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  2. Simple solution There is a sprite rock that can be found all over the place. Just turn this sprite into a low poly model and make it a mineable object of a few iron rocks and remove it from the forage table. Branches solution make a right click option on a fallen tree to collect branch and drop a random 1 to 3 branches and remove it from the forage table. Removing some objects from the forage table and throwing them some where else where they make better since to be collected from can help the forage table a lot better.
  3. Answered via forum PM. This new bugged wine barrel is not the same as the old bugged wine barrel issue where GMs did have the ability to kick start the process again. The new issue cannot be fixed. As you seem to be asking about WU, maybe you can address the issue on those forums.
  4. This is a good point umbra, but for the sake of realism we should also consider the flip side of changing to no nearby window = no grass instead, and something more realistic for caves. Assuming that wurm grass requires sunlight to grow of course, which at this time it apparently does not - to your point
  5. Nothing against finding a rock in the woods, but the need to increase iron rocks randomly in the woods lacks rp. Rocks are in woods all over the world. Iron rich rocks are vary rare in large quantities able to be smelted for metal iron everywhere in the world. They are localized and not evenly distributed.
  6. +1 for new cooking recipes!
  7. Let me guess the large maul lol
  8. Bugfix: Wood clad reinforced walls can now be removed with a crowbar. Bugfix: Fixed an issue where one woodscrap would seal unfermented liquids in multiple barrels, resulting in one properly fermenting barrel and multiple bugged barrels. Bugfix: Strongwall/collapse on the new prepared reinforced pavements should no longer cause floor distortion. Bugfix: Reduced decay runes will now work properly on oaken items. Bugfix: Fixed blueberry season calculation error and moved harvest season to Fire Starfall Week 2 Bugfix: You should now see the correct vein type when you uncover one inside a mine. Bugfix: You can no longer add a second rune to items with a Jackal seryll rune. Bugfix: Fixed an issue with the fatigue timer resetting when it shouldn't.
  9. Is this for WU or WO? Are you using mods?
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  11. bump Problems are worse again
  12. Shirley Bassey "the Rhythm Divine" (Yello version)
  13. PM sent
  14. 4.25s to Brozare. If win
  15. Restarting does fix and get rid of duplicates. I have had it do it again after awhile though.
  16. Just thought I'd report that large storage units seem to be glitched. When I load or push one, it "duplicates" it where it still shows it in the original position AND where it is when moved to. "Both" can be accessed with the same items inside. If i right click>open one, the other has the close option when right clicking. Have tested and had 3 storage units do this, and haven't seen anything else with this behavior when moved.
  17. All offers in Euro through Paypal please. Selling a black drake set: Offers over 90 Euro only An account: WTS Movu - - Offers over 175Euro only Selling it naked on Exodus (Giants Causeway). No ship. Not a priest & SoTG on Insanity path. Rare Horse Set: Offers over 20 Euro Only I'll be hanging onto the drake set, account and horse gear for a few days and then will sell to best offer. Selling Gold, have over 2G available. 1 Euro/Silver. Will sell for 0.95Euro/Silver if purchasing 2G or more. PM me with your offers only. <<<< Some of you should re-read this. Cheers Kil
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  19. I don't think it's a bug, it's just designed that way (and IMO badly designed). Attaching stuff to unfinished items does a skillcheck for every attached items, and QL added with each step is relative to the result of that skillcheck. There is a difficulty factor but it's 15 for coal piles, which isn't particularly high (e.g. a knarr has 60 difficulty). The problem is that the results successful skillchecks still fit a Gaussian distribution, and even with 100 skill and 100 materials, a good number of those rolls will be significantly below 100, so the resulting QL will be significantly lower than skill and material. Now this is true for any item that's built in steps, but most of them are impable so no one cares. The problem with piles is that they can't be improved. In contrast, items that are built in simple crafting and can't be improved (e.g. locks, ropes, etc.) generally come out at much higher QL than items that can be improved, often as much as 5x higher. So IMO - either piles should be improvable (possibly only before they are lit) OR they should get a bonus to their QL when created. There was also a "BIG EDIT" here, but that resulted from me failing at reading. Disregard that.
  20. Since we can plant grass in buildings that have no windows and no sunlight, it would be awesome if we could plant grass in a mine....even if it was just enchanted grass.......
  21. Maybe time to move away? ^^
  22. You're a Wizard HemZ
  23. QL 81 Whetstone c97 (240c) QL 86.13 potion of woodcutting (4.3s)QL 85.96 potion of woodcutting (4.2s)QL 83.07 potion of woodcutting (4.0s)QL 82.08 potion of woodcutting (4.0s) COD to Nukkinak Thanks!
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  25. Bump! Added many coc needles, sickles, and other new tools
  26. New version: 25-May-2017: Version 3.2.1 (Harvest season for blueberries changed; Changed harvest info, considering longer harvest times, now lasting up to 4 weeks)
  27. 38QL fine fishing rod willow 88coc-88c COD to Nukkinak Thanks
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