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  2. ill buy these two ... right stylish, gold- 1s (face damage protection) left stylish, gold - 1s (face damage protection) send to Gavias please.
  3. I'm guessing the reason someone from the Wurm Unlimited Team has yet to comment on the "validity" of this - it's like to remain in the game structure for the foreseeable future? I understand that Wurm Unlimited servers are somewhat of a haven from the normal rules of Wurm Online - so I can see where THEY wouldn't want it - but for Wurm Unlimited which is largely run by the discretion of independent server admins - this would not be the kind of thing to just "wipe out" for no real reason (even if in the future some means were made to limit it in favor of the server options - which BTW PvP-Spy Prevention already does to some degree).that's my take on why they haven't responded anyway.
  4. +1 This needs implemented for the sake of creativity and enjoyment.
  5. yeah, I keep thinking about a mod to try and emulate mark, recall and gate travel. I've frequently thought about night sight has well. As I remember one issue with spells is that there aren't many empty spots to add new spell types. Here they are listed com.wurmonline.shared.constants.Enchants. These end up getting passed to the SpellEffect object creation as the type. I suspect that getting a new magic system to play nice with WU will be a major hassle, and that is even for the simplest of things. Magic spells that only work with custom content should work well. I just don't see someone adding a new custom combat system.
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  7. Ill take the human skull shoulder pad (Ql 75) 5 silver send to Gavias please
  8. It also does this broken ass thing where it replaces the nerf for when creatures have for like no reason its easy to tame champion crocs >.< +1 just be rid of it.
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  14. For champion deer, I found it easier to tame 1, put it in a 1x1 pen, untame it, then tame either the male or female ( champion ), move that one into a 1x1 pen and then breed them, if solo breeding x2 champion deer it made it tons easier for me. They still move all around that 1x1 tile pen, but I was able to stay in range for breeding purposes.
  15. make the onItemTemplatesCreated folder and it goes with the other "onBlahBlah" folders. copy the javascript code into text editor save it with whatever name followed by the javascript extension, which is ".js". put the javascript file into the onItemTemplatesCreated folder.
  16. Right & Left Stylish Please
  17. These are the public numbers from 2016-06. More detailed info I would have to pay for. Keep in mind it was the year WU was released. Now we wait for this years numbers. We can expect staff costs to have gone up at least, since several were hired during last year (few months of last year, ie the year in the above numbers). We are also at a steady 45-50k WU owners so no huge change there. It is possible that this year will come out less good than last year. In Sweden this is official information, also why it is placed openly on the net. Also: 1 Euro is roughly 10 swedish crowns. The numbers are in swedish crowns.
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  19. WTB The following (Via Paypal for gold, can do paypal OR in game for items) 1~ gold, more or less, depends on your offer Drake Set (Looking for prices and feelers on this one, will jump on it if it's a nice deal) Rare Oven Rare Stone Chisel (Enchanted, high QL) Rare Sailboat Rare Huge Axe, LT, N, High QL Rare Trowel Enchanted/High QL Rare Bear Helm QL doesn't matter, just want one Bulk Sandstone Bricks
  20. Still support, still +1...
  21. Michael Burks-Make It Rain
  22. I'm not privy to financials, but that aside we do have our own certificate - but I'm actually using LetsEncrypt more because it's a "set and forget" service. I've already turned it on for the wurmpedia. The forums simply need to be taken offline and have a few configuration options changed. As I mentioned before, I'm stepping up for Daryl who would normally do this but has been unable to due to other circumstances.
  23. Met a fine fellow by the name of Justdave in WU. He would sail around bring people food. I put the last plank to his caravel because he went offline when it was almost finished and I was afraid someone would come and finish it and take it. He got a bit upset and just gave me the ship lol. He ended up leaving the server shortly after. I miss Justdave he was a good guy and I screwed up. Screenshot of him below.
  24. Yea I'm pretty skeptical of those numbers, they are considerably higher than what I thought and they would have had to sold 100's of thousands of copies of WU to hit those numbers
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