows are not mountain goats! Would also help prevent mobs from working their way into areas no one can reach.(without stam-sandwiches or whatever)
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    I appreciate the generous offer and as someone who has lived a rough farm life with cows, goats, etc. I can tell you with absolute conviction that I take my milk in Ice Cream form! Medicinally of course!!!! Granted I am not giving up cheese for anything either! /Enki
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    I simply mean wurm online is a pay to play game. You pay to play the game. It's not required to have skills that allow you subsidize your premium, nor a market place where you can buy/sell to cover your own costs. That it does so is a bonus. At the end of the day we as players are paying for entertainment value
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    "Stop leaving the FSB door open!" Also just for fun...
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    I'm sorry, Angelklaine, but I refuse to allow anyone to force me into the victim's mindset. Were we at fault for being generous to a supposed new/returning player? Ok, that I can accept. But regardless of permissions that allowed Falgorn/Mickaell to help themselves to the hota statues, small magic chest, and somehow kill multiple geared horses and steal their gear, WE did not deserve what happened. The victim of domestic violence is not at fault for their spouse beating the crap out of them, nor are we at fault for trying our hardest to make sure those two players had the gear they needed to survive in chaos. @mickaell, how long did I spend on your first day in pandas on my sme priest, casting up a new set of plate for you and making sure that everything had higher than 80web (minus hands/feet at 70+web)? I'm pretty sure you got a compass that wasn't the starter one, with a high cast on it as well. Oh, and don't forget the 88coc LMS I gave you out of my own inventory so you could train that. Everyone that was online at the time scrambled to make sure you got tools, weapons, armor, equipment necessary to skill up and pvp. So you can "especially lis" all you want, I want nothing to do with you either now, except your corpse and your affinity. Thank you for proving my suspicions correct though. And there you go, folks. Not even hiding his guilt, and obviously proud of himself for screwing over pretty much the only person in the kingdom that didn't want him kicked for being fishy, Evadaly. She's one of the best people I've met in Wurm Online or for that matter any game, and she stuck up for him until the very last day, when she logged in to find her stuff stolen. You're such a great guy, aren't you, Falgorn? Will we recover as a kingdom? I have no doubt, we have people in it that have been tested by the fire of meta-gaming, still going through the flames when trash like Mickaell/Placebo disrupt the fun. They have done nothing but strengthen resolve within kingdom to be more aware of anyone attempting to join our family. I suppose I should thank them for that.
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    Please keep your PvE vs PvP drivel out of this thread.
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    We may give each other a hard time and try and rile each other up but we look after our own. Watching the whole discord get together just proves it.... we are one big disfunctional family.... I'm the adopted one ;]
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    I agree that intra-kingdom problems should not happen. For two main reasons: 1. It's just a ###### move. You're supposed to be part of the team. If you can't trust your teammates then who can you trust? 2. The second point follows the first. If you can't really build a cohesive kingdom then this creates artificial barriers to the pvp scene. New players can't join the scene because everyone is too afraid of them joining. Kingdoms can't really grow because vetting people is just an impossible task. Honestly, even this intra-alliance stuff on PvE servers should be disallowed, too. For clear thefts (as decided by a GM or even multiple GMs), the goods should be returned and the thieves punished accordingly. This "it's a sandbox" thing isn't an excuse to let these toxic people get away their crimes.
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    When you give humanity a chance to hide behind a veil, humanity will do what it pleases or whatever it benefits them regardless of how it is seen by others. It takes a lot of morals for someone to not take advantage of somebody else, especially when you know you can get away with it. Maybe their motives were never to make friends.. or build an actual community at all. Obviously saying it's your fault does not soothe the problem at all or even gets anywhere near, and in a position where you're now, you just want to vent and get support from others that feel the same way about the subject. It is a hard lesson we all learn and go through multiple times in the real world and in the virtual world. What is most scary to me is.. regardless of how together in harmony we all become... there is always going to be a few looking to destroy what was created with love and care just because they can.
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    I don't see much point in removing peoples hard work, it always seems to be "close servers I don't play on"
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    The game should provide us ways to live out of any skill. Who wants to be a Fisherman for a living? Well I'd want, if only I could sell fishes or retrieve valuable stuff from a fish. My point is, there are tons of skills but while some are highly profitable and/or have high demand, there are some with almost zero demand. We should be able to choose a skill, any skill, grind it up and really make a living out of it, otherwise there's little to no reason to have such a vast skill list.
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    playing around exploring possibilities of rope bridges on the test server
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    "Trade Record, Leather" I suggest that there should be an item in-game that tracks transactions your character makes with other players. Example: A few weeks ago, I purchased some sprouts from the in-game trade channel. It was a good deal, and I may be interested in more, but I have no idea who the trade was with. In real life, I could go back into my check book or online transaction summaries and see who I bought them from. In game, no such feature exists(aside from physically recording it in real time). With an item like this in game, every time we accept a trade a record of it would be recorded automatically for future reference. Features: -Records the name of the person you traded with -Records what you gave, and what you got -Records the time and date of the trade -Option to record manually via papyrus/reed for bulk sales, etc Pros: -Promotes the economy -Encourages individual merchants to make a name for themselves -Adds another book-like item to the game (like the Almanac) Cons: -Records "magically" (could be interpreted as unrealistic for game immersion) -More clutter to carry around in-game So, Trade Records? Pros outweigh the cons in my book! What do you all think!?
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    I was really pleased with how my playing around with paving the mine went so i took some time out of digging the entire desert up today to start work on more paving and cladding. Looks pretty damn awesome if i do say so myself. Edited a few more pics in here Only problem now is how much more that bit of broken ceiling i can't fix bothers me!
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    I find this funny because it used to be pvpers entering freedom with that purpose. And here I thought gameplay on wild was steal, kill and destroy by any means ingame. Perhaps wild should be renamed peaceful if there's this much commotion about someone achieving a heist. Do I get that stealing from your own kingdom is a crappy move? Sure. What's worse is being able to run across the border to pve land and not be touched. Or being able to dump it all on an alt thats safe even if your main got banned somehow. Perhaps it's time to close that border down and just allow folks to TP back and forth with 0 inventory.