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    I'm sure this has been suggested before, but I don't think it's ever made it to its own thread. There needs to be a server strictly for hunting. Currently, the main Freedom cluster has hardly any hunting. I've traveled around everywhere on all four servers, and the hunting was great when they first opened. After people start breeding and collecting aggressive such as hell horses, the hunting has gone down. What hunting there is, Spirit Templars usually kill them. What I propose is a strictly hunting only server East of Independence, sailable by boat. Building, breeding, and penning of animals would not be allowed. There would be no deeds, guard towers, or Spirit Templars. The server should remain PvP-free simply for the fact that I know that Freedom players would enjoy hunting on it as well. After such a server would be implemented, it should solve a lot of problems for people who can't find decent hunting to get their Fighting and Weapon skills up. It would also add value to larger boats as you could transport a mass quantity of meats, hides, and pelts. It would open up a new trade window for people who want to supply bulk meats and other animal produce, which is only a GOOD thing for the economy. The size of such a server shouldn't be too big, perhaps GV sized 1024, or 2048. Items can be crossed between the servers, and perhaps some unique, non-game breaking items could be found on the server for hunters to collect. The animals would be more difficult, and would be a lot more prominent. Horses would be abundant so you could bring some gear to ride on them with. A few ideas that could be implemented along with this server would include: Sleeping Bag (Non-Repairable) - Cloth Tailoring 2 Furs 2 Sheets 10 Strings of Cloth --- Offers 1/3 Sleep Bonus compared to a bed --- 5 Minute logout timer Tents (Non-Repairable) - Leatherworking 5 Shafts 4 Leather (3kg each) 10 Wires 2 Sleeping Bags --- Offers 1/2 Sleep Bonus compared to a bed --- 5 Minute logout timer Ivory Ivory has a number of functions, but mostly decorational, which wouldn't be game breaking at all. What could be made from Ivory includes Horned Helmets, Ivory Musical Horns, Drinking Horns, and other decorational Ivory items. Unique Respawns Uniques could occasionally respawn here with no messages. This means that each new server that is added wouldn't be plagued with people who only join the server to kill the uniques. The uniques that spawn from new servers would randomly spawn here every couple of weeks after the newest servers are added. Stronger Animals This server could showcase animals far stronger than the typical animals on the other servers. Unique creatures such as the God's animals (Avatars) could respawn here, aggressive, and perhaps would drop loot such as 50-60QL weaponry (not high QL, but mostly trophy material). A server like this could be used to test stronger animals before implemented to mainstream servers, and perhaps one day Rolf could test smarter animal AI, such as troll and goblin outposts, or even NPC strongholds. Item Fixes Branches - Make Kindling out of them I don't really see a downside to this, and a server such as this would have the least strain out of any other server as there would be no buildings or deeds. I'd like to see people's thoughts on an idea such as this.
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    dragons should teleport in a random direction, once a day, to a spot that is between 50 and 200 tiles away. that would solve the problem.
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    respawning dragons is a good idea, probably should take a bit to respawn (maybe 6 months?). I'm pretty sick of this old boys club attitude within wurm, it's why the game is not attractive to new players.
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    Why should some events be tampered with after the fact when the victim happens to be a noisy person and yet others are left to deal with it because they dont throw a tantrum at what was advertised and warned to be a part of life on Epic? And why should people who dont motivate themselves to paticipate in pvp on a pvp server be rewarded with precious metal from sitting at home doing nothing and taking no risks other than living on a server that is known to have terraforming events?
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    Topic locked Due to trolling
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    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NEW VERSION AVAILABLE: WurmStatus V3 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- While working on WurmClock I needed a little tool showing the status and in-game time of all Wurm servers at the same time at a glance. So I made this little program; The program (called WurmStatus) was tested on Microsoft Windows 10, 8, Vista and 7 and needs the latest .NET Framework, which should already be present on your computer. The status display is refreshed every minute. You may also force a refresh by clicking on the "Refresh" button. The little "light" symbol in front of the server name shows whether the server is online and the status has recently been updated by Code Club AB (green light) or offline/not updated (red light). The data in each line is taken from the official status URLs. The status column is green if the server status says "Online", yellow if the server is currently shutting down and red if the server is down. If the status is yellow you may hover your mouse pointer over the server name to see the time left until shutdown. If you tick the checkbox "Write log file" the server status will be written to "WurmStatus.log" (in the same folder as the executable) every minute. You can download the tool here: WurmStatus 3.0.0 Just unpack the ZIP file to any folder you like and run WurmStatus.exe. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please check my other tools: WurmClock, WurmSkills , DPMapAssist --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------- Updates:
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    Now that we are able to find marble veins I'd like to see the ability to use the marble shards as we use the stone shards to make marble statues, marble altars, marble fountains, etc...but with the look of marble rather than gray stone. Marble Pillars would be an improvement also. Thank you for your time and assistance.
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    Were aware of the servers being down. We dont however have an estimate time when they will be back up.
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    You're going way off topic here turning it into an "Epic is better than Chaos" argument. I understand Epic is good, but some of us like the slow skillgain. Also just because I live on Chaos does not mean I go out and hunt down noobs because I'm bored. 90% of my time is spent staying inside, in fact I've near avoided PvP since I stopped doing the HotA. It's not about killing people, it's mainly about hanging out with people I've played with for years since I started up on Wild. If you can't post anything contributing to the suggested idea then please don't post, it does nothing but clutter the thread.
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    Will we get /transfers back to Lib, rolf? The Lib priests were forced out of priesthood, should only be fair to let them convert back. Nadroj also has a good point - Is there any reason why the BL was moved from its original position?
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    I'd vote for both of those if I could. Just a moment ago everyone in our alliance chat was complaining about lag and we all temporarily experienced lag up to 1000ms for at least 30 minutes. I wish I could say this is a rare occurance but quite frankly it's not. Wurm is a terribly laggy game and anything that involves near realtime reaction is not going to work whatsoever. Personally I think Wurm's fight system was at it's best prior to any of these new changes that added all sorts of random factors into it, Wurm is not a FPS and I don't think it should ever try to be one.
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    Is there a real reason why only Horde of the Summoned can be followers of Libila? After being a mag priest for a long time, I've started wondering why even bother, when you could make an alt there (HOTS) or just convert to hots and still be part of your real kingdom by being in the same alliance. Obviously you would still get attacked by kingdom guards which would make it difficult to really participate in your kingdoms events. So why are Libila priests so over powered and not divided into different gods. I think there should be a chance of being in peace with an other PMK so there could be a hots based PMK attached to a White Light kingdom based one.. Also when Wild was made part of the freedom isles and non pvp, we all got a /transfer to chance religion (because hots needed to have a chance to convert to white light gods, as hots was removed). So now when HOTS and Black Light is back, why isn't there an option to /transfer back to Libila? Updated.
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    Actually, its a carebear (with droopy ears), he's even at the bottom of the rainbow!
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    Hello, We conducted an investigation into the mechanics of taking HoTA statues recently and found them to be in proper working order. Older statues planted before the planting update a while back could be taken while new statues after the update are not takeable once planted. These older statues are fair game and were taken by accepted legal method during a raid. So if you have older statues planted before the respective update you should replant them and secure them better. Thank you, Enki (Asst. Head Game Master)
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    Dissapointed with the new cheese graphic
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    Nope, not staring at anything boss, just being a normal sheep.
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    At the moment, we can only extend a deed either N/S or E/W. This is a major problem as it limits the town size (due to unwanted land, or nearby deeds). If it is possible to extend only N or E or S or W, it will benefit lots of players and the financial aspect of Wurm as people are more willing to pay to make necessary adjustments to their deed.
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    I see the same comments over and over again... I paid for this, I paid for that... Yes but you weren't FORCED to pay it were you? In Wurm you don't HAVE to pay to play the game, you chose to pay to get further benefits of the game. I understand the issues you have with the fact of paying to play it and losing things... I know how you feel. I pay to play wurm too... I have lost over 30+ horses *not all in one go* on Wurm through crashes, bugs and grieving but I haven't gone on an all out rampage against the staff for it. I just accepted it, went off to look for my horses if they were still alive and did what I could to move on. Wurm is about surviving... just think of it as if it were a real life tragedy and when we can finally log back on do what you can to get back on track. I for one am on Celebration and I will personally offer anyone out there that is missing a horse (don't all come running) a horse or 2 when the server comes back up. Anything you need help with all you got to do is ask. I will even go hunting for your horse if it helps. On another note... I GM'd a game years ago that had a server issue with 1 guy working on it... took him a long time to fix because it was a hardware issue... not only that but I tried to help calm 10k people alone and the moment I posted anything I was swamped with hate mail and "fix this now or else" threats. No wonder GM's don't want to post updates in these situations lol. Thought i'd put up my thoughts. Besides i'd rather Rolf fix the issue than have to waste time posting what the issue is
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    Anyone had the thought that maybe he gets up, and there isn't just a magical switch he can flip to fix the servers? Maybe he has to troubleshoot? You can't expect them to be on within an hour when rolf is still the one handling them. Give the dude a break, let him grab a cup of coffee and dig in to fix the servers ... just please Rolf, don't SPILL the coffee. . .
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    When playing Wurm, 5 hours is like 5minutes. When in RL waiting for Wurm, 5minutes is like 5 hours.
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    I really like this idea, but the income-generating model for the server does need to be looked at. How can a server with no deeds make income in a non-abusive manner? Here are some ideas. 1) Reach the server only by teleportation. 50c for a round-trip ticket. Portals only exist in starter towns. 2) Merchants can be set up on the server, you can terriform, and build market stalls, but only within the perimeter of hunting camps. 10% fee goes to Rolf, like what happens now for every other merchant. 3) Beds for rent 4) Hunting contests... Fishing contests... Survival contests... Races... 5) Perhaps introduce new materials into crafting. How about an island populated by various dinosaur type creatures. Some very weak, some on par with avatars for difficulty. Bones and hides from said creatures might be used for new armor and tool recipes. If you are lucky and can find an egg, you might be able to sell the eggs on other servers and allow people to attempt to breed these animals, though trying to get a tropical beast to live through a Wurm winter might be... difficult.
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    Something scary from hell is in the works!
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    "When you're strange, faces come out of the rain... when you're strange..." -- Jim Morrison
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    Priests located on the Chaos server may now use a free faith transfer to Libila using /transfer. View the tumblr article
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    way to spoil the fun bwg, at least let me delude myself about the importance of my opinion
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    I think i've +1'd hitching posts about twice a month on average.
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    Hi, Alomst every MMO in existence has weekly downtime for maintenance sometimes lasting up to 9 hours. Whilst login server's crashing, world serve'rs crashing e.t.c. may be unscheduled and inconvenient Wurm has very little downtime compared to the majority of MMO's. This is not to say that it is wrong of you to feel like you deserve some sort of compensation but as a long term MMO player I've come to expect a little downtime now and again. Have fun. Be happy. Cheer's,
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    I do not have any official words to pass along however just to give everyone who is unaware an update, we normally encounter Rolf looking into any problems about this time of day for him. So IF there is a problem with the Wurm Online end of things he will likely be getting it sorted soon from the time of this post. Please try to be patient a little longer.
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    It is not people like you Shidoni that I directed that at. You are concerned and have skin in the game but are not throwing crazy comments 2 hours into the downtime. Several people in the thread seem to think there is a huge staff to deal with things like this. The names pop up in every thread that talks about the poor support in this game. 95% of the support in this game are volunteers who do an awesome job and get crapped on by 1% of the players. I can understand there are people who are in bad spots. My alt is not in a great spot but at worst I am dead and lost 2 decent horses. When the servers come back, hopefully I will still be on and I will log on, fix myself and then see what I can do to help others. Complainging about this is not going to fix anything.
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    A few more people having a little bit of power to either A) Fix the servers remotely or At least give us an idea of whats going on, and some kind of rough ETA, even if its just a "Rolf needs to wake up and have a look at this, we can't fix it. Minimum time to fix is ~4 hours, could be longer kthx." This simple amount of service would stop 95% of the bitching. At least if people knew the servers were going to be down for 4 hours at a minimum they wouldn't be spam trying to log back in to save their good horse.
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    Given how much patience is required to play Wurm I'm surprised at how impatient people get when it's down .
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    Man now I gotta clean or something this sucks -.-
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    Farmerbob you realise that open borders between servers worked perfectly fine for many many years. infact once upon a time the highest ore quality you could get on a home server (Now known a s freedom server) was 50ql so you HAD to go to Wild to get 50+ql ore. For years and years this system worked fine, open borders is NOT toxic to PvP in fact closed borders IS toxic to PvP. By removing the ability for people to try PvP at their leisure the player pool becomes stagnant and slowly reduces in size. Open border son the other hand allow freedom players to try PvP without committing and as such brings in more fresh blood. In my village Kratos alone we've recruit many freedomers (not just noobs but long term freedom players) that have come over to Chaos to "Try it out" and decided to stay. These people include, Zivirt, Kharm, Opije, Noom, Motasolo, Frostbite, Roman, Alaskanbob, Brandonsf, Rathalos, Nikkunikku and many others. Some other people have tried it out and decided it wasn't for them. Having people being able to sail over and try it out is the KEY to successful pvp.
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    This thread is a laugh, I've no sympathy for people who Macro (and wurm has an astronomical amount of them).
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    Reminds me of the game Black & White. Now I need the ability to toss villagers around. This is a cool addition, Good work.
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    rope on a shaft + 1 shaft makes a hitching post, plant on a tile and hitch your animal to it so it doesn't run off.
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    I think it may be time to drop SB compensation completely. It seems to always start these arguments, and there will never be a 'fair' way to compensate everyone. Nothing in the agreement that promises any compensation anyway, it's been something Rolf gave out of the goodness of his heart. Seems everyone forgets that.
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    This cracks me up, non stop. Enjoy [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2kRZSny-438
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    Rather than dumbing the events down in magnitude I think they should be more interactive rather than having a relatively instant and uncontrollable end game. Instead have a build up time on the gods' attacks, mark terrain where they're going to happen, and in the case of terrain shaping events that come in multiples space them out instead of having them all occur at once. After the game finishes and the winning god starts doing their thing spawn a number of missions for the servers being affected to help protect their land in a number of ways such as diverting the area affected, reducing the magnitude, or completely eliminating some of the locations to be terraformed. The difficulty of the missions could scale based on the end strength of the gods doing the protection. This way we can still have epic outcomes but have some degree over the control of the damage done.
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    So you really need a GM to post something we already all know, that the servers are Down or Can't be connected to ( could be a network problem with the host or a server issue but a GM wouldn't know which ), and that we need to wait for Rolf to find out what the problem is and fix it , and as it's still only 6am in Sweden, it could be a while before it gets back up again ? Not really sure how that would actually change anything tbh, people would still be on here posting the same things in the thread they already have done. At the end of the day, i always assume that if there is no info when the servers drop it means that Rolf doesn't yet know what caused it / is still trying to get it fixed. As i've already said, yes its frustrating , yes it could be better, but at the end of the day any company has to work within a budget and being an indie MMO this game doesn't have tons of money , and Rolf himself has even said in the latest Q & A it only makes a tiny profit because everything else goes back into the business which is letting him slowly increase his Staff size.
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    From my understanding of the IRC, one of the dev's was touching a hamster inappropriately... Servers walked in on them and went into shock. Hamster Ran one direction, servers ran another.. the dev though.. nobody knows what happened to him. Apparently the hamsters didn't make it far before getting a severe wound, which the doctor couldn't aid, and has died. Everything else is up in the air.
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    Really, a simple amount of service would fix 95% of the bitching? The server has been down less than an hour and look how much bitching has already occured. I suppose you can just reboot the servers and get them running again in 10-15 minutes, and risk them going down for same thing again. Or give the team some time to find out and troubleshoot the problem. There are only a couple of server people on the team, they can be working on the problem or they can be wasting their time answering stupid questions on the forum.
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    Really ? I'm quite certain that Rolf doesn't see it as a joke and that he takes every server crash / lockup very seriously indeed. It is an indie game and they do not have the funds to pay for a 24/7 server management team so we need ot have a little patience and allow Rolf to wake up ( it is only 5am in Sweden ), have a coffee then make his way to the office where he can start to work on WHAT went wrong then hopefully fix it before bringing the servers back up ( if possible ). Now, i'm not saying it doesn't get annoying at times having to wait, especially when its 4am ( for me ) and your unable to sleep for what-ever reason. Could it be handled better , sure it could , but then , nothing in life is perfect sadly or we would all be living in a Utopian dream. Also, in general the Wurm uptime on it's servers is pretty fantastic as far as i'm concerned, especially when you consider how finnicky computer technology is when something goes wrong. So, relax folks, it will get fixed even if it takes a while.
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    SB for downtime is given out at Rolf's discretion. There is nothing in the contract to give anyone any expectation of compensation for downtime. For every time you feel shorted out on compensation, others feel the same when you do get it and they don't. Rolf has been more than fair in the many years I've been playing, even once giving out extra prem time for prem players for an entire weekend we were unable to play. Enjoy the game, accept that stuff happens sometimes, and have a nice day.
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    No one asked for the Epic stuff on Chaos. You are unlikely to find a single thread in any of the "FIX WILD !!!!!1111" topic posts of anyone asking for anything other than raiding coming back. Personally, I don't really care. Chaos gets to the point where I don't like what is going with Epic stuff here, I'll leave. That being said, we are all on Chaos (Wild) for a different play experience versus Epic. I had assumed that Chaos was to be a more stripped down experience, void of what some of us old farts call "novelties" like missions, battle camps, etc.. You know, a simple sit down and slog it out pvp and raid server. People just wanted Old Wild back. The fact there's been no mention at all that this Epic stuff coming here was part and parcel to simply getting raiding back, not a carbon copy of Epic slammed upon us. In that regard I do see the point the OP has made. I have no vested interest in any of this, but I can certainly see where the OP is coming from. I refrained from voting because I am entirely neutral on the matter. It's like taking your car in to Jiffy Lube for an oil change, going for a coffee and coming back and it's painted bright pink with unicorn murals all over it, sort of a "well, that's nice, but no one mentioned nor asked for this" type of moment. A CM or any other staff can express his opinions like any other player. Volunteering ones time to help the playerbase as a staff member does not void you of the right to express your opinions. A CM is a paying player just like anyone else.
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    Carefully looking at the freejazz interpretative dance that you have just made, I would say... you are proposing that dogs have names like horses ?
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    I might be interested if you want to suggest a price, but I don't like the ideea of throwing prices at you until I hit one you fancy...
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    I have a g15 keyboard and have never even thought of doing this. Why macro? Takes the fun out of the game