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  2. comic relief

    Everyone answers private chat in less than a minute.
  3. Just because it's legal does not mean it's right. I know plenty who have off deed areas. In fact, if we went around bashing everyone's off deed fences the new players wouldn't stand a chance. Many quickly build a fence to keep their one or two animals while they get funds to deed. Some never deed. IMO it's no different than if you found your neighbor's purse they dropped. You wouldn't go "ohh gee, it's not locked up. It's on the ground. Fair game. " I would hope you'd return it. Of course, some wouldn't, but people of integrity would.
  4. I have an off deed farm that I've lit with an oil barrel for quite a number of years. After the blessed lamps were introduced my lamps started going out. At first I thought I had let my barrel go empty but when I checked it still had plenty of olive oil in it. Every couple days I have to fill a few more and re-light them. Has something changed with the functionality of off deed lamps fueled by oil barrels? I can't exactly pave tiles in the middle of my farm so the blessing will work. (Well, I guess I could... but then I'd have 15 fewer tiles I can farm...)
  5. Welcome to Celebration! Its good to see you guys here and hope you enjoy it!
  6. Hey Everyone! We're starting a new deed on Celebration! L8. It's on top of a mountain, we've got a landing deed and a deed up top on the mountain, have water, lots of resources, multiple utmost veins of all types, and it's PRETTY! lol lots of flat land on top w/ mailbox and all the ameneties, just no buildings yet ! Our first project is the build the marble skyforge building itself, which will allow crafters to craft with an amazing 360' view Accepting members of all types, newbies extra welcome! We've got lots of 90 skill crafters and gatherers. Come and play your own play style! pm me, Movu, Phennexion or Positronik or Galigan, Zalmo
  7. These lamps made no difference. all 20 ql, and just as good as the farm on the left. Ambient light option would be nice, I want the wurld dark and have wurm players light the way!
  8. Today
  9. +1 it's no different from secured items at certain dmg that becomes unsecured which we have now and i'm curious how people fail to see that. Also would be nice if i didnt grind my lockpicking just for pvp. Correct me if im wrong but there is no way to intentionaly bash or destroy locked bsb,wagon, ship, cart, etc so i don't see how could you abuse this? O.o
  10. Items received fast and as ordered. Thank you so very much Auvry
  11. well dang it all. Why on earth are they still using these horrible forums.
  12. Looks like you deleted the server, did you end up going somewhere else?
  13. This item may be removed at some point but you could still buy it.
  14. EDIT: Yeah nevermind.
  15. Can you please explain that?
  16. Beh guys seems only elwood can do that sort of job.
  17. These things are not mutually exclusive.
  18. I would love to come check it out and help free up some land to build on. PM sent
  19. Someone once told me that they thought rare items would revert to unfinished upon decay. This would be neat
  20. Carving knife Mallet Pelt Iron file Log Fine fishing rod Grooming brush Mallet Range pole Wooden spatula Clay shaper construction marker staff axe trap bow trap knife trap pole trap stick trap fruit press press plate small barrel large barrel small chest large chest small crate large crate barrel rack wine barrel rack bucket Even playing fast and loose with the word tool I could not come up with a 46 item "carpentry tool" set.
  21. Is this riddle part of the Treasure Hunt this Saturday?
  22. Not that bad of a deal. Prices of Rare Knarr have been wacky lately.
  23. that is just ripoff all knows
  24. I have no idea what you wish to buy, can you perhaps be a bit more detailed?
  25. It's for those 20% that all this trouble is worth it.
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