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    Elentari is a monster Hi Everyone! I hope you all had a good Easter break, I know I did! We're still in the follow up phase to our latest update, addressing a few bugs that have arisen as well as the usual post-live tweaks, but that doesn't mean we haven't been hard at work, but first... Patch Notes Reinforcing in style Reinforced walls are quite boring, and with the introduction of new house walls, our devs got to thinking.... Coming soon to a cave near you, we'll be introducing stylish reinforcements! These will be created with improved reinforcement beams and really decorate your cave! We're also looking at cave floors as well, but no confirmation on that yet. CA Help Merging following some back end changes for us, we'll be merging CA help across all freedom servers next update. once it's done we'll monitor it over the next week or so to ensure that it still flows smoothly and will be able to revert it if it proves to be too chaotic. With this done we'll also begin looking at options for addressing CA help on Epic servers, and will be working towards a resolution that improves new player experiences on Epic servers while still meeting our conduct requirements. WU beta We're still in the process of ironing out some bugs appearing within the new housing update, and once theyre done we'll have a beta up for WU, we expect that to be available within the week, with the live version following shortly after Gloomshade revamp Excited to play with the new walls, Enki and I had our turn updating the starter deeds, and this time it was Gloomshades turn! The HotS Elevation starter deed has been given a bit of a revamp, and I'm totally biased) Community Content This weeks community content I found while looking through the huge collection of WU screenshots, and it has to be the most amazing wagon design I've ever seen. I don't know what server it's from, but if it's yours, let me know so I can update this! Future PMK's, take note! That's it for this weekend, I hope you all have a good weekend, and as always, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team
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    House of Kha - Affliction Hi Everyone! Another week down and more action on the test server, with siege weapon testing underway and some people snooping around at the updated housing (no graphics yet though!). Time to fill you in on what's been going on in the world of Wurm. Samool Joins the dev team! I'd like to give a big welcome to our newest volunteer dev Samool! Samool has been a member of the volunteer team for some time, and has stepped in to help with optimising and improving the new client. I'd like to give him a warm welcome to the dev team and look forward to seeing his work on the new client come out! Sandstone Some clever people on test have worked out we have a new rock tile, Sandstone! Sandstone will be randomly seeded on rock tiles throughout the world, and have 40-50 hits in each, and the shards can be made into sandstone bricks or slabs. Check out a preview of the sandstone slab tile here: Siege weapon testing Siege testing on the test servers continues, with several changes already in, and battering rams now added! There's been a lot of work on improving how catapults and trebuchets work, improving the usefulness of archery towers and turrets, and now battering rams have been added to testing. I've been building some test scenarios for the weekend of testing, including deed walls and token pits, so make sure to jump on and check it out! Full thread can be found here: New pavement Along with the new walls, is new pavement! Adding to the potential pavement list is Slate slabs (existing slate slabs will be changed to slate brick tiles), sandstone brick and slab tiles, marble brick tiles, and pottery brick tiles. This means a lot more new options for decorating your deed, and making your place truly unique! Cave dwelling changes Of course, some have asked about how the additional houses will have any effect on underground housing, and the answer is, yes! With this update all housing options will be available for underground dwellings, meaning you can build your underground village just how you want it! Dredging changes Also in an upcoming patch, we'll be improving dredging with some long desired changes. Dredging will now have an option to flatten or level tiles, and also dredging will deposit dirt straight into your boat! This will only work if there's space in the dredge, but these two changes will definitely make dredging a lot easier! Hedges Removing hedges will become a lot easier next update, with the ability to cut down a hedge with an axe! The damage dealt will be dependent on the ql and height of the hedge, but should improve removing those pesky remains from fallen deeds. Community Content This weeks community content is another video by kaydawg, with his video of setting up in Wurm online. I thoroughly enjoyed the introduction and will definitely be waiting for more! A close second is the timelapse video of MootRed's new deed, i have a special spot for timelapse videos, they really show just how much can be done in the game! that's it for this week from us, we're working towards a big update with a lot of awesome changes, so stay tuned! Until then though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
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    Hear ye hear ye! and welcome to the latest edition of the Valrei International, filling you in on what's been going on and what's in store for all Wurmians! Make a date! With final testing on siege weapons underway and the new housing in the works we're able to set the date for the next update! Pending any issues with the implementation of the graphics we have scheduled the next update for the 13th of April, so make sure you're all stocked up and ready to roll! Spot something? Community Assistant admin changes We've had a few delays in pushing this out, but we're making a few changes to CA administration and CA help. Lead Chat Moderator Shrimpiie will be taking over the admin duties of the CA team, bringing them back into the fold of the LCM team and he will be handling the application processes from now. We'll also be looking at taking steps towards merging CA help across all freedom servers in order to ensure that we have the absolute best coverage as we can. This means that if a CA is on anywhere they'll be able to answer questions and provide support, and also means we can track the helpful players and drag recruit them into the CA team! The transition has been a tad delayed so I'd like to apologise to those who are waiting to hear back on their CA applications, and we'll work on having them all processed as soon as possible. Sign of the times Next update will also include text on signs in WO! they've been in WU for some time, so we're glad to see them come to WO as well New tiles! Well, last week teased the new tiles, but showed no graphics, so I'm pleased to share the new graphics here! Those of you with a keen eye will notice that the sandstone slab floor is the old stone slab floor, the new stone slab floor for houses will have the same grey stone texture as the tile slabs, and sandstone slab floors in houses will have the current stone slab textures. Based on feedback concerns about sandstone availability, I can confirm that sandstone will now be a vein type, and can be created with a transmutation rod! Siege weapon testing Seige weapon testing continues over the weekend with release planned for next week, so make sure to continue testing and giving feedback, there's plenty of supplies to do so on the PvP server and PvE server, if you need anything else, just post on the thread or jump in IRC! Valrei spawn tweaks Next update will tweak how valrei creatures spawn, instead of spawning 10 in one area, they will be spawned in a wider area across the server, avoiding the congestion of many in one place becoming too hard to overcome. This will hopefully improve the valrei creatures being somewhat annoying on epic as we work on addressing them individually in a future update Community Content Contest So with the new houses coming next week I'm sure you're all itching to get your hands on them and build them all, but what will you use? It just so happens that I have a very shiny trowel that needs a new home, and I'm giving you all the chance to win it! To win this beauty, we'll be having a contest for this weeks community content, it's caption time! Simply provide a caption to this image, and whoever wins will be the brand new owner of this supreme steel trowel, with a 100(!) BotD cast. We'll also be running this on Facebook, so get on there and submit your captions too! That's it for this week, I hope you're all busy preparing for the deed remodeling! Until then though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
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    So something like this? I think there are a lot of people out there (myself included) who wishes that we had - as one of the wall types - just the "sides" of the arched walls. That way we could make very tall openings and stack as many "arched wall sides" pieces as we like to make super tall openings.
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    Yes, I was a bit lost still by their action, trying to find the right words in my mind. Still a bit stunned... Many thanks for The Cruzaders for replacing my huge axe with a new +90ql glimmer huge axe, in a situation they had nothing to do with, and me even belonging to a different kingdom on Chaos (JK). They said they were aware of it and they decided to replace it whit out making a difference the kingdom that I belong to there. And, they did :s lol Many thanks to all the leaders and members of the The Cruzaders kingdom for providing it, I really appreciate it Love my new axe hehe
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    Honestly.. what kind of person sells friends account? Even if my friends would tell me, that they quit and gave me password, I would hold on to the account in the hopes, that they will return eventually.. But to sell a friends account for few quick silvers at the expense of someone I care about(no matter what they say).. I don't know...
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    Some of your may have seen i made a meal maker spreadsheet. i feel at this time. i should post it here so more can use it and injoy wurm cooking. i made a small be ez tutorial inside the spreadsheet to help people along. Hope you all Injoy it feed back welcome https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1AYC-X9MjYYZoi0qCH6QPRwagIYgpoeC4jfszFRdy7fk/edit?usp=sharing Beta... Use at your Own risk... Link https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1tg4xSuhSRCgB96lpm1QDh3IQlQv51EKdU5-VR_ffjc4/edit?usp=sharing This sheet is the one i am actively updating it can be wrong or even broken your more then welcome to check it out. added a lot more things to it. A lot of Untested things.. Comment always welcome. errors and prob Welcome to Want Put a Huge Shout Out and Thanks to Stanlee Galatyn Others that want to remain nameless Icbash.
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    From my chaos days I have a set of Adamantine Plate, this armour gives far superior protection to steel and rivals the damage reduction of scale. As with any adamantine item it also boasts the largest protection against damage to the item itself that the game allows, without adding runes, which is a 60% reduction. The web armour enchantments are displayed below and are useful for both pvp and pve, slowing the movement speed and attack speed timers of any attacker and , unlike Aura of Shared Pain, it does not damage the opponent wasting health that you can convert into glorious weapon skill! On our server cluster I have never actually seen anyone else with a set, though i believe perhaps one or two others exist somewhere. The metal itself can be obtained as a reward from either the Hunt of the Ancients on Chaos or at any Rift event. Minimum i would sell for is 1g so that's where this auction starts and will end in one week. Winner will receive the set by mail. Signature on the set is my good friend @Zivirt Starting Bid: 100s Bid Increments: 5s Buyout: None Sniper Protection: 1h
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    And we're live with the new housing update! I know everyone's busy hunting sandstone and making bricks (red brick for me!) so this week will be a short recap before the Easter long weekend, but first... Patch Notes Housing update Naturally the big part of this update is the huge expansion to house types, and I'm excited to see just what you all come up with now, I know that there are other desired wall types and fences and we'll keep this in mind as we move forward. We're always expanding and addressing limitations as we meet them and this is no different. We will undoubtedly continue to provide more options as time goes on, just plenty else to work on as well while we do. Easter We're nearing the eve of the anniversary of the horrific bunny massacre of 2016, and I'd like to take the moment to wish you all a happy and safe Easter, don't party too hard on the chocolate eggs! Hot Cross buns! We've also released a new recipe for hot cross buns to celebrate Easter! Hot cross buns are my favourite part about Easter, and I think it's pretty cool to see some more holiday themed recipes come in, we may just do more later... WU Beta With the launch of the housing update, we'll begin looking at a WU beta to come out in the next week or two with the update, there's a few changes to things that may need some modders to check in the beta but it shouldn't last long before going live. Community Contest winner! There were quite a few good entries, and it came close to some (Who doesnt love Star Wars references?) but the winner of this contest is MacOofer with the following: To claim your prize, shoot me a PM MacOofer! The amount of people who took the time to add their ideas was awesome, will definitely have to repeat this in the future! There's a lot more already being worked on, and I'm keen to begin sharing it with you all in preparation for its launch, but that may be a few weeks away still. I'll be back next week with more news and showing off just what we've been up to on our side, but until then week, keep on Wurming! Happy Easter, Retrograde & the Wurm team.
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    I don't know anything about this event but I have an opinion.
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    Using the new "rendered stone walls" to upgrade my lighthouse:
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    Love the idea of decorative reinforcements but...is there no way we could have them be created by adding a material to reinforced walls rather than making everyone break all their reinforcements to replace them with the new ones? Also what wargasm said + new material bridges! Great art updates lately, really enjoying the new variety.
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    Although I too would like to see larger openings and although I understand (and share) the frustration that we players feel sometimes when we can't get everything we want, as a fellow game developer I simply have to step in. Most developers (and by this I mean all members of the development team - be it art, design, code etc) work their butts off to bring new and juicy things to players of their game. Long hours, late nights, not seeing as much of their families as they'd like to. Crappy pay. Iteration, bugs, fixing, negotiating with other devs, making compromises so that the "thing" will not only work and will not only look good, but will do so without crashing the game or causing lag to the players. Polishing, scrapping stuff, getting frustrated because you'd REALLY like to make something cool but technical reasons stop it. Starting over again, and finally... after all the sweat and tears - completing something and being damn proud of it. Then the "thing" is released to the players. And you already know it's coming - the complaining, the backlash, the "wouldn't it be better this way" comments. But it's all worth it when you see also genuine excitement and joy in the community. But developers are only human and can't help but feel disappointed when not every single person is as thrilled as they were hoping they'd be. However, as devs, we get used to it. We know the drill. We grow thick skins. But it's never pleasant if we've done our best and it still wasn't enough. I know I've definitely been guilty of complaining here and there. And I'm definitely guilty of suggesting improvements haha. But what I'd really like to say is: devs try their hardest to make us happy. And if they can't, there's usually a damn good reason. But lazy they are not. Wurm has only one artist? Two? Three? Not sure but it ain't many. Same goes for design and code, only a handful of people from what I know. Compare that to other MMOs where there can easily be 50 or more artists, as many if not more programmers and dozens of game designers. Sometimes I really don't understand how the wurm team does it! They run a bloody MMO for crying out loud! I'm not saying we shouldn't speak our minds, or give criticism, or complain. Everything we say is valuable for the dev team to hear, I'm quite sure. But let's try to do it kindly and politely. And remember to shower them with love and excitement when they've made something for us that we really appreciate!
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    Runes do 10% 10% is less than 60% 10% added to 60% is 70% Seryll with rune = 10% reduced damage to item Addy with rune = Stop trying to derail my thread unless you're buying the damn thing.
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    I've got no business in this thread, really, but I feel the same way. There have been 2 instances where I was given accounts because people had "quit". Those accounts stayed inactive and in my possession and I would have never sold them or given them away because they weren't mine to begin with. So, they sat on the shelf collecting dust for the true owners to come back to, if they ever made their way back to Wurm. Those people did come back. They also got their accounts back without hesitation. The OP could be completely lying about whether or not she "gave" Maurizio the accounts and her attempt at gaining them back could be devious, but it doesn't really matter. The fact that he sold something that really wasn't his, just to put a few bucks in his pocket, shows what kind of person he is.
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    Another day, another task in Wurm and many suggestions coming from it. Some have been mentionned in others threads, raised by others or even myself, but lets go through them again and lets hope they will get some traction. Flattening : Currently flattening only allow to flatten a tile toward the lowest point. Sometimes you want to instead use the higher one. So dual option for both flatten higher / flatten lower. Ceiling levelling: Currently, you cannot level a ceiling down, it can only be up (and currently bugged as well). Lets use some concrete for that task shall we. Ceiling flattening: Same as the floor flattening suggestion. Ceiling lowering: Well, with cave buildings, the land shapping of the ceiling is almost as important as the land shapping of the floors. We have options to raise them. Why are we still unable to lower them with concrete. Mining and random directions change: When you mine forward on a flat tile... why does it go up and down randomly specially when your skill is above 90... one can understand that you might mistake your feet for a rock when mining at low skill and weirdly change the slope... but at high one, those silly mistakes shouldn't happen. Lets change that and allow our mines to be straight. Side mention: Concrete. Most needed tools for our mine smoothness and more painfull one to obtain. Not only the fail rate is horrible, but the ash creation is the worst part of it. Most of our fire sources do not create ash, though, that by-product is still highly needed. Ash trays for all forges, ovens, smelters and others kilns, allowing the fuel we use to be transformed into ash over time.
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    Ready for Hops Season! Love how the trellis double up on the tiles for nice tidy rows
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    Your hair so shiny Your skills aren't all 90 Proof is in the puddin Lunn thinks he is Vladimir Putin Icey hot heals back pain You heal me when I go dying When dinner is served You put your hat on and say "swerve" Claims he has 400 confirmed kills Kid you need to chill Made MR quit Dingov and Co had to split Tells people to convert Stops playing when they convert Makes rare anvils Keeps them on his merchant As each day grows The more he feels like PTO Kid get a grip You have 2 bottom lips These are my things I had to say I'm sorry if it made you sway Hopefully this makes your day Please stop playing and get laid. -Pedro
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    In my opinion you shouldn't have sold an account for which you hadn't been explicitly told that they were yours. Someone saying they are quitting and trusting you with their accounts does not mean they are yours. Profiting from something that does not belong to you is pretty slimey. If you have evidence where she specifically said the accounts are yours, then okay. But just her saying she quits? If you sold the accounts, then maybe you should assist her in obtaining something of a similar skillset. or passing what you earned to her, as it was rightfully her account. Sure, take a part as a broker or whatever, but saying "Oh, you said something bad about me, you get nothing now" is not quite right.
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    Milosanx on a rare trip down to water level Hey everyone! This week saw the changes to conversion come live, and the positive feedback has been noticed! We're working on a few things and will have more to share as they flesh out, but one thing is coming to the test server this weekend! but first... Patch Notes The Cowtapult! Those of you who follow us on Facebook may have already seen this, but we've been hard at work improving siege weapon mechanics, and first up is the catapult and trebuchet! Catapults and trebuchets should damage creatures, houses, fences, bridges and items that the projectile hits Clarification: It will hit ALL walls if it hits multiple. It will only hit one non wall item on the tile it lands on The new mechanics for them operate similarly to how they currently work, with focus on improving how the physics calculations are performed and remove those weird cases where they don't hit anything. We'll be setting up some testing scenarios such as house on a tall dirt wall and such over the weekend for you to check out, but we'd also like to know what scenarios you want to check out, so feel free to share ideas that you'd like us to setup for you to test. Our priority is getting all of them tested with different projectiles, distances and skill levels in PvP and PvE Scenarios both on and off deed to ensure they're balanced when they go live, so stay tuned for the test thread opening some time this weekend Variety is the spice of life Not one to rest on their laurels, the devs have been working hard on a long desired addition to the building, new house walls! This is a huge addition, with six new building types: Rendered wall Marble wall Pottery brick wall Round brick wall Sandstone brick wall Slate brick wall Pottery and sandstone Round stone and Rendered Marble and Slate That's not all though, there's new fence types to match the housing types, as well as a few additions and changes the paving! there will be a few new paving types, as well as a few changes to existing ones: Round cobble will use a new item round stone (same as round brick housing) Rough cobble will use Colossus bricks Slate slabs will be created by a chisel on combined slate shards like other slabs and some new pavement types you'll have to wait and see! The basics are up (without graphics) for internal testing, we'll have more info on the new types and a full list in next weeks news, this was far too exciting not to share though! Community Content This weeks community content is about a lost horse! Poor Rageed traveled off on his own one fateful night, and sparked fear for his safety in the heart of Ayuna, who cared for him. Luckily though, he was recovered safe and sound! Have you had a favourite pet? That's it from us this week, I'll see some of you on test, but until then, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
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    The bunny has been dead tired, after the poor Easter bunny massacre of 2016, he’s had to run around the starter deeds single pawedly and hasn’t had the time to hide all the eggs in the grass! To help him out, we’ve got a code for you all to redeem while he takes a well earned rest in the shade. To redeem the key, simply type /redeemkey 9VMY486QSC8D-QH84F6O8UMSN in the chat window Happy Easter! The Wurm Online team. TL;DR, we totally didn’t break something this year.
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    Simple solution. Masks protect face, making other headwear usable. Make craftable drake, steel and leather masks, make current masks from events usable as well with nice DR
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    Stage 1 - Setting up the UO Map So how is one to make a UO server without a UO map! Thus, yesterday I researched the process of making a custom map. Thanks to Digging ForWater's YouTube videos, I was able to figure it out eventually! Once I'd gotten the hang of generating random maps, it was time to create a UO map. First I was testing out a heightmap shared from the Ultima IX: Redemption project and it actually worked pretty nicely! But when I compared it to the UO map, it had quite a lot of differences. I wanted the map to be laid out exactly like UO! So where to get the UO map sprites? Well I tried the programs used to extract files from the UO directories, but they weren't working so well in regards to the map. Then I found this great map someone had probably screencaptured from good old UO Cartographer. Not sure if the software itself still works, but this online map was enough for my purposes. The map helped me mask out the water areas, but the mountains were something I'd have to hand paint to get the shapes feeling like real mountains. A very happy coincidence was the map size. For touristy purposes, the small 1024x1024 map size would be ideal so people could more easily get around. But would the dimensions match the world of UO? I made a grid in Photoshop containing 1024x1024 squares which each represented Wurm tiles, and arranged the UO map so that it would roughly fit inside of it. Next was to install 1) the 2D UO client and 2) an UO emulator (first time I've ever tried the emulator btw!). Then, I ran around UO in god mode checking the buildings and how many tiles would be needed in Wurm to accommodate them. What I discovered, is that to my amazement and utter pleasure, the UO map almost identically matched the wurm tiles if I were to make a 1024x1024 sized map. :-o I would however have to squeeze some of the islands inwards just a bit, but not too much! Heightwise, the mainland fit just perfectly! After about (what seems) 30 experiments involving a lot of photoshopping, a lot of map building and a lot of server starting, today I've finally settled on a version of the map that I'm happy enough with. At least nothing that ye olde Ebony wand can't fix! So here they are, the two maps side by side. Here you can see how islands had to be squished in a bit. But it's fine! My MAIN concern is that I want it so that when I build a city, the buildings and spacing between the building will be as close to UO as possible. That walking distances will feel authentic etc. And below, the first screenshots of all the main places before they've touched at all. Not much to see yet, but it will sure be fun to compare once they're all dolled up! Britain Buccaneer's Den Desert of Compassion Dagger Isle Fire Isle Hedge Maze Jhelom Magincia Minoc Moonglow Nujel'm Occlo Serpent's Hold Skara Brae Trinsic Vesper Yew
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    With the introduction of new housing, fences and gates, we need to remind you that you cannot reuse an old lock from a door or gate. If you are rebuilding a door or gate, please prepare ahead of time to have a fresh lock ready to replace the old lock. Thank you, Wurm Online Team
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    TBH when we hit a limit holding us back from something we really want to do, we just rewrite a whole bunch of code so that limit isn't there anymore. This doesn't happen often though, because when you do that once you get that "oh hell no I'm not making that mistake again" feeling - then a long while later you forget all about it and do it again. Nothing to do with Java limitations, if someone says that as an excuse for why X can't be done in Wurm, they're (usually) wrong. For distant trees showing on distant terrain, I've had plans to add this in for a couple of years, at this point its just a matter of getting enough time to do it. There are some neat tricks out there for faking distant trees that wouldn't add much to rendering requirements and still look pretty good that I want to try out, just takes a bit of time to 1. get it working, then 2. make it look nice and blend with the other levels of trees.
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    I love the I would have given it back if you didn't call me out for not returning it when I tried lol I also love the, I paid premium for months on this account I stole so its mine now oh god this is to good material bookmarking this. Join Ebo, they rob you blind is your new motto than? All over an account you got free access to while someone took a break?
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    While we're at it, could we please be allowed to have 2 people sleep in a canopy bed? My alt has been giving me flirting winks all day and I'd re.... it just makes sense, okay? Stop judging me already!
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    So I've noticed there are dog statues and also dogs that feature in the hota statues but there are no cat statues in-game. Please add some kind of cat, mountain lion, lion.. feline-related statue whether it is hota or regular so that the balance between cat and dog people on wurm is restored. tyvm.
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    Since you can pretty much locate everyone now even through body nolocate, people dont want to roam at all cause the "powerhouse" of the server just locates people at random, and get hits pretty much every time. (talking bout epic btw, dont know how chaos people feel) So please change it back to what it was, thanks....
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    That's the anti-personnel mines in case non-dev players get too close to the test area before the changes are ready to be seen.
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    I was home on Friday recovering from a bout of bronchitis. I decided to get on my horse, and take a leisurely ride around the entirety of Crystal Lake. My journey started in Crystal Bay, denoted in the black circle here. I went east through Grand Steppe, south along the eastern side of the lake, then around the southern edge over to S Mtn Road, and back. The journey took approximately 4 or 5 hours, with an extended break in the middle when the wife unit wanted to do some errands. Some screenshots along the way. East Crystal Highway, off the path, someone murdered around 100 trees. Oddly, the stumps were all gone, but the logs were still there. Saw a picket fence painted lavender, which I think works quite nicely with Wurm's natural colors: Found a chess board they had created - using statues for pieces, and turrets for the rooks. VERY creative. Kenolein's champion mountain lion was peeking his head out the window as I drove by. Cute kitty! Came upon someone playing with new housing textures, including this plain marble facade. Very clean lines. I liked this large grape vineyard, which had alternating rows of sand and grapes: On the shoreline, I found a MOB I didn't know existed in the game: a crab. 4 months playing the game, and I had never seen or heard talk of a crab One of Indy's more famous players is Darwin ("DOOM") and I happened upon his massive bison farm: Next door was a really interesting (to me) mine entrance. Note that the bushes are hazelnut, all planted center in two perfect rows. Inside this mine I found a sandstone node, too. While walking on S Mtn Hwy, I came upon two gift-wrapped presents. I have never seen gift-wrapped presents here. According to CA Telurius, these are really old. You used to be able to wrap something in a wood scrap and send it as a gift. These two items were on the ground with 99.9+ damage, so their time in Wurm is quickly ... wrapping up My final stop before home was this week's Rift site. The pic doesnt do it justice, because a lot was outside my clipping plane. There were thousands of pieces of filleted meat everywhere. An absolute slaughter.
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    "this GM support is incredible"
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    Hey Mau, that was a shitty thing to do, you should know as well as any other vet 'im quitting and never coming back' don't last forever. You pillaged and sold/gave away accounts that were loaned to you and not given. Perhaps you should of made contact with Eva and say hey, im going to give your accounts away or sell them off, that okay with you? You violated the trust of a friend who was generous in letting you use a few accounts. I should add, Eva could of contacted Mau on these forums via direct PM as well.
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    Hey guys, Up till now, the only thing I've been using Unlimited for is to play around with the god tools so I can test out house and environment designs for WO. Playing around with the magic god wand has become so enjoyable that I decided I'd like to recreate the Ultima Online map. As mentioned in my previous thread, this is going to be a "look but don't touch" server and the whole server will be one gigantic deed. So I will not be opening it up for other people to live on as I just don't have time or energy to get into community management at this point. I just want to relax and enjoy building. For now, the server will be offline. Once it's ready though, I will make it public so all you old Ultima fans out there can come and visit as a tourist if you like. In this thread, I'll be documenting the whole process as I go along. I know there have been some previous Ultima related projects out there, and as far as I can tell, they have died off and are offline. But I just want to reassure those people that my project is not in competition even if y'all decided to restart up your servers. Again, the reason being because my server will not be a community, just a tourist attraction. The most nostalgic MMO players I know (myself included) are old Ultima Online players. So I've named the server accordingly and will do my very best to set it up, build and decorate just like good old UO. When the day comes that it's ready to be made public, I hope you'll share a little moistness in your eye, remembering back to the good old days in the lands of Sosaria!
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    Hoppy went beyond just thinking of using the T-arch as a stand-a-long and went with a double T-arch, I know he won't post a pic of his latest work so will do it for him, I really like the looks of the great room he did up. Me thinks he suffers from OCD as most wurm players do, I don't think I could of gotten those chairs lined up that well around the table myself.
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    This was something I suggested a super long time ago, but now with rare effects it is even more possible. Flaming Aura - Provides a fire glow, dripping flames Frostbrand - Frost glow, snowflakes Life Transfer - maybe a pure red glow or a white glow? Venom - Green glow, green particles Rotting Touch - blackish purple, rotting It is an aesthetically pleasing addition that would not doubt add to the game. Additionally allow it to be turned off through the settings maybe under bloom effects. (For pvpers worried about lag)
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    DeedPlanner 2.8.0 released! Changes: Added "Animals" tab Added new program icons (big thanks to Yldrania! ) Added possibility to exclusively import a single mesh from a model Added new wall and fence types Added new pavement types Added reinforced cave floor tiles Added sandstone veins Added yule goats, reindeers and valentine potteries Added orange trees Added trellises Improved functionality of height previewer to also work for tile centers Few graphics improvements (improved distant textures rendering - might have slight performance impact) Moved all wall types into their corresponding categories Changed contrast of cave floor and cave wall tiles Fixed inconsistent naming of some pavement types Small disclaimer - this is a huge update and I received all the new models just two days before the release, so there might be some bugs like wrong/missing models - I will try to fix them all ASAP. Animals feature is mostly beta for now, with cows/bulls and both horse types (normal + hell horses) added. New height edition mode is delayed until one of 2.8.x updates - it works already, but I am not very happy with it yet, so need a bit more time to finish and polish it. DeedPlanner is 4 years old! What do you like most in this program? Is there any specific direction you would like to see DeedPlanner head to? Like DeedPlanner on Facebook
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    Ponehs matching perfectly for the pavement style!
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    Please consider that you can repair 10 damage in a couple of seconds. Whilst it's (somewhat) balanced with catapulting, from a quick glance at the damages the ram does, it looks like repairing would be very easy.
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    [09:17:19] <Deedfodder> Where is the female giant gnomes ? [09:18:29] <Pandylynn> apparently we're like dwarves...can't tell us apart
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    If i buy a transmutation rod will sandstone be an option and will it have the 10k hits?
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    Can't wait to borrow my friend's car when mine is in the shop, and then sell it on the internet. "Dude, you didn't tell me I couldn't sell it. It was free money!"