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    Great prices great service Quick on the job as well. Happy customer.
  4. I did not anywhere say wipe out a server. I said to merge them. As in merge 4 server maps, yes, the entire map, into the new server. Yes, it would create massive amounts of empty space, but would afford players the option of coming together easier and doing group things? And I understand many players have been playing for years and don't want to lose their deeds and such, that's why I mentioned to MERGE server maps. Again, this is not just an idea, this is my opinion, and I was asking for others input into it so I could see others perspective on the population status. Not only to see their thoughts, but also to change mine and to actually formulate an idea or suggestion that is actually worthy of being a change that benefits everyone, not just myself.
  5. Since you Horsch have little time and attachment to the current PvE servers you think little about shutting them down, merging them or introducing pvp into them. I have had a deed on the Deliverance server since the day that it opened sometime in 2012 I think it was. So that is around 5 years of enjoying the whole process of the progress of the deed and having it as an experience to walk through each day, realizing where I have shaped it from the blank environment that it was. I am sure there are many other players that have done the same and would not want someone cavalierly mentioning that this should all be eliminated for the sake of "increasing the Wurm population". Although apparently it would not bother you (or anyone else who comes up with these wipe out the servers ideas) it would however actually have the reverse effect of your stated intentions, meaning that those players would most likely not continue on playing the game if they had lost all those years of creation and dedication to improve their Villages and surroundings. I suggest you not be so careless of what others have built of value to themselves. This is really a foolish idea as presented in the OP, putting it mildly. =Ayes=
  6. I love to fly so coming of course! So bored terraforming on the server anyway
  7. I think you guys forgot to uncheck the "make textures look weird" option. Any word on this?
  8. Nice fast fight thanks.
  9. that was my opinion as seeing how i don't see much of a population, and it was a way to appease the pve crowd too? but then someone else stated, that a big population and big server causes plenty of lag. so that would have to be readdressed to try to figure out that problem first. and then someone else stated they wanted pve to be pve. and i posted my opinion that maybe the pve servers should be merged then, or make them pve only. dont give them a pvp server if that's the case. but you're right, if the PVE'ers dont want to PVP, remove the PVP access then. simple as that. there should be a clear separation of the PVP and PVE if PVE don't want PVP, right? let me know what you think on that.
  10. Why no coordinates?
  11. server

    Libila Fixes Download This mod isn't really named well, I know. Basically, it's for Freedom Isle PvE Servers Only! It allows you to place a Bone Altar and allow players to have Libila as their god without converting them to HOTS and being attacked and murdered by everything in sight. It also allows Dark Messenger and Courier to work together. Players from any god can use either box without it throwing an error. This allows Fo priests to cast Courier for Libila players, and Libila priests to cast Dark Messenger for WL players, without causing issues. Is this in affect still or nor? If you answer yes, you will join Horde of the Summoned and you will be killed on sight in your old kingdom! This decision is final and you may never return.
  12. Order delivered Thanks for shopping at Inner Sea Sanctuary Welcome back with new order Maiya
  13. Oh drats! So many new goodies how can I even decide which to use and where?! Will all the new wall types have a "trimmed" in addition to the non-trimmed versions shown in the pictures? (Same as "regular" rock walls do now)
  14. i too can cut down logs
  15. Your problem is solved then. Just play Wurm on both your new and old computers at the same time. I have done this for many years with the second computer, monitor, mouse and keyboard just off to the side. Pretty easy really once you setup the offside computer rig. Then all you need to do is just move your hand to the other maybe small table to control keyboard and mouse. This way you can monitor both players and alternate the chores that they do, with perhaps the offside computer doing things with long timers so you don't need to be using that side computer as frequently as your new main computer. Even a laptop can be good for the second one since mouse, keyboard and monitor are all combined on it. Old style "double boxing" used for games like UO when you need to have a backup healer/rez mage for the main fighter/tamer. Works very well to this day, once setup for accessibility and budget permitting. =Ayes=
  16. Today
  17. Well, for easier reading and keeping the helpers bait post above. Detailing the global plan for the tunnel (at least the western branch first) Punch through the mountain. The tunnel is above the water level to allow carts and wagons to travel inside it. Expand the tunnels to the two lanes as planned. Kill any veins by any means necessary and reinforce the sides Make and plant the gold lamps every 5 tiles or so Due to how they look, they will be pushed again the walls Ceiling flattening and then raising the central line to the max of its heigh. Clearing the tunnel with wagons / whatever is needed and sinking it down to the max depth. Collapse the entrance, expose the rock again, surface mine both tiles to the max depth and open it from the inside. Take a break, see how terrible the sunlight is and head back to the other tunnel and restart at step one with an extra walkway.
  18. Ah you are right, the mine in DH and all of that is on right side of the road. I wish we had a hwy south from there to meet the hwy from GD tunnel past peat and there and exit thru Hillside Farm!
  19. This path already exists in game, just gotta cultivate and drop sand, and u got a path
  20. I don't really get all the technical talk... All I know is that my computer throws a fit if I try to run more than one Wurm window at once, but I'm not sure how much of that is the internet and how much is the computer. It freezes and goes not responding, and refuses to turn no matter what I do when I'm trying to do two windows. It's easier to walk backwards.
  21. @Cecci, Yes the single road exiting the left side of my pic leads directly to Deliverance Harbor. Where the icon is placed on the map for the harbor is, it's actually located on both sides of the road, so the map is close enough.
  22. Please cod the following items to Nicomedes: Butchering Knife 80c Pickaxe (iron) 60ql 78c Thanks
  23. Thank you
  24. [13:47:56] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
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