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  2. 70c cod to Legios if that's okay :3
  3. There is no amount of -1 I can give to express how much I do not want this to happen.
  4. 5c
  5. 55c
  6. 55c
  7. 50c
  8. 50c
  9. 50c
  10. 50c
  11. As someone who has bought and sold more characters than most people, anything under 150 is a steal. I have no personal ties to Daveh either. Just a reliable trader and thought it important to give him a fair PC after seeing the amazing low PCs already posted. Everyone is entitled to their opinions though and I am possibly wrong. I am not perfect. But I do have some solid experience in the market. What is 100 faith worth? I've raised about 15 priests to 100 and it only ever takes a few weeks. I converted a 100 faith Mag to 100 Nahjo in 23 days. Do you need BC, BS, etc for your secondary account? If ypur Priest can ride a cart, life is good.
  12. yeah for some reason whilst running around hedges for an hour, i had the same thought. +1
  13. I like Google. One of my clients. But, I don't use Chrome anymore. It has so many incompatibilities with different business apps, as well as Google maps (not always, but enough), so Firefox is my best option. Does anyone use IE? If so, you must be Bill Gates, because nobody else could possibly like IE. As far as the promise from Retro to keep us updated, it is a promise to update us when problems are resolved. Probably just an unconscious choice of words, but I really want updates on the work being done, as well as an understanding of the issues that exist. Let's solve this and let us (the community) help.
  14. I am looking to purchase the following bulk mats: Stone Bricks - 3k Mortar - 5k Marble Bricks - 5k Planks - 2k Small Nails - 1k Possibly more... The mats need to be delivered to the southeast corner of F13 on Xanadu (see the map in the spoiler). There is a boat tunnel that allows knarr's and small boats through. Contact me via forum pm
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  16. Not sure how to title this post but it is when you make a deed or extend an existing one and you need to go through trees brush or it sits at an on angle cause the road runs in a weird way... ya.. confusing.. Anywhoo.. you know when you put your mouse over the tile? Well my idea is this.... Green out like for a deeded tile and Blue for a perimeter tile. I like to walk my borders but sometimes can be difficult.. for me any way... ( lets keep this on topic ) Good idea can it be done?
  17. Let's add minotaurs to wurm! They can spawn in caves from Minotaur Mazes as their lair, able to be dominated, and can't exist outside caves (won't walk out, will stop being led, etc.).
  18. 35c
  19. Due to a clerical glitch we have to re-run some of the last round of finished auctions. We apologise for any inconvenience.
  20. Out of interest, do people find using a different browser helping with some things at all? I found Mozilla caused all of my PM's to lag for about 30 seconds while posting was fine. I've had a bit of lag on posting a couple of times with Chrome, but the PM's are working perfectly...
  21. Starting Bid/Reserve: 1s Min Increase: 20c Snipe Protection: 1H. Buyout: None Auction Timer:
  22. Starting Bid/Reserve: 25c Min Increase: 5c Snipe Protection: 1H. Buyout: None Auction Timer:
  23. Starting Bid/Reserve: 10c Min Increase: 1c Snipe Protection: 1H. Buyout: None Auction Timer:
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