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    So as many of you had reported, some creatures seemed to have been given a bit more oomph in their combat ability. Thanks to numerous reports and being able to cross reference things, we discovered the issue and was able to actually disable it on all Freedom servers without a restart. As some had pointed out, creatures on Epic have been a bit more powerful for quite some time. This was due to a new combat system that was rolled out just over a year ago, and was intended on making it's way to the live servers after testing and tweaks. An inadvertent version number bump had caused this system to go live early, making for some creatures to be more difficult, such as trolls. We do apologize for any inconvenience.
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    The only creatures that used this new system right now were bears, trolls, seals, and death crawler minions. Sorry, you're on your own for the wildcat
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    The 'Docks' in my boat mine on exo;
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    Yes almost an exact match!
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    As of now, theres less than a week to go until the 10th birthday of Wurm Online which is supposed to bring the new and highly anticipated new renderer which is already running on the unstable client for several days now. Many people tried it, encountered a lot of issues, and some of them have been solved. But with the time until the current ETA becoming less and less, id like to hear an opinion of those who tried it whether they think it should make its way into the client stable or be delayed further. While most people in my alliance used to run the unstable client before the new renderer, most of them refuse to touch it at all now, and i think this is no pointless refusal for sure. i myself have been running it pretty much every day since the new renderer went live, and i for one strongly suggest to delay it making its way into the stable client for the time being. why? well, random reconnects, mirrored horses, mirrored players, a number of people not being able to even start up the client at all, opening a bigger number of bsbs/crates leads to crashes. i could continue this list for several more points but a quick look at the client bugs section while give a good impression of why i suggest this. while i do enjoy the new light rendering, i think leaving it the way it currently is for an indefinite time is best. the stable client using the old renderer and, for those who dont mind the occasional crash, reconnect and what else might happen, the unstable client offering the new renderer. another point i might see a problem with is news announcing wurms 10th birthday. some people might see it and return, or just want to give it a try. having to bother with problems like not even being able to start up the game at all will probably drive off quite a few of the potential new players. but i still want to hear from other people who used the unstable client. whats your opinion? think the new renderer should go live on the 6th, or be delayed? maybe we could even get a statement from retro about the current plans regarding the full release?
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    That's cute, please add Nogumps to freedom so this guy can learn humility ^
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    It's pretty obvious to say that we wont push this out if the issues are not rectified. That said, updates, fixes and optimization projects are ongoing and we will hopefully have it ready by the 6th, or failing that, much more stable. We're monitoring all feedback and client bugs reported, so please do continue to use those, as they are the only way we can track issues.
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    No. I lag terribly with it. Even with settings turned way down.
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    Hah, compensation. You're quite the comedian.
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    I doubt 5 minutes could be enough. Correct all that holes and spikes is easy task, problem are that rift decoration objects. I tested them with 50ql large maul and I was able to do 0.03-0.05 damage per 30 second bash. When considering there were more rifts objects than fighters, clearing all rifts objects seems like much longer community event than fight itself. Pity, we can't load that rift decoration onto cart or at last push/pull it ... I could imagine dark themed deeds decorated with them
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    A token to be able to remove and reuse? No lol I could get behind a money sink item that removes it and that's all, none of this reuse business though. +/-1
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    Finally got my first ebony black baby. It's been a long and tedious path. Breeding hundreds of horses, killing off hundreds more as not to go above the deed animal head count. And she's finally here. Unfortunately with a bad trait, but I'll sort it out somehow!
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    I would like to suggest adding all wall types to underground houses for better customization.
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    "A wide metal blade on a shaft, used to dispense and clean up mortar on bricks. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. It could be improved with a lump." Item is made of iron and at creation QL which is QL5. Starting Bid: 20s Min Increase: 1s Reserve: None Buyout: 40s Snipe Protection: 1 Hour
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    not sure why mines do not have tile borders, but it would be a great help to have tile borders in mines to see slopes as well as making fences!
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    I've split off the new crash posts to this topic to keep it separate from the Unstable Winter issue http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/141821-40-crash-vertexbuffer-unlocked-without-lock/ The snow issue on unstable will be fixed next update. For crash problems, please post in the new thread if it's the same info, or open a new post.
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    Personally i havnt been able to load it on anything but minimal settings, it crashes on startup. My PC is far beyond any requirements Wurm would need, i'm normally able to run like 10 clients on max settings but this new renderer slays itself before i get to have a look xD
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    Retro how am i supposed to keep mocking everyone about this if you turn up and be so darn reasonable? You're ruining everything!
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    Diversity in combat and also variety in creature and combat has been something we've been looking at for a while now, we will continue to look at ways of improving that as time goes on. As for the clairvoyant titles, I've been in touch with Enki and Budda, and we will continue to look at how reporting bugs both through actions, and finding in the code can be rewarded, hopefully some public information will be available soon
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    Sorry Keenan this is now the "how many things have you reported without getting clairvoyant title" thread Unfortunately i wouldn't know where to begin so i hope you've been keeping track. More seriously though, i just had to look at the WU code and dang....after 20 skill the boosts you get for weapon skill really are pretty small o.O I've been wasting my life.....well....more than usual.
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    I'm all for making mobs difficult, but I'm all against making them a deadly thread to some character builds and a walk in a park for other character builds. And sadly that's what the "bugged" trolls are. They are still quite easy to defeat for high-strength and highly armoured characters (in plate or better), preferably with a 2-handed LT weapon - while all other character builds have to run, no matter their main fighting or weapon skills. I have FS 80, weapon skill 72, using light armour (plain leather) ql94, a character with low-strength but good body control, using longsword (no LT) and shield. He's not a fast killer of course, he relies on good parry and block rates instead. With the old Freedom trolls I would kill them handily, getting hit only a few times during a fight, all else blocked or parried. Plenty of fights even where I don't get a single wound from a troll fight (here's a combat log of one; http://pastebin.com/xzdhuv9c With the "bugged" version that same character needs to run from trolls. Thus be careful please what you ask for, when we start balancing mobs for the standard power-builds (plate, SotG, 2-handed weapon with LT, high body strength) we might as well remove all other gear and skills from the game. ...
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    And the back end of the docks warehouse
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    Nope i didn't touch him.
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    And yay for no restart needed! Even better. I can come out from under my bed.
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    Funny you should mention that... [21:05:41] <Rizi> I have taken the steroids away from the trolls... and other creatures.
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    Got a nice action pic while clearing Azkaban island of its pests
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    I would like to make a slight deviation here, but I was on chaos when the Valrie mobs were added. You would get a shot of lightning, and suddenly get hit with about 5 drakespirits or eaglespirits. Those things were, and still are a bastard to single kill. My point is rifts need to be tougher, bring the community together, and distribute the wares evenly, not just to the top -end players.
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    http://imgur.com/a/sq1Qp All gm's whom have had to rescue poor wurmians whom missed our completed side and either decided to run off into the lake or lagged or wasn't paying attention and ran into the last few tiles needed on the other side intead. the bridge has been completed ! have no fear auto driving your cart across the bridge. [09:55:08] <Astarte> Someone needs to finish that bridge, if I get more tickets here, I seriously will consider it a trap meant to grief. no need for a ticket, I put a rush on this project and paid extra silver to get shards over to make bricks to get the job done. would of gotten done sooner but no marble in our area.
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    Open java control panel and under the Advanced tab choose to show java console. It should display any error in a separate window.
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    TBH I do like trolls beong stronger before they were like cats, you wouldnt need even armour to deal with them. I thought we were crying for stronger mobs to fight, and so we got it
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    Thanks, this issue should be fixed in the next build.
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    -1 Cause if you are hogging off deed resources you should at least take the time to use them on occasion, if you are too lazy to check you deserve to have doors and buildings rot away.
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    It's June bruh... school is over kids tealing their mammy and pappys credit cards to Wurm it up.. Wait until August then show me the subs and we'll chill bruh..
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    By the way, this server rocks, it is really a blast on this server. I have been playing consistently for the past month and currently have way too many projects going with not enough time to finish. The community gets together to battle bad guys often and seems to be growing. The mods are all very good, they are exactly what I would have if I had my own public server. Anyways, come join us in the fun! Backsnap/Lockelamora
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    What about the extra damage trolls are doing by attacking every 1 or 2 seconds instead of every 6 to 8 seconds like they used to? Kicking, biting, and clubbing at the same instance sometimes. Parrying and dodging like a reed in the wind?
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    Been training small axe lately goin for dat 90 overall axes so bump to end the oppression! Kinda annoyed i trained it to 80 and the whole time it's got far higher difficulty to level up than other weapons >.>
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    The issue here (from what I'm gathering) seems to mostly be with things related to trolls that have been in game a while now: > too much damage to equipment from their (mauling) hits, especially to shields > too difficult to kill with regard to the reward (fighting / weapon skill gain too low; bison are better for fight skill while being much easier to kill) I'd suggest fixing this in the same ways I have before: > decrease damage to equipment and / or buff the benefit given from high repairing skill > buff the fight skill gain given from killing trolls (the previous buff came before their combat abilities were buffed; they are out of balance again) > make the club able to be improved and buff it to be a viable weapon, at least in PvE
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    I wasn't all that broken. Maybe I could give you some tips? All in all, the missing "damage" now is whatever the opponent's armor was to absorb. I also have absolutely nothing to say to people who complain about bug fixes, no matter when they happen. Bugs do not have a statute of limitations. If discovered, and if fixing it makes sense (as this did) then they will be fixed. I appreciate the numbers being posted. Better feedback would be to give some feelings on how this change has affected hunting for you. Noticing it missing from patch notes actually came from me almost dying to a trolling situation on Exodus (go figure!) and I went to check to make sure the LT fix was in, and didn't see it in the notes. When I checked the build, it was certainly in there, and thus here we are. Notified. Since trolls have a fairly decent natural armor, LT does seem to be a little weaker against them than I'd obviously like as a hunter. On the other hand, it just means more squishy creatures will work like cotton (which is what we used to do before anyway). All in all, it means I'm less likely to leave myself idling in the middle of the woods and let my LT huge axe keep me alive. Anywho, I'm almost ready to push the newest WU beta.
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    Hmm..perhaps the rift events can be expanded so that everyone doesn't just leave when it's done, but they help to repair the area. People can bring sprouts and flowers, after the rift closes, everyone starts planting sprouts and flowers and fo priests do a little wild growth.
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    This is the spirit of a game: enjoyment and fun; anything besides that is just a bonus!
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    I agree with several others -- I'd love to see difficulty increase with the number of players in local.
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    These rifts arent special at all. They were hyped as strong and difficult, something completly new but they are just the same as unique slayings just with another coat on. They arent even fun in this form, they simply take to long. The total lack of challenge makes it boring very quickly after the so much single spawn of a beast. The creatures need to spawn parallel per wave, not serial. The fact that players can decide when it opens and when the next wave hits is dumb to. The positive thing is the accumulation of fs in such a short time and travel distance between mobs.
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    Was at Cele rift, was actually fun, although IMO rewards were too low. Loot is what motivates people to run these encounters. Challenge(curiosity) the first cpl of times, then it is all about loot. Time will tell, whether they are worth the effort for people. My opinion tho is, that instead of rifts the devs should've improved the uniques system with similar features as rifts have. At first uniques spawn location gets a marker, that place can't be deeded, unique doesn't leave its area etc. Few days after the marker lights, dragon etc spawns and is ready to kill, loot is distributed randomly between every participant(not including alts standing nearby). Rifts I would scale down(also lower the droprate of pauldrons etc, lumps are fine tbh) so it would be possible to even solo and make them spawn frequently across the server (simultaneously several rifts could be open).
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    Perhaps it would be better to have a 10% drop chance for moonmetal on every kill and when the rift is over, everyone should receive an item (ring, brancelet) etc... I'm not a big fan of these RIfts. I prefer to play in a low fantasy setting rather then this. I would be much happier to see the shoulder parts as craftable items.
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    After doing a bit of research here and there, I found these: First place and "The Best LOL" award: Second place and the "Directionally Challenged" award: Third place and the "Huh!" award Honorable "Friendly Lag" mention: Note: these adds were posted on Village Recruitment Boards on Freedom (PvE) servers; I have no idea if PvP servers have anything similar.
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    Yes a project long overdue for completion. Many obstacles slowed that project down. Care and concern was taken to clearly post a sign advising travelers to be careful and stay to the completed side. (but user awareness isn't always prevalent) Most times a ticket wasn't even required i moved and rescued many a wagon and cart myself for people. Patience and a little effort to solve the problem is always better then apparently bothering a GM as seen by ones statement, glad they all aren't like that As always Happy wurming
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    Also the 6th june extra rewards might have helped.