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    Ever tried to figure out what sold from your merchant, who hasn't yet paid for an item sent to them or what that money that just went into your bank was from? I think it's about time we got a way to track all this. I know this has been mentioned before by myself and others but I can't find the posts after a quick search.
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    Thanks all! I've had a few people who have been confused by what this means for me, so a little clarification: Since November 2015, I've been a volunteer developer. In April of 2016, I took on some contracts to handle deploying game updates and other server-related tasks, to handle any code repository maintenance, and to handle Steam/Wurm Unlimited issues and builds. I've not done a whole lot of hands-on code development since then except for bug fixes. With this new arrangement, I still have those jobs, but I will also be dedicating more time to development on the game itself. As Retrograde pointed out, my initial work will be mostly behind the scenes. I've been slowly making my other tasks less time consuming by introducing automation, and that is where my initial focus will remain. The less time I need to spend on preparing builds, the more time I can spend on other projects! So for those of you who swore I was already a developer or already a paid contractor for Code Club, you're not losing your marbles (yet!). I'm just stepping up my time and will have targeted tasks to help improve productivity.
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    I heard they aren't on the to-do list now... I suggest to put them there in the ASAP category! It's very important to have bridges matching new buildings.
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    Behold the lighthouse with extra rainbow! (sandstone - marble - stone and plain stone walls). Oh... yah... btw. Tunnels can now be used to sail from echo to nightmare lake.
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    This cats name was Dusty and was one I grew up with from when i was a kid. He made it to 21 in age before the next door neighbors dog got out of its yard, ran up to the cat on our front porch and killed him. Dusty was a lap cat and when ever you would take a seat, he would crowl out from where he was resting from, be it a box or even some other warm spot and come and lay in your lap. In this photo I was at the computer and had a standard size pillow in my lap so he could lay on it with out sliding between my legs. Plus he was a 20 pound cat, being as he had a good amount of Siberian in him. He was a purring machine so in this shot he was on my lap kneading the air with his paws while drifting off to sleep. For scale, that is a Logitec Wave keyboard in the back, and then a can of Coca~Cola along with a standard size pillow. Dusty also had the nickname lover bug because this cat would lets kids pull on him and he would just lay there.
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    After a few days of intensive searching they finally found Rolf's forum password under one of keyboards and now trying to deceive us, posting under his account. The truth is out there.
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    Looking forward to build demonic bridges from slate. Pottery bridges would open up some more medieval themed options too... I hope the future database expansion will give opportunity to those models too.
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    Still waiting for a map. Those lakes are now all interconnected, so knowing where this new canal will be and go and specially how it will cut the area in half would be a great thing. Do note that since quasiwud expanded his deed over the west entrance of the Echo / Nightmare canal, he will have to either dredge it or allow someone to do it. Otherwise the canal is fully fonctional atm for row/sailboat and knarrs. Canal is now fully fonctional, so the 5 lakes are all connected togethers and to the sea
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    +1 help the drunk / lit wurm players always forgetting things
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    Can move these to the front of the queue in my opinion.
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    -1, sorry, I just don't like permanent things in Wurm.
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    +1 Mail system already have similar feature showing info about the items that we receive, who they are from, ql, casts, price, we could just get mail reports for the things that have been sold.. every (1 to )few days, cross-server things have always been a taboo around :/.
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    I think this is more of a lag issue, seen some crazy stuff like that when raiding canal zone and the damned, smaller zones with no lag to speak of never seen it happen.
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    Since winter is upon us (and i have not played with transmutation liquid yet), enjoy the deed planner preview of the sleepless night deed. A bit more paving, a slight hint of dredging here and there and we will be good to go. The canal can already be used by all boats normally! (Nightmare lake is a bit shallow but should still be doable.) On a side note, once the peat is done, we will most likely hold a cast-a-ton for all vynoran priest to turn that pesky grass into tundra. Free favor, free altars (free sermons?!), the kind of priesty fun no one want to miss.
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    +1 we need more uses for furs. At least they should not stack generically when bulk stored so we can grind rugs.
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    Four active kingdoms in terms of pvp - The Crusaders, Pandemonium, Dreadnaught Dynasty & Jenn Kellon. Wurm University is good for very new players looking to play wurm pvp or people from freedom looking to come over and learn the mechanics of pvp. Ebonaura are a old kingdom but recently their activity and presence has dropped off the map, tho they're recruiting to rebuild that, would still consider them. Gratsalot is still a kingdom but would stay clear, pretty much dead. More players on chaos the better, which ever kingdom they chose or group they want to play with. The current state of the server is land split evenly between 4-5 kingdoms and Panda/DD/JK are building interkingdom numbers/deeds at this current time, Panda are contesting Sparta area and making dents into JK...The Crusaders have war deed [The Sanctuary] and contest more of JK and the WL and JK have 2 war deeds around this contesting the WL/The land Sanctuary threatens. It's ok time to join, before summer especially, hope this helps http://www.crusades.top/index.php?/topic/15-application-template/
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    If they don't give us an automated account, we should at least be able to craft an in-game ledger with room for, idk, 1000 records that we can manually fill out. It wouldn't be as nice, but it would fit the whole "nothing gets automated" feel of Wurm.