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    "if its in the game and it is not patched you should not get into trouble for doing it. that simple" "how is doing what is in the game a bannable offence its the game at fault not me" So you think that just because you can do something you should be allowed to.... Well, let's give this some perspective and see just how sound an argument that really is shall we! I could go drinking and driving! I could go jump off a cliff! I could check the blades of my mowers while they are running! I could look directly at the sun! I could go drink milk! I could go lick a frozen metal pole! I could go rob a bank! I could go build bombs! I could go play with a wild skunk! Any of this getting through? No!! Well, let me elaborate.... Life is a sandbox too! All of these things above I can do because the mechanics of life allow it! This does not in any way mean that I should do these things. Every single one of these sandbox actions have consequences socially and or legally! After all, the police do tend to get uppity if you rob a bank! I can just see trying those above quotes on a police officer. Wurm Online is also a sandbox with a massive amount of mechanical freedom, but just as in life there are expectations to how you should behave. We have discussed social behavior many times in a lot of threads in GM Hall, and Rolf himself once said that just because you can do something in Wurm, does not mean you necessarily should. It is impossible to have a true sandbox without some guidelines to allow our society to function. For the most part these guidelines are called the rules, and the sad truth is that the Game Masters of Wurm Online are the police in Wurm Online. One of our functions is to hold you to certain expectations and not allow anarchy as it only sews fear and anger. It has not been that long ago that we banned a number of people for rather malicious activities involving our PVP community. Their actions have prompted us to label them Toxic Players and we removed them from the game for their Extreme Disruptive Behavior. I am surprised to see someone following in the footsteps of those we have removed already. I refer to the incident reported here in these forums. Keep in mind that we recently removed a couple of people from the game for this very activity. Chaos is a chaotic ecosystem. It has been a very enjoyable experience in the past, but it has a major problem with its situation on the Freedom Cluster. That problem is thievery. Nothing is safe in a PVP environment, so it is a bit surprising to say that theft is a problem, so let me explain. Are you okay with someone entering your town, acting like your villager, and then robbing you blind only to leave to another country where you have no chance of getting revenge or possibly your stolen items back? If you said yes, then your brain is not firing on all cylinders and you should take it in to the shop for a tune up. We expect there to be raiding and looting and killing and slaughtering and pillaging and banter and all that goes with PVP, but infiltrating a PVP village for the purpose of looting it is not acceptable. This is NOT PVP! PVP is raiding a village like a... raider.. or a pirate... or an enemy. Becoming a villager under any pretense to gain the trust of a village and then abusing the permissions they have given you to steal from them or cause harm to them is not in any sense a PVP action! It is an utterly reprehensible action that we do not accept as an expected behavior! Thank you for reading these words of wisdom, poetic they may not be. In best regards, Enki (Head Game Master) your ego-maniacal chief of rule enforcement for the worlds of Wurm Online.
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    It's a Celebration! We have met our first Patreon goal and it is time to celebrate! An additional bonus video can be found at our Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/factionalfight/posts Episode 1: Factional Fight Returns Youtube Introduction Video: Factional Fight is Back Teaser:
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    The Golden Hive Market - Alyeska and Xallo Hi Everyone! Some big news this week, with a long awaited request finally able to be revealed! But first... Patch Notes What's that sound? Bridges underground! Thought the new bridge types was all the coming things for bridges? Guess again! Since bridges first came to Wurm, many have asked about the possibility of underground bridges, and with the coming update, this will be a reality! Bridges underground will check for clearance of the ceilings, but apart from that, will operate exactly how they do above ground. I'm keen to see what you all come up with, that's for sure! DNS Issues I'd like to thank you all for your patience and understanding during the server connectivity issues this week, you worked very hard to help each other stay connected. We hope you all enjoy the extra premium, and spend the sleep bonus wisely! As an additional reminder, if you did name any hard coded changes to get around the issue, please make sure to change those back! Linton reworked! Linton, aka the barren starter deed, has had a makeover! The team consisting of Griphyth, Faeran, Killroth and Karena have spent a lot of work building this up into an amazing starter town, with possibly the best lookout I've ever seen! I'm sure you'll all agree, it's a huge improvement on the original deed, and I'm thrilled with the results! Highway info! So with the upcoming release of the highway system we've started a thread with the information of what's behind the highway system, there's a brief rundown with a more in depth document available, so feel free to read through and ask any questions. Don't forget though, it's currently live on the test server, and we'll be working on a more official testing period soon! Community Content This weeks content is more of a question, with the suggestion of adding a specific sub-forum for videos, this would be a great opportunity for posting video tutorials, showcases, and plenty more! Would you like to see that done? let us know here! That's it for this week, I'm sure you're all excited for the bridges coming, I know i am! Until next time, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
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    A couple of years ago on Xanadu there was a lot of people not really finding anything to kill in areas they were trying to hunt in, despite the server having a much higher total creature population than any other server. At that time there was some investigation into these claims, to see just where all the creatures were and what they were doing – and that lead to a few tweaks on how the creatures spawned to help make things feel a bit better. Just recently I saw another comment that was much the same as comments a couple of years ago before those changes, talking about not seeing any mobs to kill in their area and finding nothing substantial when out hunting. For a little while now I’ve had various plans to update the creature system in Wurm in a couple of ways – so this seems like a good place to start on what those changes are, why I’d like to do them, and how they might help out on any issues players might have relating to current creatures. Current Creature Capabilities First off, back when this was first looked at there was a new command added to the game for the devs to use to make the server dump out a map with all the current creature locations for the entire server. This map was used to find where problem areas might have been in how creatures spawned and moved, and to see why people were finding nothing to kill. The output of such map looks something like the below, and shows a marker on every tile where a creature is currently sitting. Typical creature distribution in an area with little to no deeds. With this view of everything on a server, it gives us a better look at where creatures are, how they are moving, and where they are avoiding. As expected and experienced by players, the areas near deeds and well travelled highways tend to be very sparsely populated by creatures because of a combination of players killing creatures they see, spirit templars and guard towers, and large amounts of areas being taken up by deeds and buildings where creatures do not spawn. In the creature pathing code you also have a tendency for most creatures to try and avoid deeds if possible – this doesn’t always happen as anyone with spirit templars will know, but they do try to avoid guarded deeds when they move. Adding onto this is the fleeing mechanic that controls how creatures behave when getting near other hostile creatures or near players. How areas around some deeds may look. Happy hunting to those that recognise their deed. With herbivores not liking the presence of players leading to them running away from them and other aggressive creatures, combined with them generally not spawning too close to deeds and buildings, and add in player’s proclivity to kill anything they see anywhere near their deeds, you can get some areas looking like the above – creatures finding their safe spaces in areas of land between deeds that are less travelled by players. Now as if this isn’t enough, carnivorous creatures also like to hunt – and where do they go to get their feast on? To the large grouping of herbivores running away from the nasty players. All of these interactions can compound with each other until you get the odd worst-case scenario that pops up in a couple of small areas on each map. A piece of land squished between a large deed and a cliff. Farm animals galore. This isn’t so much a widespread problem however, a large percentage of the map looks like the very first image above – good distribution of creatures across the large majority of the map. That’s not to say that some things cannot be improved though. Corralling Confined Creatures There are a few main areas where we could improve how creatures spawn and move around. The first is one that a large portion of the playerbase experience, and that is creatures that are penned up and stuck on deed trying to path their way outside of those pens and eventually all ending up stuck in various corners. This feature isn’t something that is unique to Wurm as I have seen the same behaviour in penned creatures in other games, and it comes with an interesting explanation. When a creature chooses a place to go, it will pick a tile in its range and then try its best to get to that tile – if it can find a valid path going around obstacles, through unlocked gates and around houses it will – but when it can’t it will most of the time just sit still instead, trying again for a different tile in range later. Now when a creature is inside a pen there are a lot less valid tiles that it can move to. It can move inside the pen and that’s about it. If your prized cow is sitting in the center of a large pen it can move to every tile around it since its max range is still inside the pen. But after that movement the cow is now closer to the edge of the pen, and half of the tiles it can try to move to are outside of the pen – so half the time when it picks a new tile to move to, it will do nothing. Leave that running for long enough and the cow will eventually run itself into a corner tile, where 75% of the tiles in range are outside of the pen – so 75% of its new movements are doing nothing because it is trying to get to an invalid tile. Left: All tiles in range are valid. Center: Some tiles outside of the pen are invalid. Right: Majority of tiles in range are invalid. A potential fix to this is actually reusing movement code that some other creatures use. Instead of picking a tile and trying to make their way to it, when these creatures have nothing better to move towards (like an easy kill while hunting) they will pick a direction and walk in that direction, turning every now and then, bouncing off obstacles like walls and fences, and just generally wandering aimlessly. Applying this code to penned creatures would mean less movement checks that end in them stuck in one spot, and more randomly moving around their available space – they will be able to walk up to the edge of their pen, then turn in a direction away from the fence or wall, and carry on in that other direction. Looking at it from a different direction, another way to possibly fix this issue would be to make creatures want to avoid tiles that already have other creatures on them or nearby them when possible. Ideally this would make bunched up creatures naturally spread out when they have no specific tile they are pathing towards leading to more evenly spread pens, and would also help out with another issue described above with creatures naturally gathering at certain points on the map in large groups currently. Counseling Cowardly Creatures For the issue of creatures seemingly grouping up at similar distances from active deeds as shown in the map view with deeds earlier, one easy change that we’ll be testing is simply tweaking the range that these fleeing creatures react to players. This will make them far less likely to scatter from an area around a deed, and instead just try and keep their distance from players when they are in a more realistically visible range. Adding onto this is a new system I’d like to try on these creatures to make them a bit more smart in choosing where they are running to when fleeing. At the moment when a fleeing creature is picking a new tile to run towards, it will take a look at all of the creatures it can see in range, and will attempt to run directly away from the first player or aggressive creature is sees in that list. This can mean that in their fleeing from one creature, they might run directly towards another that they would also rather not be near. To get them to choose their destination a little bit smarter instead of just running away from the first creature in their range, all of the tiles in their range will be weighted based on the relative distance and strength of enemy creatures nearby. This will give them a clear list of lowest risk tiles they should path to which can be used to decide where they move. Blue: Creature, Orange: Enemies, Green: Lowest risk tiles to move to. As a secondary addition to this heatmap-like system that we may test down the line would be to include other non-aggressive mobs to the tile weighting, making creatures less likely to travel to a tile that already has some other creatures on it. Changing Creature Creation In a similar manner to the above heatmap system to be tested with fleeing creature movements, in the near future I’ll be testing out another heatmap system for creature spawns. This would be a cached version of all the map tiles with a weighting based on deeds, guard towers and highways. Tiles closer to guard towers or deeds with templars would be weighted based on their distance to the deed/tower and the number of templars or tower guards. What this would allow is more precision in spawning creatures based on how safe or wild the area is – areas closer to deeds and towers tend to be more safe, so more passive and weaker mobs would spawn in those areas. Moving further out from these areas would take you farther into wilderness with stronger creatures spawning. This heatmap could then also be used to pick out best areas to spawn uniques or future more difficult creatures that we think up. We’d be able to safely spawn uniques out in the relative wilderness, out of the way of deeds and the destruction uniques may cause to them. This would ideally cause a more fluid system for hunting, with lower skilled players being able to feel relatively safe in areas that are well guarded or well travelled, while seasoned hunters will have a better idea of where they can travel to have a real fight. Finally, just in relation to creature numbers and how rare some creatures are compared to others – we’ll be taking another look at those after the above changes are live and working. The current hope is that the spreading out of these wild creatures more will make it more obvious what creatures are around and what creatures are actually pretty scarce. From there we can once again look at tweaking the percentages in what some creatures spawn. As for now though, we’re currently testing some of the changes and ideas talked about here on the test servers, with some of them due to be put onto one of the smaller Freedom servers in the near future for some better live testing. Once they are confirmed to be working as intended and not causing any extra stress on the servers they will be rolled out across all of the servers. We hope they’ll make a nice difference to your farms and hunting experiences. // TODO: Insert outro here. // @author: Budda
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    The White turtle castle - Gofs (Picture by Evening) Hi everyone! Another week down, and we've been hard at work! Want to know what? Just read on! But first... Patch Notes WU update The beta version of the next WU update will be coming early next week, with everything up to yesterdays update going into it, this means the new bushes and almanac features will be coming, with the new bridge textures and features coming in the next update. Combat log updates With the next update we'll have a big change to how the combat log works, with the addition of more colours to differentiate different actions and also your relation to the other parties of the fight! Not only this, but these colours can be set by using the text colours of the client as shown This means that you'll be able to customise your combat log to suit your personal preferences, and keep your eye on the fight that much better! Creature combat improvements Work has begun on improving creature combat, and first off the rank is the Uttacha! These combat improvements will be coming to Epic in the next update, if you want to find out what the new moves are, you'll have to wait and see for yourselves! Map Dumps Just over six months ago we released the last map dumps, and I'm pleased to say new ones are in the works! We don't have a release yet, but they may come in with the new highway system being launched, so keep your eyes peeled! Paving on bridges Final touches with the big changes to bridges are in the works, with underground bridges and the paving under testing and tweaking, I'm super keen to see this come, and can't even begin to imagine all the plans you have currently going on, I want to see them all! Midsummer fun Midsummers is a big tradition in Sweden, and we've got a special event planned for it! On the weekend of the 24th of June we'll be launching an event on Xanadu, with a unique prize for completing it. What is the prize? You'll just have to wait and see... Factional fight is back! I'm thrilled to see the Factional Fight guys back in action, with their awesome new introduction. Anyone not familiar with their videos will HAVE to spend the next few days brushing up on them all, they've been companions to many a wurmians grinding days, and I can imagine we're all keen on seeing their new video next week! That's it for this week, I look forward to sharing more with you all next time, but until then though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team
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    Port catnip lighthouse by day - Iberis This week marks two changes in our team while we work on the addition of new bridge types and the highway system, there's a bit to share on these two but first... Patch Notes Team additions Many of you may know Jberg as GM Logi, a long standing member of the staff team, and constant pesterer of pingpong. He has made the decision to join us as a developer and donate even more time to helping the game improve and grow. I'd like to be the first to welcome him to the team and I look forward to his contributions! Our other addition is an extremely hard working wiki editor, Wolfey, will be stepping up to the role of Assistant Wiki Manager, under Seedlings, who said the following: If you'd like to help improve the wiki, we have both team and non team positions available, to check out the differences and apply, read here: More bridge work! Along with the new textures (and the rendered one shown below) we have something else coming with the new bridges, and that is the ability to prepare and pave any bridge surface, allowing you all to continue fancy roadways across them! This is an early work, and there's a lot to work out, but we're keen on seeing these come to life and what you'll all do with them! We also have the rendered bridge available for preview now too! Highway system The highway system changes are undergoing internal testing currently (with the test server being covered in expanding roads) but there's a lot to go over, and at times it can be quite technical. Over the coming week we'll be looking at documentation for those who like to get into the nitty-gritty of the system, as well as a short guide in laymans terms. We'll then run some public testing and use the feature feedback board to answer your questions about how they work in specific situations. Community Content Normally I try to avoid covering similar things in a short timeframe with the community content, but I've had no fewer than 7 people contact me about Iberis's tour of deliverance video, it's an amazing video and SHE has done an excellent job showing the beauty of deliverance, so without further ado, enjoy! That's it for this week from us, I hope you all have a great weekend, and as usual, keep on wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
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    As the DNS hosts have finally migrated, the servers should be reachable by all players. As some players were unable to connect for this period, we will be extending all premium accounts by 72 hours (3 days) during tomorrows update. We’d like to thank you for your patience during these issues, and if you have made any modifications with your DNS servers or other files please ensure to revert those in case they cause issues later. -The Wurm team.
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    [09:08:23] You have played 1000 days, 13 hours and 23 minutes. OK where is my no life title!!
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    Just an update: now that we've actually had a couple of people send us info with the steps they found to reproduce it - we've been able to reproduce it at will on test and local servers. Fix for it will be soon. Thanks to those that managed to find those steps and send them to us.
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    In my opinion, the problem doesn't lie with PvP in this case. It lies in the fact that the stolen items were taken to Freedom, where there is absolutely no chance of the kingdom getting them back. If the thief had stayed on Chaos with everything, it would have been a nice challenge for the kingdom to track the guy down and kill him to get their stuff back. *That's* what PvP is all about. NOT robbing your own kingdom blind then bolting to Freedom--where the mechanics aren't there to have any fair shot at getting anything back--to hide out with the loot. PvP should stay on PvP. That's my opinion.
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    I could take the time to write out a long detailed reply to this detailing what was wrong, and why I did what I did, but after reading a bunch of messages in email and forum and this OP and the above comments it feels to me like the majority of people who care about this situation understand what the problem is and what I was getting at. At least I do hope that is the case.
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    Maybe slightly off-topic, but related to the original post in a way: I once played a different online game and was part and later a leader of a guild. In our guild we had a player - a relatively young fellow - who loved playing in a role of a "tank". He wasn't the best tank we had, but he was certainly not the worst and he was visibly improving from week to week... working very hard at getting better. His joy from being part of a large guild and having an increasingly important role was very visible to us all. One day, he simply vanished. We learned quickly that he passed away. It turned out that the player was a very sick person with deteriorating health who was in late stage of his illness. He was bound to a wheelchair and had increasing trouble performing many every day actions... except playing on the computer. The game we played - especially our guild - became very important to him, as it was his only source of entertainment that he could indepenently enjoy. His parents told us later that he often spoke of us and considered our acceptance of him a very important factor in his life. Of course, none of us knew he was sick... We were all nice to him, but none of us formed a close bond with the player, nor stopped to chat at length. While my relationship with him was very friendly, to this day I wish I spent a bit more time making him feel a bit more special. So... Don't forget to love people. They leave so fast...
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    Adjusted fireplace height so there's no z-fighting with floor above Added LOD for trellises, fireplace, large/small crates, bsb, fsb, large chest, oven, shard/ore piles, banners, flags, bee hive, still Added creature LODs: Deer, Stag, Pig Added winter textures for new pavement types Added unique seasonal textures for orange tree Fixed male player zombie eyes introduced in this update
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    Hi everyone! A big update today with underground bridges coming to Wurm! Underground housing was released just over a year ago, and it's come a huge way since then, with paving, new reinforcing, and now the bridges, what could be next? who knows... But first... Patch Notes Creature features So this week saw the devblog of Buddas touching on how the current mob AI works, as well as some plans to improve on that and hopefully see some better spreading of creatures across the servers. There'll be a bit of testing on the test server, then we'll move to one of the smaller servers, both to test that the system works in spreading out creatures as well as doesn't impact performance. It's an exciting change to come, so I'm keen to see how it plays out! Midsummers in Xanadu Hinted last week we'll be having a midsummer's event on Xanadu! The reason we chose Xanadu is because this event will run around a central location accessed from all starter deeds (much like the labyrinth). You won't need to bring a horse or travel, and since we'll have a special event only reward, people from Epic will be able to request a transfer ot the reward from Freedom to Epic! The event will start on Saturday the 24th of June at 16:00 server time (UTC+1) and will open from all starter deeds! WU beta delay Once we were sure that cave bridges would be coming out in this update we made the decision to delay the beta in time for this release, ensuring that the next beta will have lots more in it! I know it can be frustrating waiting for it to hit WU, but I can definitely say it's worth the wait. Player texture performance improvements This update also sees some improvements to player textures, meaning better performance in crowded areas such a PvP, events, and unique fights. We'll continue to monitor events like these to identify areas we can improve. Cooking poll This week saw a poll launched to follow up on rarity of ingredients, tools, and cookers affecting the resulting affinity of a meal. The poll is having some issues running on Xanadu, but you can cross servers to place a vote in if you still need to vote you can! We'll have the results of that poll in next weeks news. Community Content We talked about this last week, but it's here! The Factional Fight brothers are back with an awesome showcase of Linton. It's an amazing starter deed and they really put a lot of work into it, so you'll have to forgive me for milking it. Check out the video here in our brand new Showtime theatre, where you can share videos for both Wurm Online and Wurm Unlimited! If you have a video you'd like to have moved from from the artists bench please just report the post and our friendly mods will move it! That's it from us this week, I know you'll all be busy building, so keep on wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
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    We're not shutting down servers. End of story. Rolf's policy has always been so long as there's even one person still playing on a server, it's going to remain open. There's no post size quota, like quota, poll quota, or any other unit of measure that's going to change that. You might as well get used to it and move on. Did you check out what you can do in caves now? Might be a better use of time.
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    Unknown deed - Wiczan Glad Midsommar! Another busy week with the dev team, with the new bridges out of the way, what might be next? You'll have to read and find out But first.. Patch Notes More fences! With the release of the new textures and fences, many were asking about other possibilities, such as parapets, tall walls and other things. As we stated then, this work requires several major changes to expand possible fence types, and would be a little more intensive than simply adding the textures. I'm pleased to announce that this is a project currently underway, with the tall stone wall, portcullis, high iron fence/gate, stone parapet fences receiving the textures of slate, rounded stone, pottery brick, sandstone, rendered, and marble! This probably begins some players third or fourth deed remodels, but with more options available, who's complaining? Champion changes This week saw the changes of champions and how they work, going from a cap of 3 per god and 3 per kingdom to 1 per god per kingdom and 3 per kingdom. This means all kingdoms have equal opportunity of choosing their champions, so choose well! With this addition, Mol-Rehan kingdoms can now choose Fo and Vynora champions as well, with Jenn-Kellon kingdoms able to choose Magranon as a champion. Of course Libila remains HotS only. Midsummers on Xanadu Tomorrow is the launch of our Midsummer event on Xanadu, with a special unique prize for those who complete it. We have a sneak peek of the prize to tease you all with today! This unique Midsummers themed mask will only be available through this event, which will be open until the end of July, so make sure you get in and solve the mystery! Performance monitoring Over the coming weeks we'll be adding extra performance monitoring on servers, starting with a smaller undisclosed server. With this system we'll be able to track performance better and identify any areas of concern, which hopefully leads to tweaks and modifications to address the issues. This won't be run on the same server as the creature changes, but we'll of course continue to update you all as the weeks go on, showcasing the results and our goals for the future. Community Content This is slightly older, but forum user Iberis (Hexd) has been all over Exodus and is showing off her travels! Check out the sights and wonders of Exodus, I cannot wait to see where she goes next! That's it from us this week, I hope to see you all this weekend! Until then though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team
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    I have played many mmos: Final Fantasy XI, Final Fantasy XIV, WoW, Guild Wars II, EVE Online, Everquest, ESO, SWTOR, and more. All of them brand names. Most of them with huge fan bases, huge communities, their own culture, extensive budgets and so on. However, it was in Wurm the first time I had a one on one conversation with a GM, and a one on one conversation with a developer. Over 20 years gaming and this is the only place I have ever seen a dev hold a public and intelligent discussion with a player. I dont know what world you guys came from, but few if any games out there have devs involved in the community half as much as Budda does here with us. Its not a common occurence, yet here its the norm. ...and yet people say they are not involved and they dont listen to the players? Give me a break. Go back to WoW and see if they listen to you there
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    Ranting helps literally nothing - the only reason this is being fixed is because a couple of people found the steps to reproduce it at will.
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    Pavings changed to slate, on bridges, tunnel and ground,
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    Dear Mr. Enki, On behalf of The Cattle, Bison, and Sheep Breeders Association of Xaniacs, I write you regarding your recent opposition to milk. We, Xaniac Lactose Providers of Wurm, could not agree more that playing with wild skunks is inadvisable considering the lack of Ketchup in Wurm. We would also agree that drinking our milk products while operating a cart, wagon, or ship of unusual size is also inadvisable, and have labeled our amphorae accordingly for public safety. However, we would like to point out that Milk, in all its forms, is a natural bounty worthy of the rarest coin. It puts a mustache on many a face that would look odd without it, has stimulated the sale of cookies Wurmwide, and whipped into proper butter can even harden the weakest of arteries. We invite you to visit your local breeder for a sampling straight from the teat. The threat of trampling is minimal, and often compared to an enthusiastic Swedish massage. This message is brought to you with the support of Ron Burgundy, milk aficionado since 1074.
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    Damn, how could I be so naive as to believe that the enemy has a red outline on mouseover? I'm sorry, all of you are correct; within the letter of the wurm laws, these two were 'allowed' to steal several hota statues, slaughter several geared horses to take the gear, steal an SMC and quite a bit of highly casted tools and weapons. Wait, it wasn't stealing, since it's 'all right'. Obviously since it's a pvp server, absolutely no one you don't know in real life (and maybe some of those) are to be trusted and it's a dog eat dog world. It's always the person that loses items in this sort of thing that is entirely at fault, not the person that faked being a new and/or returning player, even partly gained a bit of trust from a kingdom and proceeds to clean them out. Nah, it's not his fault, it's the spirit of PVP right? No, it isn't. Every time I see things like this happen and get blown off as "meh, their fault, perms issues, don't trust people, etc" it makes my faith in mankind shrivel just that little bit more. And trust me, I've seen the full effects of mankind not liking one another, in a combat zone. I love wurm for the unique way that the game gives me to play, and sometimes when I get complacent and enjoy the community of Wurm, another nasty snake rears its head up and does something asshattery, and gets complimented by the pvp crowd for a well played ruse. Granted, many of the other pvpers have agreed that it was a shit thing to do, but most likely to the non pvp side, they tend to lump us pvpers into one mob of nasty, toxic community. And in many ways they're right. All you have to do is look at threads exactly like this one.
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    PHONE DESTROYYYYYYERRRR!!!! Coming soon. Announced at E3 tonight. Much excite!
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    Here you go everyone the finished video! Hope you all enjoy and thanks again Jakerivers for letting me borrow and horse and letting me in your alliance so I could look around some of the deeds <3
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    If you know how to do it: a working temporary workaround, you will need to revert it later when the issue is fixed! On linux: Go sudo and add the following line to /etc/hosts: jenn001.game.wurmonline.com No need to restart network. On windows you can find the hosts file at: C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts Simply add the above line. Not sure if you need to restart afterwards. This will not mess with your global dns settings
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    Stop and wave to every new player you meet, because you don't know who may be lonely and dying for someone to talk to. Just over this past week I've befriended two players who confided that they had no one to talk to or keep them company in-game. They were surprised and overjoyed when I waved to them first and then even engaged with them. One is a disabled player, for example. On a server that's fairly populous. Not sure if every MMO out there has this problem. My gut says "no".
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    Venerable Black Dragon. Found. Trapped (hopefully still so) Public kill 5:30pm MOUNTAIN STANDARD TIME Monday. Meet at the dock of Ring of Honor. 19x 7y If anyone wants to add a timer feel free.
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    Already considered as an option and will probably happen at some point
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    What's wrong with having an 'impassable forest'? If anything it gives reason to roadbuilding and adds to the wilderness.
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    DNS issue compensation. This week we encountered some issues when our name server hosts migrated to a different platform. As some were unable to connect during this time we will be extending premium time on all existing premium accounts by 3 days to thank you all for your patience. We will also be adding 5 hours sleep bonus to every account, up to a maximum of 10 hours. Sleeping in a bed, or doing anything that calculates sleep bonus will not reset this to 5 hours. Changes Increased chance for reed and kelp tiles and reduced chance of grass overtaking a tile next to tundra. Map annotation limits have been raised to 100 for village and 150 for alliance. Harvest seasons which were changed in the last update may still be harvestable during their old season until that is finished and will then follow the changed season harvest. In an effort to reduce some server lag recipe and cooking polling has been slowed. You may notice that when cooking, all meals may not be ready at the same time. Grape and Rose trellises can now be crafted with their respective sprouts. Bug Fixes Bugfix: Camera freezing issues (commonly known as the embark bug) when embarking a vehicle or mount after reconnecting have been addressed. Bugfix: Spells can again be cast on open helms. Bugfix: Certain bugged sandwiches should now work correctly. Bugfix: Trellises should now show an almost ripe message when examined and the time is right. Bugfix: Cave-in fix so that rock should not change to rock salt or sandstone. Bugfix: Trellises can now have sprouts and seedlings picked when available.
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    Just on the edge of each starter town an old wizened oak tree will appear, what secrets does it hold? You'll have to explore yourself... This weekend we'll be celebrating Midsummer with a special event on Xanadu! The event will start at each starter town and lead to a central location Those who survive the event will receive a special unique event only prize! As this is a unique prize, we'll also have it open to Epic players, simply come through the epic portal, complete the murderhouse event, and receive the prize, then you can log a support ticket for it to be moved to your character on epic You will not need: A horse A boat Combat capabilities Sanity You will need Food Water A sense of humour See you there!
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    I used to bring in my laptop and play that too while working haha And I struggled to play wurm while I worked, so I did the only logical thing, made wurm my work. Totally sane, right?
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    And that's a big part of the problem. There's many threads with devs asking for help reproducing the embark bug. I used the search and found some pretty easily. In one thread, Alectrys is asking on their behalf. Keenan has addressed the inability to reproduce the problem in threads that didn't even start out talking about the embark bug. He's expressed his own frustration in making attempts at reproducing it, enough times that I remember it. All the while, it's made very clear. If they could find a way to reliably reproduce the issue, they can solve it. It was said over and over, to the point where someone like me, who has never once since 2012 ever seen the embark bug... knew perfectly well about devs asking for help reproducing the issue and that being what held them back. It was fixed within days of getting a reliable way to reproduce it, just as they always said it would be. An obvious problem if you play the game? Super, then why didn't you explain how to reproduce it in the original post of your thread? Why did no one step forward before? Some of the people in your thread snidely suggesting the devs should have asked for help... were themselves commenting in older threads where devs were asking for help. *facepalm* Were they contributing anything helpful? Nope, not at all. Do they ever? Yet here we are, you don't remember ever seeing something about it. You say players "should be fed." Right. Trouble is, some people refuse to remember or acknowledge when they are. Devs don't listen to players? Nonsense. Some people are stuck in the negative. The Wurm way @Thorakkanath? Okay, let's see. To me, the "Wurm way" is people taking time to step in and help when they can, or at least try. That's what's great about the Wurm Community and it's happened so many times over the years. You and I have nearly identical systems. Mine runs flawlessly, yours chokes. You choose to blame the devs. That's your way. In your shoes, I'd ask for help too, but I'd ultimately decide that if the game runs smoothly on other systems, the game's not the problem. Something in my system is causing the issue, which means it's entirely within my power to fix it, one way or another. Trust me, Code Club's policy is to coddle and cajole players like some people in this very thread that do nothing but insult the devs. Some players even go as far as claim they shouldn't have to contribute, because they're customers. How ridiculous is that? I'm lost in the woods, but since I'm a tax-payer, I shouldn't have to do squat and shall demand I be rescued. That's their way, and not even close to the Wurm way. The Wurm way is you roll up your sleeves and get to work. If a rescue happens, awesome. If it doesn't, you'll get yourself out of the woods... or just settle down in a three room lean-to with a hot bowl of squirrel stew and a local coyote for conversation. The Dev staff actually spends a great deal of energy engaging with their players. They're forever having to explain any minute change to a cohort of players foaming at the mouth, stomping their feet, and throwing tantrums. And then? They have to sit here and read that they never listen to players...
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    DNS is what resolves names to IP addresses. So it's like if you have Mike in your cell phone, you click on name and it starts dialing the phone number for you. You only have to remember the name Mike and the phone knows the phone number so you don't have to remember it. This is exactly what DNS is for the internet. So the issue at hand is the DNS server (phone book) doesn't have the proper IP address for Wurm Online servers or is just down and not resolving at all. So we tell Windows how to get to Wurm Online and not use DNS. We use the hosts file. What you want to do is edit your Windows hosts file. This is the first file that Windows checks to resolve addresses, then it checks DNS. So we are going to tell Windows how to resolve the DNS names to what IP addresses. In Windows you want to click on your "Start Menu". From there you will start typing "notepad". When you see "notepad" pop up in the list of programs, you will right click on it and choose "Run As Administrator". Inside of notepad you will click on File, then Open. Browse to this folder: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc Change the part where it says "Text Documents (*.txt)" to "All Files (*.*) so you can see all files without the .txt extension. Open the file named: hosts (there is no .txt or any extension, just says hosts) The file will open and there shouldn't be any records except for an explanation of the file. So at the last line add these: Jenn001.game.wurmonline.com Wild001.game.wurmonline.com Then click on File and Save. Close the file. You can try to load Wurm Online client and if it works, then you are good to go. If you can't then you might need to flush your local DNS. Flush DNS (if needed). Doesn't hurt if you do it anyways. Click on Start Menu and search for "cmd" (Command Prompt) and open it. You will see a black screen where you will type this in: ipconfig /flushdns Type exit and the black box will go away. Try Wurm Online again and should log you in with no issues. Later on you can repeat these steps and remove the 2 lines in the hosts file so if Wurm updates it's DNS names, you'll get the new IP info.
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    Noob mines just got stylish! Thanks devs for the new mine stylinz. Liking them a lot, both floors and walls! So many options, so many possibilities! Here's what I did with mine:
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    Why skill at a 100% when you can skill at 110%?! That's right, with these pizzas, you can boost your every day grinds in any skills you want! I'm offering 10kg pizzas that give 100% ccfp and 6h+ timers from 1 bite! All of these will now be provided at 90ql and beyond for lowest decay rate and best nutrition . Because the timer lasts so long and all you need is 1 bite, you can easily have 10+ of these insights running at all times! Keep these pizzas wrapped in an icy larder or in a magic chest so you don't need new ones in weeks . For new customers I need to send a taste test meal before i complete the order . If possible, switch to the fixed system by going to your character window, right-clicking the body icon and Managing Profile, the option for switching will be at the bottom. Pricing: Random 10kg 90+ql pizzas - 30c each Custom affinity 10kg 90+ql (prices for 1 character/order): 1 pizza - 70c 2-3 pizzas - 60c each 4-7 pizzas - 50c each 8+ pizzas - 45c each New: Bundles! Save 10% and more! Smart Breakfast - Mind Logic + Body Strength + Meditating = 1.5s Hunter's Lunch - Fighting + Agressive Fighting + Chosen Weapon Skill + Weapon Parent Skill + Butchering = 2.2s ( + Chosen Shield + Shields for just 70c more) Panfiller's Fill - Mind Logic + Mind + Soul Depth + Soul + Cooking + HFC = 2.5s Char Builder - All 11 Characteristics! = 4.2s Nature's Bounty - Nature and all 11 of it's subskills! = 4.5s Full Full House - Every Skill + Every char! Total of 138 pizzas at the best price available, around 36c per pizza! 50s/eu Wrapping available at 1c for each pizza.
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    That mask is amazing Great news on the walls as well. What a good week! BUT!!!!! Give me my mirror, that's all I ask, Especially now for that gorgeous mask. Help me to turn into who I am, Help me to turn from a Sir to a Ma'am. Allow me to look the way that I feel, To see what emotional wounds that may heal. Too long now have I lived in looks like a guy, With mirrors announced, I am asking: Why? Why do I still have to look like a male? When can I leave this bodily jail?
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    Can use keybinds FLATTEN or LEVEL on tile borders resulting in the raising or lowering of the tile border. Less random slopes when mining forward, depending on skill level. skill less than 50, +-3 (current) skill = 50, variance is +-2 skill = 70, variance is +-1 skill = 90+ no variance Tile corners are now available on bridges. Champion changes Kingdoms will no longer require the player god to favour them in order to ascend a champion Each kingdom may have one champion per god, with a maximum of three champions Courier and dark messenger no longer have cooldowns Genesis now has a cooldown of 30 seconds Bugfix: Creatures without bodies should play a proper death animation before being deleted. Bugfix: Strange devices courier casts can now be improved while in the correct spirits domain Bugfix: Fixed the bug that caused the pave option to show on packed dirt with floor boards, resulting in a gravel tile.
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    Now a warehouse with proper multi-level access!
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    Welcome, one and all! This forum is for the video format content of the Wurm variety. Any content from either Wurm Online or Wurm Unlimited is welcome! But please, do make sure to denote which one it is from. I'm excited to watch some nice plays. - Jberg (GM/DEV)
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    what about a max of 3 champs per kingdom (or scale to population) and 1 champ per god per kingdom? This would mean that every kingdom could have a champion of say, Nathan, but no more than one each.
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    Just to add on to what Retro has said about the updated Uttacha - The reason they are starting out on epic first is because Valrei mobs are the perfect candidate for the updated combat style that these mobs will have. Due to how it all works, I'm less confident in having these changes come to mobs that spawn in the thousands until it has been properly tested on other mobs than spawn in smaller quantities. Epic was also the cluster that got the old updated creature combat (the one that made trolls hit every 2 seconds, and is disabled now) - so this is mostly a refresh of this for now. Once I've gone through the Valrei mobs, the next likely candidates will be uniques across all servers, and then Rift mobs later down the line. So these sorts of changes will be coming to all servers eventually - but we're starting with valrei mobs on epic.
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    It doesn't when commenting on some of those things is against the rules and/or censored. I'm not allowed to be specific, hence my generalities. If they applied equally, then certain people in positions of power would have been removed a long time ago instead of being granted more power to harass others. I personally have a few stories myself of people in positions of power who broke the rules, and nothing was done. If I bothered to dig through my logs I could show you an example where a GM left me/my character locked inside something another player had purposely sealed me in, and they never sanctioned the player for breaking the rules (Which stated you were not allowed to seal another player inside something). Was it favoritism? Who knows. I have other stories myself...like the time a CA set me on KoS across a highway, and a GM was called in and his response was to tell me to walk 2 tiles off the highway to avoid the KoS. Rather than deal with the rule-breaker. I've heard from numerous others with similar stories during the time I've played this game. (Off and on for about 3+ years.) That's not counting the original reason I first left, when a person was griefing me for months and kept calling GM friends in to harass me, and when I reported that 'up the chain', the head GM also didn't do anything about it, and when I tried to report it to the game creator every single message I sent was literally blocked/shut off. How is that equal treatment within said rules? What is the point in having rules that protect a certain class of people from ever facing the consequences of their actions? I watched a player who'd left the game and went elsewhere for awhile who came back to the game talk/openly brag in public chat about having used his mod powers to 'make people cry' and how he loved those tears. The person was a huge EVE fan, and they were discussing the toxicity over there and how much 'fun' it was to act like that. Sure, it's 'fun' for one party. Not so 'fun' for the other. Why would someone want to be decent to people who may be complicit in their own version of being treated like how I was previously? You're telling people to 'play nice' with people who aren't 'playing nice'. This leads to bullying. That's because some of us remember being told things in the past and then watching it not happen/take ages to be addressed/never get done. I still remember them telling us we'd be given back our wood textures. I can't even remember how long ago that promise was made. So you're telling us this may just be a 'short term' thing, but remember Rolf's bridge promise they still show in the launcher...we're worried this will just become the new 'normal', the new 'SoonTM'. So in effect, you're saying that people should just put up with a mechanic that was purely intended to waste their time? If the fixes had worked, the southern section of Xanadu wouldn't be mostly barren of mobs, we wouldn't be dealing with minor regularly occuring lag spikes + one major spike (update lag?) every day. Yes, you located the harvest timer 'thing' (Which was something that happened AFTER a mini fix that was done somewhere along the line triggered something else. I get how tweaking one thing can break numerous others. I used to build Starcraft maps in my spare time, along with RPG-maker, I have worked with 'triggers' and setting up the behind the scenes stuff to make a functional story. I know they need multiple iterations/re-working/exploring/testing to flush out bugs. From my time doing that stuff, I have a general overview of what makes Wurm function even. We're not all code-monkeys, but we're all also not total incompetents like we're spoken to as, a majority of the time.) See, the problem is, this was already said many moons ago in real life in one of the news articles (Before they changed them). They put together a mob dispersal map and showed it to us. Then nothing was heard about it ever again. It should've shown whole areas with barely anything in them, or huge clusters in certain areas (Figure deeds, and/or places where the mobs have herded to a coast.) They tried a few 'fixes' (I witnessed a few of them.) I had to save some people when they came back to the game and logged into one of those mob herds and promptly died. I had to help them kill enough/kite enough out to get their corpses. I've been around for some of this stuff. This was stuff that was said over 2 years ago. That's how long we've been waiting for these fixes. Yes, there's a 'small team'. Ignoring blaring problems like this for years? Not so cool. My aim? I want the betterment of Wurm. I want it to not frustrate players to the point they decide they'd leave instead of 'deal'. We get there's a lot of work to be done, a small team, and it's an old platform (JAVA *shudders*). Telling the players of your game to just 'suck it up buttercup' is definitely the wrong attitude. Like both Thorakkanath and Greyfox have both said, there's a bit of a customer service problem lately. The 'You'll deal with it and like it' attitude actually makes people rebel even more. Because they won't. Many, if they read those types of comments from a dev/person in power, would abruptly say 'I'm leaving, I don't like your attitude.'. Another big game company (The owner of WoW) has that same attitude of 'We know what is best for you gamers..' I've personally been boycotting the whole company/it's games after being a fanboi for years (I own all their games up to a point.). You lose your loyal people that way. I've pointed out numerous 'glaring problems' in my posts. I wasn't referencing the suggestion board here except in parting. (I don't even look in this forum's/game's suggestion section unless I happen to click over there when I see a 'recent' article that leads me over there.) Off and on. This game seems like more 'work' than fun some days. I'm 81+ farming. That skill seems to be purposely intended to make one login, spend hours dealing with your field, and logoff. But after doing that, I spend another half an hour milking my whole herd (I'm just under getting 53 milking for the +3 milking!), then I spend another half hour'ish turning that all into cheese (almost 43 Dairy Food Making skill) and I HAD been doing a lot of cooking to boost up the overall cooking skill, which the polling just messed up. I was able to sip a lemon juice and get 1 minute and 30ish seconds of cooking food affinity. With the instant polling, it would all tick over with that up. Now I have to start using a different one...(Which means finding another.) because it doesn't give me any timer on that and the meals take upwards of 3-4 minutes to finish all of them. I had made it to 63+ cooking skill and 82+ HFC. Otherwise I do whatever catches my fancy that day. (I have a tendency to become distracted and wander off and do whatever unless I'm focusing on a certain task.) I'm obviously someone who's 'played' a bunch. I must 'enjoy' it or have enough 'fun' around here to play this much of it. That's not counting all the other skills I have at decent levels. I usually participate in the missions on my server too, when there's one you can actually do. (A lot of them end up sitting there never completing until they fail.) There seems to be a lot of people who read my comments and think I'm just 'bad-mouthing' or 'trashing' the game. But I'm really not. I am overly verbose when I do speak on a subject, and some of the things I say may come off wrong due to mis-perceptions/lack of tone/inflections. Do I think the game is currently on a trajectory to ruin? I'm not sure. It's been chugging along at a steady pace, with at least a certain amount of people still around. Maybe it'll continue at that. Or maybe they'll make some decision which may wipe out their remaining p(l)ayer-base. Or maybe they'll do something that'll bring in a bunch of fresh people. Who knows. Time will tell. Nothing is ever set in stone. (Except Excalibur. :P)
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    Nah, bridges that travel through time. We'll just make each part decay as a different rate.
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    Player subscriptions have been stable for the past year following those who migrated to WU. We also had spikes in population when we gave away gifts to premium players. While I can understand the desire to see communities closer together, this is achievable as it is, and and I'm not sure how suggesting some people lose all of their hard work would bring anyone new into the game, infact I see it having the opposite effect
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    I don't see much point in removing peoples hard work, it always seems to be "close servers I don't play on"
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    [01:05:03] This would cause a section of the structure to crash down since it lacks support. So, how about we get some supports for those poor arched walls? Empty frame with just two pillars to extend our arches by X floors. Same wooden trim as the arched walls, both side and one only (rotate option do the job) for those newly added wide arches and available of course for all type of walls.
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    Everyone likes titles they can display for others to see. Here's some new ones for killing many monsters 1000 spiders - Arachnophobe 1000 Wildcats - Catastrophe 100 dragons - Dragonmaster 10000 bears - Bearly Bearlievable 100 Sharks - Got a bigger boat I'm sure you can think of funnier ones.
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    Like we've said in other threads, tree collision has always been intended to return. One thing we will be looking at is improvements about how it works, trees close together blocking movement completely being the obvious one