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  2. Oops lol I saw the 6 and didn't realize it was a face.. Haha. In that case the ladder
  3. Oh, another cat :-) [16:39:39] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Sent a few with slightly better enchants for my fellow furry. Same price of course. Thanks for business and happy wurming! :-) *purrrrrrr*
  4. Bump
  5. Nicedreams some of these youngins saying no or down voting is because 2 things... 1 they never had the chance to play UO in its prime like we have so they wouldnt have any idea how much fun it was when just messing around to play one of the games at the tavern while waiting for everyone to meet up.. And 2 those saying they have to much to do already are selfish people not understanding they dont have to take part if they didn't want to... But I'd be willing to bet IRL money that if mini games like that made it into thd game these same people saying no would be playing them as well. To the devs about this suggestion. This is a java game so I'm sure there could be some integration to already made game launchers on the web that are also java ran. Or just try and do what UO did and put all them in game (think reward items) people will enjoy it... Make different games and pass them out for a reward or some kind.
  6. I swear if legitimate changes are put in the dark to add minigames...
  7. Hey guys, if you are still interested in selling these beauts send me a message ingame to Saintdouglas, tried PMing in game but it seems when im on you aren't.
  8. Even in current market its at least 2k+ but there are those who will want it and will pay the 3k+ price tag.
  9. [10:19:21] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  10. wat its level 11 insanity
  11. chisel, 50 ql, 85 coc, 80 c trowel, 50 ql, 86 coc, 80 c large shield, oak, 53 ql, 73 coc, 40 c needle, 22 ql, 78 coc, 40 c COD to Sarja, purr.
  12. Bump for my bugged imbibe turning into bugged pick 5 boats after yesterdays fix (after the extra goal added from cooking addition)
  13. Today
  14. Large Shield c71 for 50c? If so, CoD to Sarja please.
  15. Red is eyeing on now 3k more or less depend on buyer and come with what 😁
  16. Maiev bought 2k 11ql steel, 2.7k 34ql and 2.6k 52ql That will be some grind! And thanks for tip!
  17. Current market? 1000e
  18. The only way we would have card details is if they provide them to us, if you were paying via paypal only then any charge woudl be via Paypal. Unless you cancel your service you will be auto-billed this is a subscription based service until you cancel it which only takes one minute to undertake and cancel your service. When you sign up for a service with us that's monthly, 3, 6, 12 months etc and choose to pay via Paypal, then it clearly states it will create a subscription, you have to agree to this. If you were paying via card and did not cancel your service, you will be auto-charged, it's no different from a subscription with your mobile phone supplier, broadband etc. You agree to this in our terms of service, there are no cancellation fees and you can cancel at any time.
  19. This account is retarded.. 3k+ as I said last time. Just depends on buyer. There are other accounts like it somewhat that can be comparable that are valued at less.
  20. I will contact you all today in just a little bit. Playing with my son for a bit before nap time and then ill be getting online.
  21. Yes!! +1 Wurm world would be so much cleaner! Just the other day i took some coffins and some other things for a ride..late at night..I feel bed for doing it but there is no other way atm..
  22. 175 -225. Probably a little bit on the lower side due to it not being lvl 11 Anything at the moment.
  23. *agrees* With the new drag option from carts/wagons this ability into trash bins *fits* right in. =Ayes=
  24. Was kinda easy to pick which champ it was. Missing some more important crafting skills.. 750 - 950.
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