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  2. dunno if its related but last night i was having prob with mine just randomly, new players would log into an ocean and some old players too, but my gm would log in fine. i suspected it was citadel hardware cause it was out of no where and quite random, gonna spend today trying to find out tho x)
  3. I hear ducks all the time, they must lay eggs somewhere.
  4. It's not the fix you want, I know... but it still seems to me increasing the pool of fatigue to a point it no longer makes any difference would be preferable to you than having your stamina cut in half. Somehow you'd rather live with that, than have your fatigue cap become irrelevant over time. Can't quite make sense of that, but certainly your prerogative. You keep missing the rather pertinent part where a dev tells you the system is not considered broken. I honestly don't think people completely ignoring what a dev tells them is really going to lead to any progress. Arium had a very interesting point regarding the recharging code. Perhaps we'll learn that will be improved upon. Somehow, though, I don't think that would be enough to help you. I know I've seen quite a few people say fatigue does nothing to stop macroes. I believe you, simply because it sounds like you guys know something I don't. I don't know how you know this, and confirm it. Either way, it doesn't seem to be how the devs look at it currently. I think how the devs look at it should be part of the equation when working out something that removes this impediment from your game-play. There have been plenty of games in which my sense was the Devs had no idea what they were doing, but Wurm is not one of them. Perhaps that is something we'll never see eye to eye on so mutual agreement on a solution to the trouble you're experiencing isn't possible. Unfortunate, but such is life. At least I'm pretty comfortable it's not for lack of trying at this point. It could be that next month, Devs will come out and say fatigue was removed. Cool with me. If they come out and say they've decided it remains, how to mitigate that for trusted players may become more salient to established players. One shall see. I'll still be here happy to discuss it, rather than just "giving up." "Plus he's doing worse than you're understanding" Thanks man, that's swell. Keep in mind, we're talking about players who have no need whatsoever of a loyalty system. That incentive isn't the point at all, as it isn't needed. I'm not proposing extending the bonus to newer players, but rather to established players who need no incentive. I hope that isn't worse than what you've understood thus far. Sure, I don't think spending 24hours straight on the same tile banging an anvil sounds fun... at this point in my life. That's why I don't personally play that way. You keep saying you don't judge other people's play-style, but then knock a system that allows people to "play ~16hours a day straight, w/o the need of any breaks or moving a pixel away from work tile, amazing, right?" If it's amazing to them, then it's amazing to them. Doesn't need to be amazing to me. There will always be people more advanced than me, in every game I play, even if I get in on early release. That doesn't mean I'm suddenly going to throw the ethics that keep me from using macroes out the window. I'm 100% certain I'm not alone in that, and I'm fairly certain people don't macro out of necessity. Yes, common ground is where it's at when people are actually interested in moving forward. Hopefully everyone is interested in actually moving forward, and not just bouncing the same intractable, rigid ideas at each other. PingPong did mention on the first page(or 2nd) that one of Rolf's original assertions was just as you say, to limit people with more time than others out of fairness to people who have less time. I believe him that Rolf said this. From that standpoint, yes... if the designer says, "this is how I want to design my game," to me that's game, set, and match. Ultimately. On the other hand, I don't think there's any harm in people working out a system that respects the designer's vision, while tweaking it to make some members of the community happier. Particularly members of the community who have been around a very long time. What common ground are you willing to share? What compromise are you offering? How do you empathize with the people hitting the fatigue wall, and what do you propose to offer them some relief? Again, particularly the players that have been here a long time and have earned consideration.
  5. Is it fixed yet?
  6. So are you saying is the only benefit at all of the skill is the ability to make an item that does exactly the same thing as the bush, only more compact: something no one cares about? ...I see... *Adds to the list of things not worth leveling*
  7. please this.
  8. 50c
  9. Hopefully i can make it, not been to a hunt in a while
  10. I'm curious now, will a trellis go past overaged to withered? And if so, what happens to the trellis? Overaged doesn't bother me, easy enough to prune at harvest time. Withered, however, is a massive annoyance.
  11. They are still much more compact than grape bushes, and keeping a grape farm in very old would be the same amount of effort, leaving them to grow naturally would have the exact same effect as a wild grape patch, the only difference is travelling to it
  12. Sixiron bought exq. med rug 90ql Enjoy!
  13. Well i put that name as i think it resembles the look of a dragon head. But i agree with Yaga that the name can be changed but it should not be based on what deeds that are there at the momement as it can change. Give me a name that you all can agree on and ill change it. But please have that discussion in a separate thread,
  14. Hi all, One of the players on the Wurm Unlimited server that I am hosting had a rather interesting suggestion in relation to being able to "Geld" an animal. Essentially this means that you sterilise an animal and make it unfit to breed with other animals. This would add a number of interesting aspects to the trade of animals, and makes it so that the gains tied to this aspect of the game correlates a bit better with the investment made by the players involved. Let's take 5 speed trait horses as an example. These horses have an obvious benefit, that benefit being: they are faster horses. This makes them a desirable asset that is very valueable in terms of trade for the following two reasons: Not everyone wants to invest in that aspect of the game Animals expire, and are a perishable commodity These two factors contribute to a steady demand for 5 speed trait horses, and it makes sense that trade would occur as a result thereof. The issue with this is that there is nothing stopping a potential competitor from purchasing a horse from you, and using it to breed his own horses. By itself that is not much of an issue as competition keeps the economy from becoming stagnant. My problem lies with that issue can be best explained through the following two points. This significantly shortens the time and effort it takes for your competitor to reap the exact same rewards. The competitor is able to achieve the same results and gains as you in less time, investing the exact same amount as a player that bought a horse because he/she needed a mount. Being able to geld the animals you bred would enable a player to differentiate between the two. for an example: if another player wants to compete, and take a shortcut using one of your horses to breed his/her own? Then you are able to sell this person a horse at a higher rate without gelding it. If they just want a new mount? Sell them a cheaper horse that cannot be used for breeding purposes. Another alternative would be to enable players to brand animals without restriction and reduce the chances for the offspring from that horse to receive those traits.
  15. At last the Port Catnip Lighthouse on Deli has been finished! Will take some more pics in the day x.x
  16. Back in the days Serenity had the playerbase of Indy, i am not happy with a playerbase of 30ish lol
  17. Sigh. From my experience, "a lot of work", like building a caravel. is something that i can easily manage. While having to do massive and repetitive chores (like pruning things periodically) is just the sort of "upkeep work" that is boring as hell, and most likely to strip me of the fun and the will of keep playing the game, so i learned to avoid it as much as possible. The fact that gardening (that was already a chore of gathering things once a day/year) became even more a chore is just plain bad. I will probably abandon my trellis. I honestly see no reasons for this nerf, why would anyone want to choose skilling gardening over forestry? It was already a bad choice, since with trellis you could only harvest really a few things (grapes / hops except you would never need more than a hundred / roses? what are they even for) now it became even less considerable, imho. This great "perk" of being compact is not something most people would care about, since, as i said, there are a lot of wild spots with thousands of grape bushes which aren't even contested.
  18. Today
  19. They will be able to be pruned and kept from getting overaged, otherwise they will behave exactly like the bush tiles, with an obvious benefit of being more compact.
  20. its a nerf having a trells farm was never meant to be fun, it is supposed to be a tedious chore that no one will enjoy at all
  21. "Manage and keep them"...sounds like the 'a lot of work' option :s
  22. bump
  23. It should. Chickens are actualy quite smart, they have even been observed using machiavellistic methods in social behaviour. There is no such thing as a smart reptile, they have all tiny brains and a severe lack in social skills. If it cant be tamed irl then it should not be tameable in game is what I mean.
  24. What does that mean? Like with a single-time setting? Or like having to prune them constantly or anything else that would become a massive chore?
  25. Trellises were always intended to have yield based on ql, but that was changed to aged. With the introduction they'll all be young, and once they reach the higher ages you'll be able to manage them and keep them at very old, meaning maximum yield.
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