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  2. The specific mod Nappy mentioned there isn't public, and won't be shared for now since it's still part of the Desolation Anti Cheat system. It's not really hard to obtain the ID, so maybe another public mod contains this feature already. Otherwise it should be easy to do this yourself too.
  3. COD Both Huge Axes and 2H Timeli ♡♥♡♥ Lemme know when you get more too, thanks bud
  4. The History cable channel has a pretty interesting show called "Hunting Hitler" where they are referring to a lot of CIA files they have obtained as reference for leads to follow. Maybe they are within the released files you have noted here. The show is based upon a sort of crackpot theory that Hitler never died in that bunker and escaped through some European countries (Spain maybe) and then was shipped over to South America, hiding in several countries there over time. =Ayes=
  5. Thank you for the kind words appreciate it.
  6. I like this, a lot, it's a good idea, and alternatively you could ask for there referral since most new players don't have 6 silver on hand. Clever idea, and good luck with the sales! Also big +1 for you for helping people get into the game, we need more players.
  7. Update Issued at 2017-01-22 @ 23:35 GMT (UTC) (January 22nd, 2017) Slightly delayed by a few hours with the uploading of this week's update, as we were importing a major improvement that incorporates part of Rolf's terrain dump map. Major Change: SE Indy - Imported the terrain for SE Indy from Rolf's Dump map, from the east side of Elysian Bay to the SE Coast line, including inland and coastal geographic features. - Finally completed the roads survey of SE Indy from Elysian Bay to the SE Coast (with a few small parts that will need a return visit by a survey team). - Finally found and properly located the mine containing the Pillar of Strength mission marker. - per a forum request named a prominent mountain "Smocza Gora" on the east side of the SE Steppe, as most of the locals in the area are Polish and we do have features with German and Spanish names on the Indy map, given the multi cultural nature of the population on Indy. This update has other few minor updates. North West Inner Sea (23x, 22y; I13) - Removed the guard tower icon and calling range indicator as the tower is no longer there North East Inner Sea (35x, 40y; H17) - Added the farm extension at Pest Harbour North Inner Sea (30x, 15y; F16) - Removed the Public Trader symbol as it is no longer there North Central Indy (35x, 23y; J17) - Added a new guard tower and calling range indicator Our thanks to a forum submission and a guided tour of the SE Steppe area by Kenshi, who showed five more mission marker locales in the South East, and told us where we could find a sixth, so we could position them on the map. Songs Reliquary - a shrine at 52x, 58y -(east side Elysian Bay, North of Krondor) Passage to Island - a pylon at 52x, 58y -(east side of Elysian Bay, North of Krondor) Inbetween Hand - a temple at 58x, 48y -(East side of Indy, SW side of Devil's Horn Mountain) -(which unfortunately has a question mark bag for a model) Symbol of Strength - a shine at 58x, 47y -(East side of Indy, SW side of Devil's Horn Mountain) Shard Mirror - a spirit gate at 61x, 51y -(just off the ESE Coast of Indy, in deed of New Hope) Wake to Mantra - a spirit gate at 11x, 56y -(SW side Kinoss Bay, inland and SW of Sunstone Seaport) As always, we have removed disbanded deeds and added those submitted to the Albia Roads Map of Indy forum. You can download the map from Wurm is waiting.... Skyefox and Hughmongus Cartographers of Indy Co-Administrators - The Albia Roads Map of Indy
  8. +1 - there should be 2 to 3 tile wide gates!
  9. Can you link me to the mod`^^ Eject
  10. Yesterday
  11. Update to previous post Drinks completed fermenting while I was logged off and/or on another server - none were added to my cookbook. Going to do another test using some barrels that have previously been in inventory and some that haven't although I suspect this isn't the problem.
  12. my opinion, this site is senseless and this... Additionally, each listed mod will also help bring attention to Wurm Unlimited as a game - and through that also to Wurm Online, so it's a great way for you to help the game's community grow ...say it all. You shouldnt think about exploit modders to get players back to WO and for WU-modders, this also would not make sense I know this modsite since now i have read this forum thread and i am sure, the comunity will grow if potential players search for wurm unlimited in google, and will end up here or at steam, but not at a modlist for hundred games. Eject
  13. bump
  14. Cod stix the 70ql rare pick for 5.5s please
  15. Fairyshine, if you are on windows you can try vpn unlimited (it gives 6 days trial) install it and then connect to the Luxembourg, Roost-Bissen server and open wurm and try to play. If you can play without lag and disconnects then you probably are having the same issue I am. I can bypass the problem using the vpn but it is seriously nutty having too. The other torrent friendly servers might work too but some of them route through the same router I was having issues with. France and Luxembourg work fine for me.
  16. Just don't reimp the shield and you'll see better gains at some level. You don't have to hunt 24/7, it goes up quite well imo.
  17. 3hrs for that few mobs? did you stop to pick flowers along the way? you are not meant to get 70 shield skill in 1 hunting session. Keep going. Skills take a long time in this game for a reason, so you feel a sense of accomplishment afterwords.
  18. Thankfully Rolf has created Wurm Unlimited so that when things in WO get too upsetting or tediously slow I can log onto a WU server and enjoy creating basically the same things but at a much more rapid and involving pace. I am not too sure how good it has been for WO but for the player it is great because it has provided so many more options in plays style. Now too both options are available, so it is not really like playing one excludes the other. =Ayes=
  19. At one of the earlier Rifts on Deliverance that destroyed an aprox 2,500 tree forest I had planted over the years, a number of people helped re-level the area afterwards and replant some of the trees. Then I went and finished planting most of the rest, running out of sprouts a few times and needing to pick more. My part of it alone took more than three hours with additional tree sprout picking involved, so I broke the process up over several days. The thing is after repairing and replanting a few of these Rift destructions around the area players get tired of having to do the same thing over and over again so eventually they don't repair this damage anymore and replant *all* the trees. Since Rifts seem now to be an never ending repetition of this damage to the environment, no doubt less and less additional effort will be put forth by other players devoted to this. Now to the casual passer through these areas, once the grass grown back and a few trees are planted they would have no way of knowing how these areas and more dense forests appeared before that. Only those who had devoted themselves to maintaining these forests and local areas would really see clearly the loss. Also, these scattered -20 pits and lumps in no way resemble the natural untouched landscape of rolling contours, much less land that has been terraformed into flat areas or sloped rises. They are certainly not returning the land to its more natural state, as some would attempt to claim. Rifts are a destructive plague (they are even noted as that in Event after being closed) upon the Wurm landscapes, either natural or player enhanced. There really can be no denial of that fact. A casual mockery of player efforts to improve the game landscapes in their local areas by their efforts, which others would never even bother to devote their time to and yet the Dev's seem to think that this is of no consequence. *boggles* =Ayes=
  20. I see the same thing on food timers. Seems to be triggered by sampling different foods but may that's just coincidence. Have a papyrus making timer that's been counting down to negative numbers for a while now (20 minutes or so).
  21. BUMP still looking
  22. sold via pm can close please
  23. hello. Gates (and doors for that matter) currently occupy one tile. could they be wider. here are a few loosely related suggestion threads;
  24. Fences and house walls have it, as do hedges. It seems altars, floors, trash heaps, lamps, bridges, FSB's, chests, ovens, forges, BSB's (just to name a few) do not. I wonder why that is? The fence one is handy for sure though. I've used it to clear old fences from around the deed many times.
  25. Another possibility would be to search your email for 'wurm'... somewhere there may be an email from when you first created him or prem'd him.
  26. 1 point for tagging and bonus points for damage done seems fair, you want to reward the heavy hitters but not cut out weaker characters.
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