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    From personal experience leaving <server> to trade or visit hunting locations, I've run into the annoying hassle of sailing for H O U R S on occasion to get from, say for example, independence to celebration. I am not the only one that finds this rather obtuse. Like all worlds, It should be spherical in appreance. What better way to give this illusion then to position server crossings in a pattern such that it appears to be a circular/spherical world? BAM! Chaos in the middle, but arguably well situated to be avoided or visited for PvP reasons Trade routes are closer in some cases (Indi to Cele as an example) All servers reachable within 2 crossings from any map Don't want pvp, you can bypass it completely Western Chaos can finally have decent access to other servers Every single server has access to either Pristine or Release Promotes a more Spherical world by the fact that travel is connected in a near circular pattern One can essentially sail due west, east, north, and south indefinitely creating the feel of a real world Future servers can be added in such a way that it just extends the crystaline structure For example, lets start in Pristine. If we were in the northern hemisphere, traveling north or east takes us to Independence. If we are in the southern hemisphere, traveling south takes us to Deliverance and traveling east takes us to Chaos. **Server placement could be moved around depending on popularity or population. **I did not setup a poll as I feel this to be a finished suggestion. P.S. I have also shot an email on this directly to Rolf, simply outlining a few points and asking him to think about this suggestion.
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    Some of us play both, and don't feel bad about enjoying them both.
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    I know we are all about wurm being hard and all but priest need a little buff IMO they take so much time or money to get a good one and you don't even get any kind of consistency at all that i can see so far.
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    Why not something like this? Chaos in the middle, but arguably in a well suited position for this case PvP is closer to everyone that wish to give it a try Trade routes are closer in some cases (Indi to Cele as an example) All servers reachable within 2 crossings from any map Don't want pvp, you can by pass it and still reach another server in 2 crossings Western Chaos can finally have decent access to other servers Every single server has access to Either Pristine or Release Promotes a more Spherical world by the fact that travel is connected in a near circular pattern **Server placement could be moved around depending on popularity or population. Forgive my boldness, but I fail to see a downside to this proposal
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    As people have suggested before just make dirt automatically pile up like iron ore or rock shards when mining rather than going into your inventory.
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    Here are four new tree types that should arrive fairly soon. It is planned for each one to have a special use eventually, starting with harvestable walnuts and chestnuts of course. Chestnut Walnut Linden Tree Fir
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    Well, a legion of players buying premium would definitely animate the economy, but most of them would be 10 years old so it would be the end of Wurm as we know it.
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    Cool story, bro. Not sure why any of us care about Wurm's weaker, shallower younger brother, but hey.
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    Apologies, this is actually my fault. I couldn't make a deal with the Easter Bunnies union in time. They demanded lead free paint, shorter working hours, hair conditioner, environmentally friendly Easter baskets, high end running shoes, and carrots. I thought we were going to make it in time as we agreed to everything, but when they demanded carrots I just had to walk away from the bargaining table.
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    It is nice we have the blacksmihting bonus. Can we add more bonuses to the other titles that would be worthy? It is a nice little reward for earning the title, Weaponsmithing Shieldsmithing Fletching Etc... It would be fun and make the titles mean something. We have had the blacksmithing bonus for awhile now, time to expand.
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    Your very own Game of Thrones character in horse form. 7-trait fighting horse. Has all 5 speed traits plus tough and fierce. Located on Deliverance server. Can deliver to GD, Puzzle Plaza or you can pick up from Blackbird 34x 36y. Starting bid: 1s Minimum Increments: 50c 30 minute snipe protection. Auction Ends Monday 8th of April 1am GMT.
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    Sure, lets drop a change that will benefit the vast mayorie of the servers population in order to not to mess with your actual deed placement, and while on that lets revert the new mobs caps because it cause a major impact in the meat factory owners, etc. +99 to OP
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    I didnt call you stupid yet, I just said that I think the idea is stupid, sorry if I dont go into a wall of text to explain what, to me, is self evident. In previous threads I read a lot of players asking for less NPCs, and this is basically a player craftable and controlable NPC, as a matter of fact, one of the aprils fool joke threads was a suggestion similar to this one, that should be a hint as to why people dont support this idea. Have a good day.
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    I want the ability to resize ONE of the four sides of a Deed. Too many instances where it would be nice to expand, but cannot because of something on ONE side. Being able to re-size ONE of the four directions, without affecting the other three, would be a good thing.
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    I here by letting you all know that some of these images are going on the wiki. with credit to the posters. @ Kegan - http://wurmpedia.com/index.php/File:Statue_of_troll.png . - http://wurmpedia.com/index.php/File:Foal.png @ Emane - http://wurmpedia.com/index.php/File:Statue_of_dog.png
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    +1. Unfenced bee houses should be looted by bears occasionally!
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    Where would any additional servers attach? Messing up/changing connections as new servers are added is not something I'd like to see. Some people build in specific places due to the distance from server borders etc. I rather like my location as far from a server border as it's more or less possible to get for that very reason. Changing the current connections could also badly mess up people who have multiple deeds on different servers and have to travel between them to maintain the deeds.
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    (Just wondering) the servers on the right and left (pristine, exo, deli and release) have 2 arrows pointing from them (one going to chaos and another going to a different server). How would you choose which server to go to as there is 2 possible choices on a single side.
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    looks.more.like a fat goblin.
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    It is cute when people delude themselves into thinking there is a usefull way to spend time.
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    They are laying for me... slow, but they do(well... i have only one hen)..
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    I am having the same issue with hens and atleast on exo its an issue alot of people are having currently. My theory is it has something to do with the recent animal deed changes.
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    -the server rule safe enclosure is nothing protected by game mechanics, but only enforced by GMs -enclosures structures needs to be maintained, since 1 fallen fence or wall destroys the protection -deeds reduce maintenance chores, because decay of fences and houses are reduced to 0 , so they take no damage aslong as there is more then 1 month upkeep in the village token -deeds can hire templars(for 1 silver per month and 1 silver initial cost) which can protect you against monsters on your deed -deed means no one can take your place away because its game mechanic secured, so no one CAN bash your fences, offdeed they can still attempt to, even if its illegal -deeds also allow management of roles like for your friends/villagers/alliancemembers etc. into detail like farming, woodcutting, taming etc. there are also some general management adjustments that will change it for everyone on the server like pickup on deed grounds -deeds allow you to have another respawning point besides the general server one -on deeds your lamps will be lit automatically once filled (not sure how it exactly works atm but i have no templar and they are burning bright since months ) -you can use your deed to "brand" animals with the deeds name, which makes it possible to lead your animals from a strangers deed (for whatever reason) maybe some others add more XD
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    Id just like to have buoys that are place-able under the sign restrictions. hanging lantern (all of em?) + small barrel + mooring anchor = hanging lantern buoy flag (all of em?) + small barrel + mooring anchor = flag buoy
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    I bought a few garden gnomes today and one of them had been dyed with blue color and it makes it too dark for me but when i went to remove it i get a message saying i could not remove the dye. I then tried to change it to a white thinking it might lighten it up some and got the second message... 1: [18:28:41] The garden gnome is indestructible and the color can not be removed. 2: [18:30:55] The garden gnome is indestructible and the color can not be replaced. Now why would you make something able to be dyed but not give it an option to be removed or changed? Is this intended or is it a bug? Edit: While we are here talking about gnomes maybe we can get a new version for next Christmas? I would like to have a mining gnome or a farming one and hey are there any female gnomes out there?
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    i believe somewhere rolf mentioned a little bit about why Notch and him split on the Wurm bit. basically, they wanted different things out of a game. The same is probably mostly true to this day. Let's not sugest Notch returns in any way more than an assistant role to Rolf. I rather like what Rolf has done to Wurm... overall. I feel that bringing Minecraft mentality into the mix would water down this game's content. That said, I think skyrocketing player count would do nothing but good. It might bring actual population to these sprawling villages that more resemble ghost towns, to actual population centers.
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    And I thought we were talking about something significant
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    sure rancid, sounds like a deal in that case, 1 cog left
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    For once I can agree with you, Kegan. I wouldn't mind it taking longer to cast e.g. favour regenerating slower and saccing stuff becoming worth less favour, so long as casting was more reliable and less munted. I had a 90 faith 80 chan 74SD Vyn for a month and got pretty much no 90+ casts out of him and bugger all 80+ casts, it's ridiculous
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    +1 for anything to keep aliens off my brain
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    I don't want notch to touch CCAB, not because I don't like him, I think he's great.. But because he'd take it in a different direction. Easymode it, and commercialize it alot
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    Skyrocketting player count does not sound like a good thing.
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    could try this post,they do delivery and have a bit in the post about placing an order http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/78428-selling-veggies-cotton-and-wemp-with-free-delivering/
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    And the problem was what? You had to go around? If having to go around fenced off areas is a problem then Rolf could easily fix that two ways. Limit enclosure size and protect perimiters from tree cutting, mining and terraforming. Those two things would eliminate a huge number of fences.
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    that is just lag, I have had it rubber band me halfway across my deed before. Where the bear thinks you are and where you actually are and where you think you are are three different places.
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    https://www.youtube....h?v=UcUs1o_YRpY YESSSSSSS!!
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    New Brotopia (Exodus) almost one year ago, in the first (or second week) of life.
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    Is it better to build near other houses or find a plot of land with no neighbours? ~~~ Depends on your play-style. How important is it to have clay, tar and such nearby? ~~~ Not very, nice to have iron though. How big should the plot be? ~~~ Depends on play style. What does my house absolutely need? ~~~4 walls and a door with a lock
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    People are classing this as a stupid idea because it's: -Totally unnecessary -Adding redundancy -Going to break the horse breeding and selling market -Going to be OP -Poorly thought out -Ignorant of what Wurm players as a whole actually want to see added -Selfish Plus, methinks the lady doth protest too much, seeing as you're arguing with people who just dont like your idea/dont think it's necessary. They're allowed their opinions, and you calling them out saying they're not allowed their opinion is just plain obnoxious.
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    I don't grind for skills like some people do i would have quit a long time ago if i did. I just play the game building and gathering resources for what i need at the time and the skills just come with time. I am at a little over two years now and i am just now seeing my skills going over the 70-80 mark. The bottom line is this game takes time to level skills even more with characteristics but if you can get some good tools with high CoC that helps a little making the gains better when your using SB.
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    I requite your quites with quiet and then find it quite nice. =Ayes=
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    "we like pvp" No results found for 'radni'. on a 248 page skirmish thread
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    Yes, some people are seem to try everything to destroy the game. That are accounts that should be deletet. @ Sir Arowhun: almost every of your suggesting, from the countless you do, are pointing to get rid of options we got since many years in this game. Your most common argument is "other game got it". This is wurm, most people are playing it because its different form other games in many ways. Do you want to buy an account? Sell an account? no? Well, me too. I never bought or sell an account, and i wont do, so i take care for my own buisness and don´t try to ###### up the options of other people. Maybe because i am not a complete Jerk yet.
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    The whole thing is idiotic, on a PvP server you need horses and remounts for every pvper, but deed space is generally limited due to defensibility, seems to just make the server even less attractive to newcomers and current players alike
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    I think this new bloody body bag is more disturbing than the old corpses. Also very strange how people can end up in body bags on a battle field. I'd rather have a naked(basic shirt and pants) corpse. Or have 4 models, male/female with gear and without gear depending if inventory is empty or not. But not showing actual armor or face customization, just some standard models and textures (could be laying face down?).
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    Hiya, Diddyness and Sandie built that house, at Sandie World. Thanks for picking it out as a good one!! We have also build this at Sand Castle: The wooden house is all one structure Regards Sandie & Diddyness
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    From a basic design in MS Paint, to the completed house in game Edit: More up to date screenshot added.
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